11 Best AliExpress Alternatives For Dropshippers In 2024

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Are you looking for the best AliExpress alternatives? Don’t worry, I have got a few suggestions for your business.

Dropshipping has become one of the most compelling ways to generate five to six figures monthly in a very short period. You don’t have to worry about order fulfillment or managing inventory in a dropshipping business. AliExpress has been catering to millions of dropshipping sellers for over ten years. It offers a huge range of premium and high-quality products.

Despite being the leading online supplier and wholesaler, product prices and shipping charges are extremely high. There are other dropshipping suppliers available that offer a much cheaper range for similar products, and that too with fast shipping options.

In this post, I am going to list the 11 best AliExpress alternatives that you can choose to source your products. 

Top 11 AliExpress Alternatives: In A Nutshell (2024)

S. No.AliExpress Alternatives Best Feature
1.DHGateBest for low-priced items with great profit margins
2.AlibabaThousands of dropshipping suppliers across the world 
3.TaobaoOffers a high-quality product selection
4.SaleHooOffers a directory of selected and pre-vetted suppliers 
5.BanggoodIn-built marketplace with direct-to-customer products 
6.GearbestBest for electronic accessories 
7.LightInTheBoxBest place to source cheap jewelry, clothing, and other accessories 
8.DealeXtremeCaters to offline and online dropshipping business owners 
9.DobaSource high-profit margin products 
10.Worldwide BrandsOffers an extensive directory of vetted suppliers, dropshippers, and wholesalers 
11.GeekbuyingBest quality products that are cheaper compared to AliExpress

Here are the best AliExpress alternatives for dropshipping sellers and store owners.

1. DHGate

DHGate, headquartered in Beijing, is a self-reliant marketplace for dropshipping and wholesaling with tons of digital trading hubs around the globe. Its directory features 2 million verified suppliers from 78 countries and regions. Setting up your eCommerce store on DHGate is much easier than on Amazon, eBay, and other AliExpress alternatives. Also, there are over 30 million dropshipping products to choose from ‚Äď at a competitive pricing range. Whether you sell pet supplies or electronics, this is the best option available for dropshipping sellers.

Best AliExpress Alternatives  - DHGate

DHGate users might find similar issues they face on AliExpress, such as longer shipping times. Due to a large number of suppliers, you can’t put each supplier on the same page. So make sure to review suppliers’ ratings and reviews before starting a business with them. The delivery time of DHGate can take around 3 to 15 days.¬†We have also done a detailed review of DHGate that will help you know if it is a legitimate platform or not.

Key Features of DHGate

  • Detailed seller information
  • Mediation services for wrong orders, damaged goods, and returns
  • Advanced shipment tracking options
  • Multiple payment methods are available
  • 7 to 14 days return policy
  • No order minimums¬†

2. Alibaba 

Headquartered in Hangzhou, China, Alibaba is one of the largest eCommerce companies that operate globally. Actually, Alibaba is the parent company of AliExpress. So with Alibaba, you will get professional experience and incredible services. This global trading giant offers buyers to purchase individual and wholesale products at competitive prices. If you purchase a large number of items, you will get a flat discount on the final price.


Alibaba offers millions of dropshipping products along with a directory of thousands of verified suppliers and wholesalers. However, finding a reliable dropshipping supplier can be tricky. So it is better to look for a local supplier you can easily contact and negotiate with. Most suppliers on Alibaba believe in selling products in bulk which is why there are no order limitations. Due to the high demand for the platform, sourcing products can be challenging and time-consuming.

Key Features of Alibaba

  • Easy to find a variety of items in hundreds of product categories
  • Thousands of suppliers across the globe
  • 3 to 5 days shipping time for local orders (15 to 20 days for global shipping)
  • Free to browse products
  • Private label solutions
  • No order minimums¬†

3. Taobao 

Taobao is a part of the Alibaba Group and is headquartered in Hangzhou, just like AliExpress. AliExpress is a B2B (business-to-business) platform, while Taobao runs its business on a B2C (business-to-consumer) model. This is why suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and companies on Taobao can sell directly to customers. 


If you want to start a dropshipping business in clothing, Taobao is by far the best among other Chinese suppliers. Here, you can find a vast selection of clothing products from known brands. Apart from that, you can also find other products in various categories such as electronics, accessories, homewares, furniture, and many more. You can find many other ways to make money on Taobao. However, you may find difficulty browsing the website since most of the products are listed in the Chinese language.

Key Features of Taobao

  • Wide range of high-quality product selection
  • Reliable and trusted suppliers
  • Tons of categories to explore
  • Free access to the product page for dropshippers
  • Rich marketing opportunities
  • Real-time order tracking¬†

4. SaleHoo

If AliExpress isn’t the right dropshipping platform for you, there are plenty of other options to explore. Salehoo is a great choice for people who are tired of worrying about the reliability of their suppliers. While some suppliers on AliExpress are reliable, others can be extremely frustrating, leaving you with unhappy customers. SaleHoo offers over 25 million dropshipping products with more than 8,000 verified suppliers around the globe.


When you purchase your dropshipping products via Salehoo, you receive a much more dependable shopping experience. Salehoo only works with reputable suppliers and wholesalers, so you know that all of its products are vetted before they arrive. It also offers fast shipping, great customer service, and a huge selection of items at low prices. This is the reason why it has been featured on popular sites such as Forbes and HuffPost.

Key Features of SaleHoo

  • High-quality and branded product options
  • High-profit margins
  • No order limitations
  • Onboarding assistant for beginners
  • Directory of thousands of verified suppliers
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

5. Banggood

Banggood is a well-known eCommerce marketplace that offers a range of high-quality dropshipping products at a low price range which makes it a powerful AliExpress alternative. The platform specializes in sourcing electronics, automobiles, gadgets, and other accessories. Banggood mainly focuses on cross-border sales and is committed to bringing the best Chinese goods to every corner of the world.


Banggood owns 37 warehouses across the world where they store their products sourced from China. That’s why they offer the fastest shipping times. More than 5,000 verified suppliers are working with the company, and each of their products goes through strict quality checks. You can also get free options on a few products, and other products are available with low-cost shipping options.

Key Features of Banngood

  • High-quality products
  • No minimum order quantity¬†
  • Free and fast shipping options
  • VIP club with premium and unique products
  • Fully functional mobile application
  • Professional customer service¬†

6. Gearbest

As the name says, Gearbest is a wholesale website that features electronics products. Here you can discover the best electronic accessories such as smartphones, speakers, smart watches, home gadgets, and many others. The best part of choosing this platform for sourcing products is its quality inspection and lowest shipping times.


Gearbest owns hundreds of local warehouses in the US, Germany, France, Belgium, Australia, Italy, Poland, Russia, the UK, etc. You can choose your local region from where suppliers can easily dropship products to your customers. It offers a Deals section from where you can find the best discounts on various products. 

Key Features of Gearbest

  • High-quality products selection
  • Affordable Express shipping options
  • Deals and discounts on various occasions
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Priority customer support¬†
  • ¬†Local warehouses in different regions¬†

7. LightInTheBox

If you are looking to source cheap accessories, clothing, and jewelry, LightInTheBox is the best option available. It is a China-based wholesale supplier that features a marketplace with a huge range of trending products. In terms of pricing of the listed products, AliExpress and LightInTheBox are almost similar. That means sourcing products from this platform can be a bit pricey compared to other platforms.


Most of the products on the platform are listed by the company itself, so they have control over the products’ quality. For this very particular reason, it is worth paying a little extra. Shipping time, on the other hand, is uncertain. It can take a minimum of 24 hours, and sometimes, you might have to wait several days before orders are shipped. However, they have set priority lines for US-based buyers. So US-based dropshippers can take advantage of these perks.

Key Features of LightInTheBox

  • Best place to source boutique, clothing, and jewelry products
  • Millions of varieties to choose from
  • Fast shipping options for US-based buyers¬†
  • Seasonal discounts and flash sales¬†
  • No order minimums
  • Holiday-themed apparels¬†

8. DealeXtreme

Based in Hongkong, DealeXtreme is an eCommerce and online retail store for dropshippers and physical store owners. The company runs on a B2C business model, so they directly deal with the consumers. It offers a range of local and premium products in electronics, gadgets, toys, bags, apparel, and many other categories. Despite being a Chinese supplier, the majority of DealeXtreme’s customers are from Europe and the US.


Compared to AliExpress, the prices of similar products are a little bit higher. Since they offer better quality, the prices are worth paying. However, the company features seasonal discounts and flash sales where you can get up to 50% discount on purchasing products in bulk. Local shipping takes one or two days and sometimes delivers on the same day. For global shipments, it often takes around 7 to 18 days. 

Key Features of DealeXtreme

  • Caters to both online and offline store owners
  • Wide range of product selection
  • Fast shipping options
  • Free shipping on a certain threshold
  • Flash deals and discounts on various occasions
  • Accepts payment with Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express, and others

9. Doba

Doba is a renowned dropshipping supplier that has been in the market for over 20 years. It is a US-based supplier that offers a detailed directory of manufacturers and wholesalers. Doba similarly operates to Amazon, so the prices of 90% of products are almost the same. The remaining 10%, manufactured in its own warehouses, are relatively cheaper. 


Apart from product sourcing, Doba offers top-notch inventory management solutions, price change alerts, and curated product lists. It also offers advanced search options that allow you to filter on your priorities. With Doba, you don’t necessarily have to contact lots of suppliers to source products. Instead, you can pick a product, list it in your store, and leave everything else on the platform. 

Key Features of Doba

  • Automates and manages your workflow
  • High-profit margins
  • Bulk export options
  • Updates via email on ongoing discounts and deals
  • Advanced filtering feature
  • Seamless order integrations and product listing¬†

10. Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands is a WBI-certified directory of dropshippers and wholesalers that works with top retailers and sellers around the globe. If you are running a dropshipping business, you will find renowned and vetted suppliers and dropshippers to source products and fulfillment. It makes it one of the best alternatives to AliExpress, which offers solutions to small, medium, and large businesses regardless of their MOQs (minimum order quantities). 

Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands works with top eCommerce platforms and marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. When you run a dropshipping business on these platforms, finding a supplier with high-quality and low-cost items seems very difficult for sellers. But integrating Worldwide Brands allows you to find your ideal supplier within your preferred marketplace. You can find a supplier for almost every product and category, whether you are dropshipping or wholesaling. By choosing from Worldwide Brands, you mitigate the risks of fraud and over-priced items as all the suppliers are vetted and verified.

Key Features of Worldwide Brands

  • Offers an extensive directory of dropshippers, suppliers, and wholesalers
  • All the listed suppliers are verified and vetted
  • Each supplier offers a huge range of dropshipping products at cut-rate prices
  • Offers a lifetime membership at a one-time fee
  • Almost all the suppliers offer fast global shipping options¬†
  • A helpful support team for any seller queries¬†

11. Geekbuying

Geekbuying is a China-based ecommerce platform connecting buyers worldwide with Chinese electronics manufacturers, wholesalers, and trading companies. It carries various tech products like phones, laptops, home appliances, automotive gadgets, and more.


As an AliExpress alternative, Geekbuying focuses exclusively on cutting-edge technology rather than a wider general merchandise selection. It heavily curates tech inventory rather than opening a marketplace selling to anyone.

Geekbuying’s suppliers also must meet security and reliability standards to sell. This results in higher-quality electronic goods, often cheaper than AliExpress. Geekbuying offers buyer assurance through integrated payment processing, dedicated agents, and supply chain tracking.

Key Features Of Geekbuying

  • Specialized inventory of consumer electronics and cutting-edge gadgets
  • Direct relationships with electronics suppliers and manufacturers
  • Vetting of sellers for product quality and reliability
  • Integrated payment processing through the site
  • Order tracking throughout the cross-border supply chain
  • Buyer assurance and protection programs

Conclusion: Best AliExpress Alternatives (2024)

This is my handpicked list of the best AliExpress alternatives. You can find many other options as well but finding a trustworthy and reliable supplier can be hard. Picking a supplier that ships both locally and globally at an affordable shipping rate can be profitable for your business. But if you are also concerned about product quality, you can consider picking one of these from the list.

Choosing a dropshipping supplier depends on many factors, such as ease of use, flexible payment options, global shipping solutions, and product categories. So make sure to take a look at these factors before partnering with one for your business. 


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