Growth Hacking in a Castle

Dedicate 4 days to the growth of your company.

  • Spend 4 days living in a castle in Los Angeles
  • Surround yourself with proven growth hackers
  • Learn how to execute our proven growth hacking program
  • Only $3997 including 3 nights accommodation and all food
  • LIMITED to just 24 people. 12 left!
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A Masterclass in Growth Hacking

A succesful, high-growth startup is focused and intentional in everything they do.

This program is perfect for you if:

  • You have reached problem-solution fit with your product. (Aka your product has proven that it offers your customers value)
  • Your next goal is to "grow" and achieve product-market fit. The next 6-12 months is about finding and securing customers, nailing your value proposition, tightening up your marketing funnel, and measuring the CAC/LTV ratio.
  • You're looking to get truly backed by your team, advisors and investors. Giving everyone who relies on you the clarity and confidence in your plan to hold their attention and capture their energy (and money).

In just four days you will learn:

  • What drives growth in your business
  • Where to find target customers
  • How to use language that attracts customers
  • How to turn interest into paying customers
  • How to measure the cost of acquiring every customer
  • How to measure how much revenue/profit you're earning for every marketing and sales dollar spent

The Growth Foundation Program will give you the mindset and tools needed to come up with a strategy that will drive significant growth in your business.

"The true beauty of the Growth Foundation Program is that it is geared to give startups the clarity and confidence they need to succeed and hit their growth goals."

The Growth Hackers

Get access to people whose knowledge and experience you can only dream of tapping into.

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Spend four days building a high performance growth strategy for your business.

"Setting aside time just to focus on what we're going to do to accelerate our growth instead of being lost in the day-to-day minutiae was a great idea. We've come away feeling confident in our growth plan for the next six months, the budget we need to achieve results and the team that's going to execute this."

Software development company with over $25MM annual turnover.

"60% of my first round of investment was spent on marketing and sales efforts that didn't work out. That was $300,000 of vital investor cash that went to waste."

Invest in Your Growth Hacking Masterclass

Grow the trust of your team, advisors, and investors in your ability to de-risk your company's growth phase.




You get:

  • The Growth Foundation Program
  • Access to proven growth hackers
  • Delicious food for all your meals
  • Pitch at Demo Day
  • An invitation to join the Growth Devil Mafia
  • Lifetime access to all of Growth Devil's Growth Hacking Tools
  • 4 days, 3 nights accommodation in a Castle
  • +4 invitations for guests at Demo Day
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You get:

  • The Growth Foundation Program
  • Access to proven growth hackers
  • Delicious food for all your meals
  • Pitch at Demo Day
  • +1 invitations for guests at Demo Day
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Growth Devil

Growth Hackers with a proven track record of getting massive result


More monthly downloads

We took Read Me Stories, the world's #1 ranked reading app, to 6 million downloads in 9 months and increased their daily download rate by over 450%.

At 2.5 million downloads, Read Me Stories hired Growth Devil to speed up growth and attract large strategic partners. Using our Value Proposition process and A/B testing using landing pages, we redesigned and rewrote their iTunes and Google Play profile pages; specifically focusing on the benefits their app offered, and adding in new keywords.

We increased their visitor:download rate from 30-45%. And, increased the number of visitors from search and discovery by 200%. Together these two changes boosted daily downloads by 450%, and more than doubled the user base in less than nine months.


Increase in revenue

How we almost doubled Code Avengers' weekly revenue in less than seven weeks.

Now at over 300,000 active users, Code Avengers hired Growth Devil to help them boost weekly revenue so they could hire a rockstar team, attract investors and take on the market leading competitors. We looked into user activation and realised that new free users would leave the product after 20-30 min, and a major drop-off occurred when users were asked to pay. We shifted the language to ensure users understood this was a personal investment, shortened the trial to 20 min and updated the pricing page.

This boosted revenue per user by 50% and increased paying users by 25%, leading to an increase in weekly revenue of 88% in just seven weeks.