13+ Best Free Shopify Themes For Your Store In 2023

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Finding the right Free Shopify Themes that represent your brand and stand out from your competitors can be challenging. 

As a beginner, it may be difficult to invest in a Shopify theme. However, the good news is, that there are various free Shopify themes available to help you design your ideal store in no time. 

We went through 100s of free Shopify themes to find the perfect ones for you to help your eCommerce store look more attractive and be more cost-effective at the same time. With that, let’s get into the details! 

13+ Best Free Shopify Themes – In A Nutshell (2023)

Sr. No.ThemesBest For
1.RefreshMen’s Grooming Products
2.SenseSkincare, Healthcare Products
3.CraftKitchenware & Dinnerware
4.NarrativeJewelry, Watches
5.VentureSportswear, Sports Equipments
6.BoundlessFashion & Clothing
7.Minimal VintageAntiques, Kitchenware
8.ColorblockClothing, and Winterwear 
9.StudioKids and baby products
10.TasteFood and Magazine and other subscription-based products. 
11.Dawnwomen’s fashion and beauty products
12.RideSports Equipment
13.PublisherBooks, Apparel, Merch, and Accessories

Top 13+ Free Shopify Themes

Here are some best themes listed on Shopify here.

1. Refresh

Ratings3.5 out of 5
Ease Of UseEasier
Best ForMen’s Grooming Products

Refresh is a highly customizable theme with bold font and blue background. There are many customizable elements (e.g., sections and blocks) in this theme for you to customize according to the size of your products. The blue background looks good and grabs the attention of your customers. This type of theme is the best theme for men’s grooming lines, editorial content, and visual storytelling. Overall, it’s a clean, modern, and elegant design.

Free Shopify Themes - Refresh


  • Quick Setup
  • Better Customizability 
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Free High-Resolution Photos


  • No Slide View Option
  • No Highlight Page (To Promote Single Products/New Product Launches)

2. Sense

Ratings3.1 out of 5
Ease Of UseHarder
Best ForSkincare, Healthcare Products

If you want more energy in your eCommerce page, this might be your theme. Sense adds fresh and energetic vibes to your page. It has a detailed product layout with a good drag and drops feature. It’s quick and easy to set up and has bright and fresh colors. It also has advanced customizable options to match your desired code. It’s highly suitable for skincare, healthcare, and nutrition products.



  • Cart Customization Option For Buyers
  • Appealing Design
  • Improved Product Understanding


  • Laggy on mobile devices
  • Complicated to set up

3. Craft

Ratings3.5 out of 5
Ease Of UseEasier
Best ForKitchenware, Dinnerware Products

A simple, refined, and sustainable theme for long-term use for your eCommerce page. This is a theme that enhances subtlety, minimalism, and authenticity. It’s customizable and easy to set up. This type of theme is best for antique products, kitchenware, and elevated storytelling. This type of craftsmanship would be very appealing to the viewer and enhance the user experience. It allows you to launch your products quickly and seamlessly with a few easy steps.



  • Minimal Design
  • Flexible According to the products
  • Rich Looking Text
  • Free Support


  • Fewer Colors (Only Black And White)
  • Less Frequent Updates

4. Narrative

Ratings2.7 out of 5
Ease Of UseAverage
Best ForJewelry, Watches

Another theme with fresh and energetic vibes. This is a perfect theme if you have a start-up business and if you want to launch new products. It’s also a theme to consider if you have a brand and want to launch a new product line. It’s customizable according to your products. It has a wide layout and supports a vertical slide show. It comes with four presets, including warm, light, cold and earthy.



  • Wide Layout
  • Vertical Slide View
  • Adaptable To A Large Store


  • Some Portals Not Compatible With Mobile
  • Slow Video Files
  • Custom Sections Only Available On Homepage

5. Venture 

Ratings2.4 out of 5
Ease Of UseAverage
Best ForSportswear, Sports Equipments

Venture (sometimes referred to as the “snow devil” theme) is a perfect theme for retail outlets. This theme supports a large drop-down menu with details and images. This type of theme is best for sportswear, clothing, and other fashion products. It allows the customer to filter products according to their needs (for size, type, and price), and it also has a feature page to promote a single product or grab the attention of viewers towards newly launched products or make them aware of new products.



  • Large menus And Multi Column Menu
  • High Speed In All Devices
  • Free Updates
  • 5+ Collections
  • Responsive


  • Scaled Images Can Look Different To Buyer Than Uploaded (Less Resolution)
  • Files (Photos, Videos, etc.) Look Cropped In Mobile Devices

6. Boundless

Ratings2.2 out of 5
Ease Of UseEasy
Best ForFashion & Clothing

This is a very simple to use and effective theme. It has a unique slide show type homepage which is very easy to use and appealing to the user. It’s designed to allow users to navigate through pages easily and enhance their experience on the page. This type of theme is best for fashion and clothing, luxury retail for watches, bags, and tech products such as mobile phones, headphones, power banks, etc.



  • Vertical Slide Show
  • Optimized Mobile Page
  • Vibrant
  • Allows Full Grid View


  • No Review Option For Products
  • Inconsistent Product Page

7. Minimal Vintage

Ratings4.1 out of 5
Ease Of UseEasy
Best ForAntiques, Kitchenware

As the name suggests, this is a minimal theme that is used to promote vintage products (for example, vintage paintings, antiques, etc.). It’s still suitable for many other retail outlets such as kitchenware and dinnerware. It has three presets: Vintage, Fashion, and Modern. It has a quick setup option with more premium presets for a reasonable price. It supports high res photos, and it’s speed tested, enhancing the experience of your buyers whether they are viewing from mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Minimal Vintage


  • Easy to use presets
  • Minimal Design For Long-Term Use
  • Quick Professional Support


  • High-Resolution Photos And Videos Slow To Load
  • Not Completely Mobile Friendly (Images Get Cut Off)

8. Colorblock

Ratings4.9 out of 5
Ease Of UseEasy
Best ForClothing and Winterwear 

Colorblock is a confident theme with a strong color palette. You can highlight any products/designs/catalogs that you want to promote with this theme. It also has an excellent mega menu system that allows users to seamlessly switch between categories to find what they require.



  • A strong and modern-looking color palette
  • Faster loading and navigation for a better user experience for buyers
  • Optimized for long-form text
  • Free Support
  • Added rich text and various fixes in a recent update.


  • Less frequent updates
  • Slower layout shift from one page to another

9. Studio

Ratings2.5 out of 5
Ease Of UseEasy
Best ForKids and baby products

Studio is a theme that grabs the buyer’s attention.  It’s an artistic theme with elegant and minimal design. It has a fresh accent and stylish fonts. It has a collection-based navigation system that lets the buyer choose their preferred creator to look at their collection.



  • Easy drag and drop feature to upload files
  • Cart notes feature for buyers
  • Enhanced searches
  • Recommends relevant products to buyers


  • Can have bugs and issues like same content on multiple pages
  • Sometimes images are not supported on safari

10. Taste

Ratings2.5 out of 5
Ease Of UseEasy
Best ForFood and Magazine and other subscription-based products. 

A clean and professional-looking theme that has a lot of design options. It does not require any special kind of coding and is easy to set up. Uploading images is easier because of the flexibility of this theme. Make your own ideal layout with up to 25 sections per template.



  • Easy and flexible template design
  • Social media link section
  • Dropdown option
  • Easy product updates


  • Checkout section hard to customize
  • Store logo can be difficult to adjust

11. Dawn

Ratings2.1 out of 5
Ease Of UseHard
Best Forwomen’s fashion and beauty products

If your brand launches products frequently and needs them to be the center of attention, this is the theme for you. It has a tag-based system that allows better searches and hence, gives buyers a better user experience.



  • Center stage for new products 
  • Good product tagging system 
  • Theme updates don’t lose previous customizations


  • Banner images can be blurry
  • Harder to use can sometimes require coding

12. Ride

Ratings3.2 out of 5
Ease Of UseAverage
Best ForSports Equipment

Ride is a dynamic and distinct theme that is widely used for selling sports equipment. It has a dark background, accent colors, and bold typography, which makes your goods look more distinctive. It also has a very innovative and flexible layout which allows you to showcase your teams, products, and anything you want in between. It comes with advanced customization options that allow you to design your dream store without having to touch coding.

Ride Shopify Theme


  • Quick Setup
  • Visual Storytelling
  • In-store Pickups
  • Promo Banners


  • Menu is limited due to space restrictions
  • Thumbnails get blurry for no reason

13. Publisher

Ratings2.9 out of 5
Ease Of UseEasier
Best ForBooks, Apparel, Merch, and Accessories

The Publisher is a free, mobile-responsive Shopify theme designed for merchants who want to sell books, merch, apparel, and accessories. It has a modern and sleek design, with features that are optimized for websites with heavy content. The theme includes a customizable homepage, a social media bar, and a featured post section that help sellers in social media marketing. The theme also has an easy-to-use sidebar that allows users to navigate and highlight their best product catalog. 

Publisher Theme


  • A great option for bloggers who want to run a side venture
  • The theme is responsive on both mobile and PC
  • Moody and progressive designs and layouts
  • Minimalist navigation 


  • Limited customization compared to other free themes
  • Not suitable for larger businesses

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Conclusion: Free Shopify Themes (2023)

We have mentioned all the unique features of every one of these free themes, and we hope we have helped you choose the correct one for your eCommerce page. If you are still unable to decide, Here is what we think are the best two:

1. Refresh – This theme is completely free, has customizability, and looks clean.

2. Craft – Another completely free elegant, minimal and authentic theme.


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