Luke Chesser / Unsplash

If you are a start-up, then one of the best sources of traffic to your website will come from your email marketing list however your relationship with your subscribers can turn toxic if you don’t follow these 9 simple rules!


  • Always follow the laws of the CA-SPAM Act. Developed and enforced by the FCC, it establishes guidelines for email marketers to prevent millions of ads from clogging up our mailboxes.
  • Be sure to make your email campaigns mobile friendly. Almost half of all emails read these days are opened in mobile devices.
  • Try to avoid images in your emails if possible. To many people they are a turn-off due to slower load times, and they can distract from the actual pitch. The exception would be if it is your brand or logo.
  • Try to use bullet points and/or get to the point quickly. Most people don’t want to read a long, blathering email. Get to the point and offer the call to action.
  • Always include a “forward to a friend” hyperlink. Another opportunity to build your list and possible customers.


  • Never Spam. Ever. It just is not worth it, it will hurt your online brand, and it is illegal.
  • Don’t use all caps in messages. It is the equivalent of a salesman shouting at you after you open your front door, You would probably shut it in their face. The same goes for using a bunch of !!!! exclamation points, one will suffice.
  • Don’t send emails too frequently or for no apparent reason. It is like stalking and it is annoying to the recipient.
  • Don’t try to hide the unsubscribe link. If the campaign emails are appropriate, targeted, and professional the recipient will not feel a need to unsubscribe from future mailings.