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Podcasts are a great way to learn about marketing principles and growth hacking on the go. Just plug in your smartphone, put on your headphones, and soak in the wisdom of established marketers and entrepreneurs.

Here are seven growth hacking podcasts you can’t afford to miss.

Six Pixels of Separation

Mitch Joel knows digital marketing. As president and founder of Twist Image, Joel leads one of the largest independent digital agencies in North America. He’s the guy companies like Wal-Mart, P&G, and even Google call on for digital marketing.

And of course, no digital marketer worth his salt would be without an established online presence. Joel has been blogging since before it was even called blogging, and his podcast, Six Pixels of Separation, has been an Internet favorite for years. Joel usually talks about digital marketing and often has influential guests on board, including Robert Scoble, Gary Vaynerchuk and Joe Pulizzi.

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Marketing for Founders

Tim Conley and Jack Zerby are rather unusual candidates for hosting a podcast on growth hacking. After all, growth hacking is a term nearly synonymous with startups and the young, hip founders who lead them.

Both Conley and Zerby, on the other hand, are veterans of the direct-response marketing industry, something few founders with their digital-first lifestyles are familiar with.

This is precisely what makes Marketing for Founders such a tremendous resource. With its focus on direct response marketing, this podcast will help you learn about an incredibly effective marketing tactic. That both Conley and Zerby are excellent hosts is just the cherry on top.

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Self-Publishing for Authors

What does self-publishing have anything to do with growth hacking? Plenty, actually.

Self-published authors have to master tons of marketing tricks to sell their books. They have to build loyal blog readers, get readers to sign up for email lists, and spread the word on social media – everything growth hackers must do.

That self-published authors usually have to work with marketing budgets in the hundreds of dollars makes it even more useful for growth hackers.

Hosted by three industry veterans who’ve written for countless online publications, coached entrepreneurs, and, of course, written books, this podcast on is veritable goldmine of unusual tricks, tips and advice for growth hacking.

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500 Startups’ Startup Founders

This is as raw as it comes: real founders talking about real issues in growing companies.

Produced by the guys at 500 Startups, this podcast features interviews from various founders, including those from 9Gag, Twilio and PopBasic, and designers, marketers and product leads from companies as diverse as Evernote and Fitocracy.

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I Love Marketing

The folks over at I Love Marketing know a thing or two about Internet marketing. After all, they’ve only been doing it for 15 years!

This podcast is where hosts Joe Polish and Dean Jackson talk about what makes things tick on the Internet. They share tips on generating real traffic and converting it into paying customers – the fundamentals of all growth hacking, really.

Bringing guests along like Ryan Holiday is just the icing on the cake.

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Mixergy isn’t necessarily a podcast, and Mixergy doesn’t specifically focus on growth hacking, but it is still included here because it remains one of the finest sources of direct, honest entrepreneurship advice on the Internet.

Andrew Warner is an excellent host with years of experience in interviewing entrepreneurs, and there’s hardly a single interview that’s not worth listening to.

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Startup Chat

Startup Chat is a startup-focused podcast hosted by Australian business blogger Dan Norris. As one of the newer podcasts on this list, Startup Chat had lots of competition.

Being able to mark out a niche is a testament to Norris’s abilities as a host and the caliber of guests he regularly brings in. Former guests include Internet marketing bigwigs like Neil Patel, Brian Casel and Dane Maxwell.

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