12+ Best Wholesale Apps For Shopify In 2023 (Compared)

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Are you looking for wholesale apps for Shopify stores? Don’t worry, I have got your back.

The eCommerce industry is flourishing in the sales market. Thousands of new sellers join each day to start their online businesses to generate streamlined and passive income. Shopify is one of those platforms that provide an easy place to start an online business quickly. 

However, in these modern times, sellers face heavy competition in every category. So selling individually won’t be enough for a seller to overcome this competition. You need to sell wholesale along with your current niche in order to increase your sales and revenue. Luckily, there are tons of wholesale apps available on the Shopify App Store that you can install to unlock wholesale features in a go.

In this post, I am going to list a few wholesale apps for Shopify store owners. I have included key features, pricing, and rating with each app so you can easily compare and choose what’s best for your Shopify store.

Let’s get started.

12 Best Wholesale Apps For Shopify: In A Nutshell (2023)

Sr. No.App NamePricing Remarkable Feature
1.Wholesale Club$29/monthBest for wholesale stores
2.Bold Custom Pricing$39.99/monthOffer tier-based pricing and bulk discount
3.Wholesale Gorilla$39.95/monthCustomer and inventory management
4.Wholesale/Retail Catalog Maker$89/monthBest all-in-one app for wholesalers
5.Volume & Discounted Pricing$7.99/monthOffer different types of discounts to customers
6.Wholster$29.99/monthOffers automated processing features 
7.Wholesale – All in One$24/monthCreate custom pricing and MOQ rules
8.Wholesale2B$29.99/monthBest for wholesale dropshippers
9.Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder$12.99/monthFill repeated order forms with one click
10.MagicPass Wholesale$5/monthCreate lock on products, pages, and collections
11.Wholesale Lock Manager$6.99/monthProtect your entire store from unauthorized access
12.Charge Me Later, Wholesale App$9.99/monthOffers customers the option to pay later for their purchases

Best 12+ Wholesale Apps For Shopify (2023)

Here is the list of Shopify wholesale apps you can integrate with your store if you are running a wholesale business or want to unlock wholesale features.

1. Wholesale Club

Price – $29/month (30-day Free Trial)

Rating – 4.7/5 

If you want to turn your regular Shopify store into a wholesale store, Wholesale Club is the perfect option for you. Developed by Pixel Union, the app also helps you increase your sales and revenue. It offers you some exceptional features. Offering discounted pricing to customers is one of them. It helps you set competitive pricing on wholesale products that attract customers to your store. 

Wholesale Apps For Shopify - Wholesale Club

You can create numerous levels of discounts based on customer subscriptions or membership. If you want to deal with large orders, you can add minimum order quantity on products or show them how many products you have left in your stock. You can also set a lair of security on your products from being duplicated.

Key Features

  • Create GroupWise discounts for wholesale customers
  • Offer wholesale pricing to specific customers using the Account Tagging feature
  • Ability to add MOQs (minimum order quantity) and volume discounts for large orders
  • B2B industry standards such as quick order forms and net terms are available
  • Product visibility and custom pricing give you total control over pricing


  • Customer service can be hit or miss

2. Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale

Price – $39.99/month (14-day Free Trial)

Rating – 4.4/5

The Bold Custom Pricing app is one of the best tools for established wholesalers. The app helps you create a tier-based pricing structure for shoppers. It also lets you tag specific wholesale customers for a particular pricing model. You can also use its Auto Tagging feature that instantly tags customers according to their membership level.

Bold Custom Pricing

The app is quite expensive for beginners, but it is worth it according to its features. New users can take advantage of its 14-day free trial to check all its features.

Key Features

  • Wholesale B2B tier-based pricing with bulk discounts
  • Custom pricing levels 
  • Offer price-based or percentage-based discounts across the collection or the entire site
  • Detailed pricing management (set a custom price for specific products or variants)
  • Automate pricing based on frequency or sales


  • Pretty expensive for beginners

3. Wholesale Gorilla

Price – $39.95/month (30-day Free Trial)

Rating – 4.6/5

Wholesale Gorilla is one of the few apps which is created by actual Shopify store owners instead of developers. It offers all the necessary features, such as customer management, inventory management, tiered pricing, etc., that help you run a wholesale business without much effort. The interface of this app is very intuitive, with no learning curve.

Wholesale Gorilla

Wholesale Gorilla is best known for its Single-page Order Form that allows you to add custom product fields & information and upload files. Apart from that, you can also set MOQ rules for your products and collections. 

Key Features

  • A set of tools to improve customer experience
  • Set order limits and custom shipping rules
  • Hide products from non-subscribed buyers
  • CSV upload, page locks, advanced product exclusions, and many additional features with pro tier plan
  • Seamlessly integrates with an existing Shopify store


  • Poor customer support and very slow response

4. Wholesale/Retail Catalog Maker

Price – $89/month

Rating – 4.0/5

The Wholesale Catalog Maker app is one of the smartest Shopify apps that lets you add wholesale products to your regular online store. With this app, you can sell both individual and wholesale products so that you can cover all types of buyers. It offers a Catalog Maker Studio tool within the app that lets you customize your catalog and page design. 

Wholesale/Retail Catalog Maker

Within the app, you will find a second widget that lets you add a custom threshold for discounts. That means the more customer purchases your product, the more chances of discounts they will get. This tool help sellers build a smart strategy to increase sales in a short time.

Key Features

  • Generate order sheets right from your Shopify listings
  • Create digital retail catalogs, wholesale line sheets, and PDF
  • Ability to transform product pages into PDFs for buyers
  • Accept wholesale orders from digital order sheets or online catalogs
  • Automatically generate universal product identifiers such as UPC, EAN, QRCode, etc.


  • The steep learning curve for beginners

5. Volume & Discounted Pricing

Price – $7.99/month (7-day Free Trial)

Rating – 4.9/5

Volume & Discounted Pricing is another pricing & discount app for wholesale store owners. However, it is quite different from other apps. It lets you offer discounts to your customers in various ways. You can offer flat-rate discounts, percentage-based discounts, or bundle discounts to wholesale customers. 

Volume & Discounted Pricing

The app lets you apply bulk discounts on all your products and collection within one click. You can also schedule or pause any discount from the discount table. Use the table to highlight the best offer on your product page.

Key Features

  • Offer dynamic pricing for wholesalers and regular buyers
  • Customize the look of your custom pricing table
  • Upsell option on products and cart pages
  • Offer a tier-based discount to your users
  • 24/7 customer support (Onboarding assistance included)


  • Poor customer support

6. Wholster

Price – $29.99/month (Free Plan Available)

Rating – 4.3/5

Wholster is a Shopify app that helps you with wholesale pricing and time management. It is a B2B app that automatically syncs with your Shopify store. Once it is installed, you can create bulk orders for both suppliers and customers. You can use its net payment terms and automated processing features to save time by doing it manually. 


Wholster offers a free plan with standard features. But you won’t get branding options with the free plan, and it will also charge a 3% order creation fee. With its premium plan, you don’t have to pay a creation fee, and you will also get access to advanced features and branding options.

Key Features

  • Ability to manage various Shopify accounts with customer group pricing
  • Automate/enable payment terms
  • Track outstanding receivables via Receivables Management
  • Free plan available
  • Override retail taxes 
  • Use Mass Shipment Invoices to generate and fulfill multiple invoices


  • The free plan charges a hefty order creation fee

7. Wholesale – All in One

Price – $24/month (14-day Free Trial)

Rating – 4.8/5

It is an all-in-one Shopify wholesale app that lets you create tier-based discounts and pricing rules for your customers. The tool helps you customize pricing based on product categories, specific products, and volumes. You can also tag subscribed customers for special discounts and deals. 

Wholesale - All in One

With the Wholesale All-in-One tool, you can set various shipping rates for individual and wholesale buyers based on different factors. You can offer selective customers a set of different coupon codes at checkout. 

Key Features

  • Create wholesale or tier-based pricing rules
  • Manage order limits, shipping, and other add-ons
  • Approve wholesale accounts by embedding a wholesale signup form
  • Offer price-based and percentage-based discounts
  • Handle international customers by accepting foreign currencies


  • You need to pay a one-time fee to enable the add-on feature

8. Wholesale2B

Price – $29.99/month (7-day Free Trial)

Rating – 3.5/5

Wholesale2B is a well-known directory of dropshipping suppliers and eCommerce inventory. Shopify added the app version to its store so that interested sellers can find reliable dropshipping suppliers to dropship products. 


This is an all-in-one app that helps you find winning products for dropshipping. It also gives you access to advanced tools that will help enhance your business’s productivity and profit over time. The tool also provides you with real-time inventory updates of the supplier. Once your order is dispatched, you can use its tracking functionality to track the order.

Key Features

  • 100+ niches available to entrepreneurs
  • Catalog of 1.6 million dropshipping products
  • Real-time automated tracking and inventory updates 
  • Automated order imports and unlimited order processing
  • Fast shipping solutions to US and Canada


  • Some products’ prices are much higher than other marketplaces 
  • More focused on dropshipping than wholesale

9. Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder

Price – $12.99/month (8-day Free Trial)

Rating – 4.8/5

Wholesale Order Form and ReOrder is a unique Shopify app that lets you manage bulk orders at the same time. With this tool, you can generate wholesale order forms with one click. You can also set a single-page order form for your retail and B2B customers.

Wholesale Order Form & ReOrder

These order forms allow customers to fill out the order form automatically when they visit your store to reorder the same product. It is a great option to increase customer experience, and they can also save time from unnecessary page refreshes. 

Key Features

  • Customize your product page according to your store’s theme
  • Repeat orders within a few clicks
  • Compatible with Shopify mobile app
  • Matrix and Order Form on each product page via App Blocks
  • Ability to change colors, translate texts, barcodes, display inventory, and SKUs
  • Control over who can view your product


  • No upselling feature

10. MagicPass Wholesale

Price – $5/month (30-day Free Trial)

Rating – 3.5/5

MagicPass Wholesale is an amazing Shopify app that secures your online store from hackers, cyber fraud, and malware. With this tool, you can create a lock on your products, pages, and collections. Then you can create a secret key for specific clients and staff. Without the secret key, nobody can view your collections or pages.

MagicPass Wholesale

You can also use this tool to offer discounts to your customers. You can set the discount based on a flat-rate or percentage-wise. It also offers a 30-day free trial to new users. 

Key Features

  • Protect your content with a password—only authorized persons with the password can access it
  • Offer discount code on the login
  • Offer deals and perks to wholesale buyers
  • Add wholesale pricing 
  • Publish members-only/public content on your blog


  • Different pricing plans according to tier-based Shopify users

11. Wholesale Lock Manager

Price – $6.99/month (8-day Free Trial)

Rating – 4.7/5

The Wholesale Lock Manager is another security tool that Shopify offers. The app is quite different from other security apps. It offers multiple layers of security so you can protect your entire store and its content from cyber fraud and poachers. You can set a lock on various sections of your store and allow access to only staff and subscribed customers.

Wholesale Lock Manager

The app helps you separate retail and wholesale customers so you can easily decide what customers to tag store access. The app helps you create a custom URL of the storefront that you can share with your potential customers. Customers can instantly access your store without a specific key with this URL. 

Key Features

  • Protect your store’s content by creating a lock for collections, products, and the entire store
  • Ability to hide products from non-subscribed customers/visitors
  • Display collections and products according to customer tags
  • Set password-protected pages
  • Create a secret page URL to share only with your customers


  • Sellers found a few bugs after uninstallation

12. Charge Me Later, Wholesale App

Price – $9.99/month (4-day Free Trial)

Rating – 4.8/5

Charge Me Later is a wholesale app available on the Shopify App Store that allows businesses to offer their customers the option to pay later for their purchases. The app is designed to help wholesalers streamline their payment processes, improve cash flow, and provide a better shopping experience to their customers.

Charge Me Later, Wholesale App

The app also offers a range of features designed to help businesses streamline their payment processes and improve their cash flow. Its customizable payment terms, credit limits, and automated invoicing make it an excellent choice for wholesalers.

Key Features

  • Ability to set different prices for different customer groups
  • Can set credit limits for their customers
  • Customizable payment terms
  • Automated invoicing
  • Easily integrates with Shopify 


  • Only available in some countries

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Conclusion: Best Wholesale Apps For Shopify (2023)

So this is my handpicked list of wholesale apps that you can easily find on the Shopify App Store. With the help of these apps, Shopify store owners can offer various wholesale aspects to their customers without specifically customizing their stores for wholesaling. Almost all apps offer a free trial with their plans, so you can try every app before investing. 

Make sure to check app reviews and compatibility before installing them to your store so you don’t run into problems while running it. 

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