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Four Stages of Growth

Growth Step one

Write your success story

Without a goal, how would we know if we’re getting anywhere?

The first stage of growth is to write your success story. It needs to be super clear in your mind something you can visualise with perfect clarity (like you’re seeing it on an HD TV).

What does success look like for you in six months? In 12 months? Want our guidance on this?

Growth Step 2

Plan your way to success

Next stage is to come up with a clear strategy to get you to your goal. This is about brainstorming ideas and then prioritising them into a clear set of actions.

Doing this properly can take a bit of time. We have a one month programme called Building Foundations for Massive Growth â„¢ that we can guide you through to take your dreams and turn them into a solid action plan.

Growth Step 3

Execute experiments to test your plan

A plan is never perfect because it’s always based on your assumptions when you write your plan. Remember, one of your commitments if you’re going to be a Growth Devil is to

Believe Nothing. Test Everything.

So, the first thing you’re going to do to execute your strategy is to run a bunch of low-cost, low-risk experiments to get a quick reading on the real ROI of your ideas.

Growth Step Four

Focus your attention on what works

Once the data starts to pour in, and it becomes clear what’s working and what’s not, you can refine things down. You will cut out all activities that are performing poorly, you’ll invest heavily into activities that get great results, and you’ll keep searching for more ideas to test out.

This is an ongoing process of experimentation and refinement you will go through this for a very long time. Each iteration you complete will bring you closer to success. You just have to keep going until you reach your goals and this behaviour becomes second nature. 

Digital Solutions to
Boost your Success

A successful, high-growth company is focused and intentional with everything they do.

Our Lean Growth Methodology ™ is geared to give you focus and results. We are scientific and methodical in our approach. We use a simple system to fine-tune and accelerate your company


(2 Weeks)

Growth Strategy

(2 Weeks)


(1 Month)


(4 Months)

Objective Setting

Customer Segment Prioritisation

UX Flow Mapping

Value Proposition Workshop

Value Proposition Prioritisation

User Interface Design

Customer Onboarding Workshop

Growth Idea Prioritisation

Development Changes

Key Metrics Modelˇ

Objective Setting

Growth Plan “Ten Tactics”

Analytics Setup







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