How Many Shopify Stores Are There In 2024 (Facts & Figures)

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Shopify is the top platform for creating an e-commerce store, making it a common choice for many individuals launching their online businesses.

If you want to learn about the number of Shopify stores worldwide, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I’ve gathered data on the number of Shopify stores by country, region, and more. Without further delay, let’s dive in.

How Many Shopify Stores Are There In 2024?

Globally, there are more than 6.7 million Shopify stores, with over 4.24 million being live stores.

In the first quarter of 2023, the quarter-over-quarter growth of Shopify stores was 14.50%, while the year-over-year increase was 50%. These figures indicate a healthy expansion of the Shopify platform and its user base.

In the first quarter of 2023, Shopify added 233,145 new stores, and as of September 2023, the number of new stores increased to 289,933.

The Growth Of Shopify Stores

In 2012, Shopify had 41,000 live stores; by June 2023, this number had increased to 4.24 million. That means Shopify helped launch 52,000 new stores between 2022 and June 2023.

According to Ecommerce News, the number of online stores on Shopify has experienced a remarkable increase after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Between 2020 and 2023, the number of online stores has grown by an astounding 135.792%.

How Many Shopify Stores Are There - Overview

This growth can be attributed to the changing retail landscape as consumers increasingly shift towards online shopping. 

With the pandemic causing widespread lockdowns and social distancing measures, physical stores have experienced a decline in customer visits, while online retailers have seen a surge in demand. 

As a result, more and more businesses are turning to e-commerce platforms such as Shopify to establish a digital presence and capture a share of the growing online market.

Here is a table showing the complete insights into the number of Shopify stores from 2012 to June 2023. 

YearThe Number Of Live Shopify Stores
201241,000 Stores
201384,000 Stores
2014145,000 Stores
2015200,000 Stores
2016377,500 Stores
2017609,000 Stores
2018820,000 Stores
20191,000,000 Stores
20201,749,000 Stores
20212,063,000 Stores
20224,192,000 Stores
20234,124,000 Stores

In the first quarter of 2023, the company added the highest number of new stores, reaching 233,145. This was 90,541 more than what was added in Q4 of 2022.

Here is an insight into the Number of Shopify Stores by quarter. 

QuarterThe Number of New Stores Launched Using Shopify
Q1 of 201722,900 Stores
Q2 of 201716,714 Stores
Q3 of 201717,771 Stores
Q4 of 201723,520 Stores
Q1 of 201822,450 Stores
Q2 of 201867,797 Stores
Q3 of 201836,188 Stores
Q4 of 201830,217 Stores
Q1 of 201938,747 Stores
Q2 of 201942,698 Stores
Q3 of 201940,075 Stores
Q4 of 201941,656 Stores
Q1 of 202047,009 Stores
Q2 of 202080,122 Stores
Q3 of 202079,206 Stores
Q4 of 202096,568 Stores
Q1 of 202193,823 Stores
Q2 of 202181,097 Stores
Q3 of 202186,766 Stores
Q4 of 202181,410 Stores
Q1 of 202263,278 Stores
Q2 of 202282,523 Stores
Q3 of 2022155,361 Stores
Q4 of 2022142,604 Stores
Q1 of 2023233,145 Stores
Q2 of 2023 (To date)289,933 Stores

Shopify Stores By Country

According to Build with, the United States has the highest number of Shopify stores globally, with over 2.67 million.

The United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, and Germany follow the United States, with 0.184 million, 0.133 million, 0.117 million, and 0.105 million stores, respectively.

Here is a list of top countries with Shopify Stores as of June 2023. 

  • The United States– 2,675,324 Stores
  • The United Kingdom– 184,657 Stores
  • Australia– 133,423 Stores
  • Brazil– 117,843 Stores
  • Germany– 105,976 Stores
  • Canada– 102,141 Stores
  • France– 57,497Stores
  • India– 42,788 Stores
  • Netherlands– 41,100 Stores
  • Italy– 38,078 Stores
  • New Zealand– 24,131 Stores
  • Japan– 24,113 Stores
  • Sweden– 21,504 Stores
  • Spain– 18,282 Stores
  • South Africa– 18,266 Stores
  • Mexico– 17,479 Stores
  • Switzerland– 15,805 Stores
  • Denmark– 15,533 Stores
  • Belgium– 11,182 Stores
  • Chile– 9,664 Stores
  • Singapore– 8,093 Stores
  • Austria– 8,066 Stores
  • China– 8,019 Stores
  • Ireland– 7,894 Stores
  • Norway– 7,575 Stores
  • Hong Kong– 7,297 Stores
  • Pakistan– 6,843 Stores
  • Portugal– 5,474 Stores
  • Romania– 5,023 Stores
  • Finland– 4,990 Stores
  • Poland– 4,443 Stores
  • Malaysia– 3,576 Stores
  • The United Arab Emirates– 3,570 Stores
  • Philippines– 3,074 Stores
  • Turkey– 2,953 Stores
  • Hungary– 2,854 Stores
  • Lithuania– 2,596 Stores
  • Greece– 2,415 Stores
  • Israel– 2,257 Stores
  • The Czech Republic– 2,000 Stores 
  • Iceland– 1,818 Stores
  • Morocco– 1,744 Stores
  • Peru– 1,487 Stores
  • Puerto Rico– 1,442 Stores 
  • Cocos Islands– 1,399 Stores
  • Indonesia– 1,379 Stores
  • Russia– 1,361 Stores
  • Vietnam– 1,173 Stores
  • Slovakia– 1,155 Stores
  • South Korea– 1,098 Stores
  • Latvia– 1,091 Stores
  • Taiwan– 1,079 Stores
  • Thailand– 1,007 Stores
  • Argentina– 978 Stores
  • Bulgaria– 861 Stores

Shopify Stores By Region

The same study also shows North America has the most Shopify stores as of June 2023, with more than 2.77 million. 

North America is Followed by Europe, with 577,181 Shopify Stores. And Africa has 22,440 Shopify stores. 

Here is a list showing the total breakdown of Shopify Stores By Region. 

  • Central Africa– 86 Stores
  • Central America– 849 Stores
  • Central Asia– 97 Stores
  • Central Europe– 141,244 Stores
  • East Africa- 769 Stores
  • East Asia– 41,654 Stores
  • The Middle East– 10,671 Stores
  • North America– 2,777,465 Stores
  • Northern Africa– 2,237 Stores
  • South America– 131,979 Stores
  • South Asia– 50,346 Stores
  • Southern Africa– 18,347 Stores
  • Southern Europe- 66,669 Stores
  • Sub-Saharan Africa– 20,171 Stores
  • Western Africa– 553 Stores
  • Western Asia– 10,984 Stores
  • Western Europe–  432,920 Stores

How Many Shopify Stores Use Social Media?

E-commerce brands leverage social media channels to interact with millions of customers. 

Instagram and Facebook are the most widely used social media platforms for e-commerce stores, followed by Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube, which also exhibit considerable usage.

How Many Shopify Stores Use Social Media?

According to Store Leads, more than 1 million Shopify Stores use Instagram to reach their audiences, which means 23.93% of Shopify Stores use Instagram. 

And Facebook is used by 18.17% of Shopify Stores, which account for 772,366 stores. 

Here is a total breakdown of the social media use of Shopify Stores. 

  • Instagram– 1,016,732 Stores
  • Facebook– 772,366 Stores
  • YouTube– 187,120 Stores
  • Pinterest– 186,035 Stores
  • Twitter– 184,657 Stores
  • TikTok– 154,018 Stores
  • LinkedIn– 82,805 Stores
  • Facebook Group– 21,774 Stores 
  • Snapchat– 8,545 Stores
  • Yelp– 1,410 Stores

Shopify Stores By Category

Shopify is a popular eCommerce platform that has a vast range of categories. These categories have a wide range of products that are available for purchase. 

Some of the most popular categories on Shopify include Fashion, beauty, home and decor, electronics, and food and beverage. 

BuiltWith reports that Fashion is the most popular category on Shopify, with 100,909 stores selling it as of June 2023. 

The second most popular category is apparel, with 82,527 stores, representing approximately 1.94% of Shopify’s total stores. 

The following is a comprehensive breakdown of Shopify stores by top category.

  • Fashion– 100,909 Stores
  • Apparel– 82,527 Stores
  • Jewelry– 72,305 Stores
  • Bags– 43,548 Stores
  • Shoes– 35,934 Stores
  • Women’s Clothing– 34,769 Stores
  • Makeup– 31,947 Stores
  • Home Decore– 30,305 Stores
  • Coffee– 26,736 Stores
  • Fitness– 26,611 Stores
  • Groceries and Food– 26,602 Stores
  • Furniture– 22,821 Stores
  • Kitchenware– 22,630 Stores
  • Bed and Bathroom– 21,594 Stores
  • Nutrition– 18,677 Stores
  • Skincare– 16,628 Stores
  • Music– 16,233 Stores
  • Fragrances– 15,584 Stores
  • Medicine– 15,294 Stores
  • Jackets– 14,822 Stores

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Conclusion: How Many Shopify Stores Are There (2024)

Globally, there are over 6.7 million Shopify stores, with over 4.24 million currently live ones. The United States has the most significant number of Shopify stores globally, with 2.67 million as of June 2023.

The number of Shopify stores has been continuously growing year by year, driven by changes in consumer behavior. And also, many people have turned to online shopping due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I hope you found this article informative. For the latest updates, please revisit this article, as we will update it occasionally.


 How many stores are there on Shopify?

There are more than 6.74 million Shopify Stores; of these, over 4.24 million are live stores. 

 What percentage of online stores are Shopify in the United States?

Shopify holds 23% of the market in the United States. That means more than 2 out of 10 online stores is Shopify Store in the U.S. 

What percent of Shopify stores are successful?

Out of every ten startups, only one will survive the test of time and achieve success, which means the success rate of Shopify stores is only 10%. 

What is the average profit on Shopify?

On average, a Shopify merchant in the United States earns around $72 in profit from each customer. High-earning merchants on Shopify can make about $149 per client, while low-earning merchants typically profit roughly $44 per customer.

Who are Shopify’s main competitors?

Shopify’s four main competitors are Wix, WooCommerce, Ecwid, and SquareSpace.


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