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Growth Devil builds higher valuation companies
by boosting your growth rate above 3% week on week.
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"If you lift your growth rate to above 3%, how much more valuable 
could you make your company at your next capital raise, or exit?"
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“A company doing growth above 3% week on week
will get 5 to 50X higher valuations from us.”
Dave McClure @ 500 Startups
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+267% growth
 From 2.5 to 6 million users 
mobile app
2X rev per user
Paying staff & founders
software as a service
+267% growth
To #2 in Australasia & exit
online media
We're efficient, we get shit done, 
and we have no time for bullshit.
Most marketers are like the Toyota Camry:
reliable, but uninspiring.
When you hire us,
you get Ferrari-level
efficiency and expertise.
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