Shopify Statistics 2024 (Users, Revenue & Market Share)

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Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce platforms that power 26% of the share of ecommerce websites worldwide.

The platform has managed to transform the way businesses create their online stores, and now, even a non-tech person can create his store online. 

As a result, the popularity of Shopify is growing every year, and its revenue has surpassed the benchmark of $7 billion.

In this article, you will come across all the latest statistics on Shopify users, usage, revenue, market share, consumer behavior, and the latest facts and figures about  Shopify Plus. 

Top Shopify Statistics: In A Nutshell (2024)

  • 4.63 million online stores use Shopify as of 2024.
  • Shopify had 2.1 million daily active users in 2023.
  • Shopify was used by over 700 million shoppers across 175 countries in 2023.
  • Shopify‚Äôs revenue increased by 26% and reached $7.06 billion in 2023.
  • 1.75 million merchants are there on Shopify.
  • Shopify owns 10.32% of the market share of the leading ecommerce software worldwide. 
  • 7 in 10 Shopify orders come from mobile.
  • Shopify stores have an average conversion rate of 1.4%.

Shopify Usage Statistics

With millions of people shopping online and hundreds of sellers running their stores on Shopify, the daily active users have crossed a benchmark of 2 million users.

How Many Shopify Users Are There?

On average, Shopify had 2.1 million daily active users in 2023.

Further, Shopify had 700 million consumers in 2023.

The number of consumers or shoppers on Shopify increased by 400 million between 2019 and 2023. 

Here is a table displaying the number of Shopify consumers recorded over the years.

Number Of Shopify Shoppers
YearNumber of Shopify Shoppers
2023700 million
2022649 million
2021572 million
2020457 million
2019300 million
2018216 million
2017163 million
2016100 million
201557 million

How Many Websites Use Shopify?

4.63 million live websites use Shopify.

A total of 7.25 million websites worldwide use Shopify. However, of them, only 4.63 million websites are live.

Most websites using Shopify are from the United States, followed by the United Kingdom. 

Here is a table displaying the countries with the highest number of Shopify websites. 

CountryNumber of websites using Shopify 
United States2,722,779
United Kingdom205,526

26% of the websites worldwide use Shopify.

Meanwhile, 19% and 17% of the websites use WooCommerce Checkout and Wix Stores, respectively.

The following table displays the share of websites that use different ecommerce technologies worldwide. 

Share of Websites Using eCommerce Technologies
WebsiteShare of Websites
Shopify 26%
WooCommerce Checkout 19%
Wix Stores 17%
Squarespace Add to Cart11%
Other 22%

Shopify Revenue

Shopify’s revenue grew by 26% in 2023, reaching $7.06 billion.

Comparatively, in 2022, Shopify’s revenue increased by 21%, which resulted in $5.6 billion.

The platform has witnessed rapid growth in its revenue since 2019. The revenue increased by 5.52 billion in just four years.

Here is a table displaying Shopify revenue recorded over the years.

2023$7.06 billion
2022$5.6 billion
2021$4.61 billion
2020$2.93 billion
2019$1.58 billion
2018$1.07 billion
2017$673.3 million
2016$389.33 million

Shopify ‚ÄúSubscription Solutions‚ÄĚ And ‚ÄúMerchant Solutions‚ÄĚ Revenue 2024

In 2023, Shopify generated $1.83 billion through subscription solutions and $5.22 billion through merchant solutions. 

Subscription solution fees include platform membership costs, point-of-sale pro fees, and sales of applications, themes, and domains, which all fall under this category.

On the other hand, payment processing fees, referral fees, advertising-generated income, and point-of-sales hardware sales revenue are included in merchant solutions revenue.

Subscription solutions in 2023 made 26.02% of Shopify’s total revenue share, while in 2022, subscription solutions made 26.57%.

On the other hand, Merchant Solutions made 73.98% of the Shopify revenue in 2023. Comparatively, merchants’ solutions generated $4.11 billion in 2022, which amounted to 73.43% of Shopify‚Äôs revenue.

Below is the breakdown of the same

YearSubscription Solutions Revenue Merchant Solutions Revenue
2023$1.83 billion$5.22 billion
2022$1.48 billion $4.11 billion
2021 $1.34 billion $3.26 billion 
2020$908.76 million $2.02 billion 
2019$642.24 million $933.93 million 
2018$465 million $608.23 million 
2017$310.03 million $363.27 million 
2016$188.61 million $200.72 million 
2015$111.98 million $93.25 million 

Shopify Revenue by Region

Shopify generated the highest revenue in the North American region of $5.037 billion. 

66% of the total Shopify‚Äôs revenue came from the United States.  Meanwhile, the North American region generated 71% of the total share of Shopify‚Äôs revenue. 

Further, the EMEA region generated an 18% share of Shopify‚Äôs revenue. 

Here is a table displaying the revenue generated by Shopify in different regions worldwide. 

RegionShopify RevenueShare of Shopify Revenue
North America$5,037 million71%
EMEA$1,255 million18 %
APAC$699 million10 %
Latin America$69 million1 %

Shopify Merchants

There are 1.75 million merchants on Shopify.

Shopify helps these merchants grow their businesses on a higher level and reach their target audience in all parts of the world. 

The number of Shopify merchants has rapidly grown since 2016, and the number almost doubled in 2017. 

Below is the breakdown of Shopify’s Merchant count since 2012


Shopify Merchants by Region

50% of the Shopify Merchants are from the United States. 

Of the total Shopify merchants worldwide, the United States is home to 875,000 Shopify merchants. 

Meanwhile, 437,282 merchants are from the EMEA Region.

Here is a table displaying the number of Shopify Merchants from different regions. 

RegionNumber of Merchants 
United States875,000
Europe, Middle East, and Africa437,282
Asia Pacific, Australia, and China262,460
Latin America70,111

Shopify Gross Merchandise Volume

The gross merchandise volume of Shopify was recorded to be $235.9 billion in 2023. 

This was an increase of 20% or $38.7 billion compared to the previous year. In 2022, Shopify recorded a GMV of $197.2 billion, which was a 12% increase compared to 2021.

Below is the breakdown of Shopify’s GMV recorded over the years.

YearGross merchandise volume
2023$235.9 billion
2022$197.2 billion
2021$175.4 billion
2020$119.58 billion
2019$61.14 billion
2018$41.1 billion
2017$26.32 billion
2016$15.37 billion
2015$7.7 billion

Shopify Market Share

Shopify owned a 10.32% market share of the leading e-commerce software platforms worldwide in 2023.

WooCommerce was the leading global e-commerce platform in 2023. 

Further, with a market share of 8.09%, Wix Stores was the 4th leading platform.

Here is a table displaying the market share of the top ecommerce platforms.

eCommerce Platforms Market Share
Ecommerce PlatformMarket Share
WooCommerce 38.74%
Woo Themes14.95%
Squarespace Online Stores14.67%

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus allows Shopify stores to level up their business with advanced features.  

Here are some of the latest statistics about Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus Stores

As of 2024, there are 50,425 active Shopify Plus stores worldwide

Further, the top 0.65% of 1 million websites use Shopify Plus. Meanwhile, 593 out of the top 100K websites worldwide use Shopify Plus.

Here is a table displaying a further breakdown of it.

CategoryNumber of Shopify Plus WebsitesShare of Shopify Plus Websites
Top 1 million websites7,9920.8%
Top 100k websites5930.59%
Top 10K websites650.65%

Shopify Plus Stores by Country

There are 28,240 Shopify Plus stores in the United States, and they make up 56% of Shopify Stores worldwide.

The second highest number of Shopify Stores is in the United Kingdom, with 6.93% of the share. 

Below is the breakdown of Shopify Plus stores by country.

CountryNumber of Shopify Plus Stores
United States28,240
United Kingdoms3,496

Applications on Shopify

The Shopify app store has over 8,000 apps in 2 dozen different categories to help businesses customize their stores.

Below is the breakdown of the same

YearShopify Apps

Other important Shopify Statistics

Here are some other important Shopify Statistics.

Over 50% of Shopify Stores Get Repeat Purchases

More than half of buyers who purchase from a Shopify site make at least one further transaction. 

Also, it is very likely that a Shopify user makes a purchase from the same shop 3.8 of the time.

Around 70% of Shopify orders Come from Mobile

At the same time, 79% of the traffic on Shopify is received from Mobile devices. 

This is a sign for all the marketers out there to make their shops mobile-friendly. If buyers don’t like your user interface or find it difficult to use, you may lose a lot of orders.

Conversions Can be Increased by up to 250 folds When Using 3D Product Images on Shopify

With the increased adoption of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, a large number of consumers prefer to see the 3D models of the products they want to purchase. 

Integrating AR and VR in your store can increase the conversion rates by 2.5 times. 

Shopify Has An Average Conversion Rate Of 1.4%

The average e-commerce conversion rate is 2.5% to 3%. However, Shopify stores have an average conversion rate of only 1.4%. 

 Having a baseline conversion rate of 2.5% for a Shopify store is a great place for a business to start.

Shopify Stores In The United States Generate A Revenue Of $72 Per consumer

However, the average income of Shopify merchants varies according to the region, country, niche, and industry of the business.

With over 2.1 million users, Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms worldwide. 

Plus, with the increased penetration of ecommerce and smartphone usage, the Shopify market has grown considerably in the past 5 years. 

Hence, it will be interesting to see how the adoption of AR and VR in ecommerce promotes the growth of Shopify. 

That was all about Shopify Statistics from my side. 



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