AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout: Which Is The Best In 2024?

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As an Amazon seller researching tools to optimize my FBA business, I often debate – whether should I use comprehensive software like Jungle Scout or is more affordable software like AMZ Tracker sufficient for core product research and tracking needs?

As a bootstrapping Amazon seller myself, I’ve explored both platforms firsthand to compare their capabilities in depth from the perspective of an everyday user. In this unbiased AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout guide, I’ll evaluate how they stack up for identifying and analyzing winning products based on hands-on experience with each platform.

Let’s dig into this comparison, focusing on the features and data that matter most day-to-day to determine if robust tools like Jungle Scout are necessary or if AMZ Tracker does the job for less!

AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout: Quick Comparison (2024)

Here is a quick comparison between Jungle Scout and AMZ Tracker:

FeatureAMZ TrackerJungle Scout
Product DatabaseDecent database for researchVery large database of products
Opportunity ScoreNo scoring systemGrades products A-F for potential
Keyword ResearchBasic volume and competition dataDedicated Keyword Scout tool
Chrome ExtensionNo official extensionFull Jungle Scout extension
Inventory PlanningNo inventory featuresForecasting and planning tools
Supplier DatabaseLimited supplier dataSpecialized database of suppliers
Listing BuilderBasic listing creatorRobust listing creator tool
Pricing$50+ per month$49+ per month

About AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker, as you might know, is an all-in-one tool for increasing your Amazon sales. The software is solely dedicated to increasing and maintaining rankings. There are two modules in AMZ Tracker: Defensive Strategy and Offensive Strategy.

AMZ Tracker-Overview

AMZ Tracker’s Offensive Strategy provides capabilities like keyword tracking, super URLs,  and increased conversion rates. On the other hand, AMZ Tracker’s Defensive Strategy includes modules like Hijack Alerts and Negative Review Alerts. 

What can you do with AMZ Tracker?

AMZ Tracker’s seller strategy includes offensive and defensive elements that enable FBA sellers to effectively boost their product and page rankings, allowing them to ultimately boost their sales and profits. The aggressive features will actively target new consumers by guiding them toward making the best decisions for their pages that will optimize them.

Keyword Ranker, Conversion Rate Assessor, and DeepWords are just a few of the features that will help users choose the proper keywords and track the aspects that influence conversion rates. AMZTracker uses Super URL, which sends users from social media platforms to a user’s Amazon products, to increase traffic to users’ pages.

AMZ Tracker users can access the Vipon Deals Community. This allows them to access a larger market and, as a result, can help them improve their Amazon rankings. Even if there is a lot of traffic coming to a page, if there aren’t any steps to keep and safeguard these clients, they won’t convert. AMZ Tracker’s defensive strategy is employed in this case.

Negative Review Notifications is one of the features of its defensive strategy, which immediately informs users when they receive any negative review on the product, which allows them to reply quickly to that review and fix the issues that may have caused it.

About Jungle Scout

Note: If you want to know more about Jungle Scout then check our detailed Jungle Scout review here.

Jungle Scout is another dependable one-stop shop for Amazon merchants with a variety of tools. The software has both basic and advanced capabilities to assist you in getting started, growing, and scaling as a seller on Amazon.

Jungle Scout-Overview

From product research to launching the product, Jungle Scout can help you establish and scale your Amazon brand smoothly and quickly. The nice thing about the platform is that its features function smoothly, from product discovery to keyword research

What can you do with Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout enables a seller to gain a better understanding of the product and niche into which they are entering. Jungle Scout offers a product library for merchants, leading them through the best-selling products based on precise, pre-compiled sales data.

Users will be guided by features such as the Niche Hunter to the niches and keywords with the least competition in terms of search volumes. Users can explore the history of their products along with the product history of other brands competing in that niche in great detail, including price and sales history, using the Product History Feature.

By filtering through numerous data, users can examine the popularity as well as the competition of the niche, product, and keywords they have chosen. They can narrow down their options based on sales, views, ratings, price, demographics, location, and other factors. These criteria can also be used to evaluate the products and services of a competitor.

Jungle Scout vs AMZ Tracker: Features Comparison

Let’s examine and contrast the features of both AMZ Tracker and Jungle Scout so that you will have a good idea of what both platforms will provide in terms of tools and features. 

FeaturesJungle ScoutAMZ Tracker
Training & Education
On-demand and Unrestricted video guidesPartial
Free case studiesPartial
Resources & Blog posts
Product Research & Validation
Product discovery
Opportunity score
Historical insights & data analysis
Product TrackerPartial
Database of Global suppliers
Listing review downloader
Amazon Product Launching 
Keywords discovery
Search Reverse ASIN
Tracking Keyword ranks
Keyword index checker
PPC pricing & reporting tools
PPC automation
Listing builder
Listing optimization scorePartial
Sync listings – Seller Central
Product review requests – Seller Central
Request Automation Review
Discounts & Product promotions
Shopper marketplace – 250,000+  products
Customizable alertsPartial
Business Management Tools
Sales analytics
Profitability dashboard
Expense managementPartial
Inbound FBA shipments Tracking
Reports – Email performance
Mobile app – Business management
Forecasting Inventory demandPartial
Reimbursements of Refunds
Customizable external landing pages
Discounts & Product promotions
Analyze Market segmentPartial

Jungle Scout boasts of a more comprehensive set of features and functionalities that give users more comprehensive study data at a reduced cost. Jungle Scout even pays greater attention to the competitors of a user and provides more detailed advice on what will sell for them.

As a result, Jungle Scout takes the upper hand here because it has more functionality and offers considerable long-term advantages at a lesser cost.

The Data Accuracy Battle

One of the most important factors that you should consider is data accuracy. The majority of Amazon seller tools lack consistent data accuracy. As a result, the vast majority of sellers make decisions based on erroneous data. 

AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout- Data Accuracy

Jungle Scout conducted a comparison research study with various other competing Amazon seller tools and discovered that their tool is 84.1 percent more accurate than the competition.

That means you can absolutely trust Jungle Scout’s data and statistics. With Jungle Scout, you’ll have only a little risk of making a mistake; in fact, the error margin is merely 15%.

While AMZ Tracker, even though pretty reliable. However, its data accuracy is not really at par with Jungle Scout, giving the letter a clear edge in this aspect.

Support & Resources

Jungle Scout and AMZTracker are accessible in a variety of countries and for country-specific versions of Amazon, such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, India, Spain, and Italy.

Despite the fact that AMZ Tracker has a blog with useful articles as well as a user manual to guide users with issues, queries are often left unanswered on their website concerning their products. Many consumers are dissatisfied with AMZ Tracker’s customer support, with some stating it is non-existent.

AMZ Tracker-Blog

While Jungle Scout provides a variety of free and paid resources to help budding Amazon FBA sellers. Their support desk appears to be a little more responsive and efficient as compared to AMZ Tracker. Jungle Scout can also be smoothly used on mobile devices. Its web application can be used in mobile mode for both smartphones and PCs, however, it performs better on a PC as compared to a smartphone or tablet.

Jungle Scout-Blog

Jungle Scout’s chrome extension, however, doesn’t work on mobile devices since Google Chrome extensions are not supported on smartphones and mobile devices. Whereas, AMZ Tracker makes sure that all of its functions are compatible with both Kindle Books and Android apps.

Pricing Comparison

Let us now have a quick look at the pricing comparison between AMZ Tracker and Jungle Scout.

AMZ Tracker Pricing

AMZ Tracker has four subscription tiers, ranging from $50 per month for the Basic plan to $400 per month for the Legend plan. Each subscription will have the same features and tools, with the lesser ones having lesser product searches and keyword research limits, as well as fewer promos and sales monitoring tools. All tiers of the platform come with a 14-day free trial.

AMZ Tracker-Pricing
  • Basic Price: $50/month
  • Professional Price: $100/month
  • God Mode Price: $200/month
  • Legend Price: $400/month

Jungle Scout Pricing

Basic, Suite, and Professional are the three tiers offered by Jungle Scout plans. Jungle Scout is also available for a 7-day free trial with a money-back guarantee of up to 7 days.

  • Basic Price: $49/month ($39/month – Annual)
  • Suite Price: $69/month ($49/month – Annual)
  • Professional Price: $129/month ($84/month – Annual)

If we compare the pricing options head-on, it is quite evident that Jungle Scout takes the edge over AMZ Tracker as it offers more features at a lower price. You can also claim an 81% discount with our exclusive Jungle Scout discount codes.

AMZ Tracker vs Jungle Scout: Pros and Cons

Now we are going to compare these two tools on the basis of their pros & cons.

AMZ Tracker Pros

  • Data tracking in real-time.
  •  Pricing, reviews, ranking, best selling, and potential sales are all included in powerful reporting.
  • Exceptional URLs (increase search rank)
  • Provides advice on how to improve your ranking if your sales fall.
  • Saves time by displaying all sales data on a single dashboard.

AMZ Tracker Cons

  • The dashboard can be a source of information overload (learning curve)
  • Customer service is inadequate.
  • Pricing is relatively high.

Jungle Scout Pros

  • Customer service is available 24*7 for all plans
  • Simple to use
  • Predicting sales with high accuracy
  • Well-crafted documentation
  • Send screenshots for approval.

Jungle Scout Cons

  • More expensive than rival plans
  • Users and historical data are limited in the Basic and Suite plans.
  • When combined with the web version, the Chrome extension can be buggy.

Jungle Scout Vs AMZ Tracker: Final Verdict!

Now that we have almost reached the end of this Jungle Scout Vs AMZ Tracker comparison review, let us go through a quick overview of the two platforms.

  • AMZ Tracker offers a listing review downloader, which is not available on Jungle Scout.
  • Jungle Scout doesn’t offer PPC automation features. However, AMZ Tracker does.
  • Jungle Scout does not include a keyword index checker. The same is, however, available on AMZ Tracker.
  • Jungle Scout offers a global supplier database. However, AMZ Tracker does not.
  • Product promos and discounts are not available on AMZ Tracker; however, they are available on Jungle Scout.
  • Jungle Scout provides email performance reports. However, AMZ Tracker does not.
  • Jungle Scout provides 24/7 customer assistance. However, AMZ Tracker does not.

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Final Verdict – Jungle Scout Vs AMZ Tracker (2024) 

As it might have become quite clear to you from the overall comparison, both Jungle Scout and AMZ Tracker are extremely competitive Amazon seller tools you can try. Both tools offer good product research and keyword searching functions that can be beneficial for your brand if used the right way. However, After closer comparison, we have noticed a few key aspects on which we believe that Jungle Scout is slightly better. 

The main point that gives Jungle Scout the edge in the head-to-head battle is the features offered. Features like a global supplier database, email performance reports, promos, and discounts, are crucial features offered by Jungle Scout that are absent in AMZ Tracker. Furthermore, the Jungle Scout plans are cheaper as compared to AMZ Tracker, and you get more features for the price you are paying.

So, overall, Jungle Scout is a more feature-rich and value-for-money Amazon Seller tool that you should go for!


Do Jungle Scout and AMZ Tracker offer free trials?

AMZ Tracker does offer a 7-day free trial, whereas there is no free trial offer available on Jungle Scout. But you can take advantage of Jungle Scout’s 7-day money-back guarantee.

Can I use Jungle Scout on mobile devices?

Jungle Scout does not offer a mobile app, but you can use Jungle Scout’s web app on your browser on your mobile devices. But all the icons will not appear properly because the website is not properly optimized for mobile devices.

How often do the rankings get updated on AMZ Tracker?

The rankings of your keywords get updated daily on AMZ Tracker, and the same goes for the Best Sellers Rank. You can see the improvements or downfall in your keywords’ rankings on AMZ Tracker’s keyword tracker.

Which one is affordable: AMZ Tracker or Jungle Scout?

The basic plan of Jungle Scout starts at $49/mo, and AMZ Tracker’s basic plan starts at $50/mo. So it is pretty clear that Jungle Scout is affordable compared to AMZ Tracker.

Are there any free alternatives to AMZ Tracker and Jungle Scout?

Yes, there are a few free alternatives to AMZ Tracker and Jungle Scout, and they are Unicorn Smasher and Helium 10‘s free plan.


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