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Committing to growth hacking is one thing, but coming up with the strategies to successfully execute a hack is another. You need ideas and guidance in real time, and there are not a lot of great places to go for that. These are 18 of the best growth hacking feeds on Twitter. These feeds are guaranteed to help you generate the ideas you need to better grow your business.

1.  @Growthdevil. This is the Twitter handle of the best growth hacking agency out there. We are all about converting users, increasing sales and boosting referrals. We test everything, and what we learn we pass on to you. The content on our feed reflects this. Our feed’s followers get updates on the latest growth strategies, metrics, and any other interesting bits of info we come across as we help our customers grow better, faster.

2.  @GrowthMob. GrowthMob is an organization that sends out weekly emails with lessons and tactics from experienced growth hackers. Its Twitter account contains links to this content, as well as links to other relevant and interesting articles that pop up during the week.

3.  @GrowthHackers_. Growth Hackers is an online community of entrepreneurs and thought leaders who share ideas. Started by Sean Ellis, this is a place where people can learn from each other. Its Twitter feed presents important ideas and highlights growth strategies.

4.  @growthhackertv. Tired of all this reading? Growth Hacker TV is an entire online video channel dedicated to helping you grow your business. Its Twitter account highlights some of the more popular and important selections currently running on its page.

5.  @growthhelp. Growth Help is a group that interviews the best and brightest growth hackers on how they do what they do. The group is continually on the lookout for up-and-coming growth superstars so its readers can get the latest and greatest strategies. Its Twitter feed highlights the best of the interviews.

6.  @iGrowthHack. Curated by @MarcosMoralez, this Twitter feed is a collection of tips for entrepreneurs who are interested in growing fast.

7.  @darnocks. David Arnoux is the “growth magician” for @twoodo. His Twitter account is all about the interesting things he comes across regarding lean methodology, startups and growth hacking.

8.  @GrowthRobots. This is the Twitter feed for viCloning, a company that specializes in online automated customer support services. Its feed focuses on how to make your business more productive and how to get more customers to your site.

9.  @ImpactHackers. Based in Sydney, Australia, Impact Hackers strives to increase businesses’ social, cultural and ecological impact. Part of its focus is on how to improve growth, and its Twitter feed reflects that.

10.  @SethGodinBlog. Seth Godin is a successful entrepreneur and marketing genius. His Twitter account highlights his blog entries, which are always fascinating and provide interesting insights on how to grow your business.

11.  @FastCompany. Fast Company is a print magazine that focuses on where business is going. Its Twitter feed is forward-looking and often comments on interesting new growth tactics.

12.  @ibringtraffic. Andy Johns was in charge of growth at Facebook, Twitter, and Quora. He has some good ideas on how to grow a business.

13.  @blader. Siqi Chen was the GM at Zynga and has been an angel investor at some of Silicon Valley’s hottest startups.

14.  @jasonfried. Jason Fried is an expert on getting things running quickly, smoothly and cleanly. He also knows how to make money and grow a user base. He was a growth hacker before it was cool.

15.  @nabeel. A founder of two successful startups and currently a partner at a VC, Nabeel Hyatt knows growth.

16.  @CaseyA. Casey Armstrong is a partner at WebbROI and spends his time helping startups grow. He is a growth hacker for hire.

17.  @gustaf. Gustaf Alstromer is in charge of product and growth for Airbnb, a startup that gained success by executing some incredible growth hacks.

18.  @NeilPatel. An entrepreneur and investor, he is all about the analytics and can provide you with keen insights on that side of the growth hack equation.