You’ve been working hard to come up with how to get new leads into your growth funnel, but the next step, what you do with them once they’re in, is going to determine how far through the funnel they proceed. No matter how many people you have coming in, if you are not engaging and converting them, you won’t start seeing the lines in your company’s quarterly graphs turn up as rapidly as they could.

So, let’s look at a few proven ways that you can get your visitors engaged and get them to take that next step:

Keep it Simple

There is little worse than a cluttered landing page that crams way too much information into a small space. The key is to keep it simple. Remove anything that is not absolutely necessary from your page. Minimalistic design will go a lot further and help your visitors focus on the components that will be most useful to them, and that are most likely to turn them into paying customers.

Reach Them On An Emotional Level

Emotional decisions are a lot easier to make than critical decisions. When we are moved by something, we tend to listen to our hearts, not our heads. By reaching your viewers and striking their emotional chords, you create a connection with your customers that makes them more likely to purchase your product or service. Emotional copywriting works far better than any other technique. Speak to their hearts, not their minds.

Make it Hard To Refuse

However you can sweeten the pot and make the choice a no-brainer, do it. Whether you offer them something free in exchange, like an e-book, webinar or whitepaper, make it difficult for them to say no. Even though you’ve connected with them on an emotional level, you still need to break through the logical level and bypass their objections. You need the kicker that causes their brain to give them the go-ahead.

Make Signing Up Fun and Easy

Keep your minimalism going strong throughout the sign-up and onboarding process. You’ve worked hard to get them to this point, don’t drive them away by asking for too much information. Your process should be smooth and should collect only the basic information you need to get them signed up, so they’re wiling to give you any additional information you need down the line.

The Tier Effect

We’ve all seen how companies offer different options for their customers by need. The tier effect can be found anywhere from your local car wash to services online. Why? People like to be able to choose. They like having different options available to them. On a psychological level, tiers also work to up-sell your visitors. When they can see each tier and what they’ll get at each level, they’re much more likely to make the emotional decision to go with the highest tier. On the other end of the spectrum, by offering tiered pricing levels, you will also attract those who may not be able to afford a high price tag, but still want to join.

By utilizing these techniques, you’re going to improve your conversion levels and keep your growth funnel doing what it needs to do – growing your site.