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Jungle Scout Discount (December 2023)

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To help you claim these deals on Jungle Scout, we have also created a step-by-step guide. So without further, let’s get into these offers.

Jungle Scout Discount & Coupon Offers (December 2023)

Here is the exclusive discount offer you will get on Jungle Scout package plans using our link:

Package PlanOriginal PricingDiscounted PricingDiscount
Suite Plus$1505$44970%
Master Bundle$4490$99977%

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How To Claim Jungle Scout Discount Coupon Code (Step by Step)

To claim the exclusive discount offer on Jungle Scout, you need to follow certain steps in the same order.

Step 1. Use my special discount link to see the available offer on Jungle Scout.


Step 2. There are four offers available; choose your suitable offer by clicking on the “Get Started” button.


The best offer to choose from is the Master Bundle offer since it offers a huge discount along with many additional benefits.

Step 3. You need to create a new account on Jungle Scout to get the offer. Use your personal details to create your account. Once you’ve filled out all the mentioned details, click on the next button to go to the next screen.


Step 4. This is the last step, where you need to fill out your card details to get the offer successfully. You will see the discounted price on this page.


Now you’ve completed all the steps to claim the offer. You will receive an account activation email at your registered email address. Now you can use Jungle Scout to start your FBA journey.

Why Choose Jungle Scout?

If you’re looking for a full suite of tools for your FBA business, then the first name will always be Jungle Scout. Because there is no other tool available in the market that excels Jungle Scout in data accuracy. The data accuracy of Jungle Scout is around 84.3% which is the highest accuracy. The margin for error with Jungle Scout is lower than other Amazon seller tools.

Note: To get detailed insights into Jungle Scout, I have shared my detailed Jungle Scout review here.

I’ve used this tool to begin my FBA journey. In the beginning, I did not know anything about selling on Amazon. But I did my research and started with Jungle Scout. The interface of Jungle Scout is really easy to use, and for training, I used Jungle Scout Academy. Here I got all the resources I needed to learn everything about this business. Now my business is growing on a regular basis all thanks to Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout Key Features

Here are the key features of Jungle Scout:

  • Product Tracker: The Product tracker tool can help you track the progress of a group of products. It can also help you create your future strategy for selling on Amazon. You can track real-time sales, observe key metrics, and easily organize products using this feature.
  • Opportunity Finder: The Opportunity Finder tool can help you find profitable niches of a keyword. You can simply turn just one keyword into a complete market segment. You can find product opportunities, spot seasonality, find top products of a niche, and view keyword opportunities over time using this feature.
  • Product Database: The Product Database contains data on over 475 million products of Amazon. You can generate product ideas, calculate the fees, and uncover the potential of products using this tool.
  • Supplier Database: Using the supplier database of Jungle Scout, you can find trusted global suppliers. You can also search for suppliers using the ASIN of the product.
  • Alerts: The alters feature gives you a notification whenever there are any changes in any information of the critical products of Amazon.
  • Category Trends: Using the category trends, you can find the top 100 products of any category or subcategory. It also gives you insights into historical trends.
  • Keyword Scout: The keyword scout feature helps you scrape the keywords that the shoppers of Amazon are searching for on the Amazon website. This feature can also help you in finding high-ranking keywords.
  • Rank Tracker: Using the rank tracker tool, you can track the rankings of keywords over time. You can also track your competitor’s keywords.
  • Listing Builder: The listing builder can help you optimize your listing with recommended keywords that will ultimately improve your ranking on Amazon search results.
  • Review Automation: Using the review automation feature, you can request for review whenever a user buys your product. It will increase your reviews and improve your rankings on Amazon.
  • Sales Analytics: The Sales Analytics feature keeps track of all your sales on Amazon and stores the data so you can see it whenever you want.
  • Inventory Manager: The Inventory Manager predicts how much stock you will need and when you should place the order to get more sales on Amazon.
  • Advertising Analytics: This is one of the newest tools of Jungle Scout that compares the campaign manager data and Seller Central data to help sellers evaluate PPC campaigns. You can analyze the sales of your campaigns and how your ASINs are performing. You can create strategies for your campaigns’ success based on the data.
  • AI Assist: It is the latest integration of Jungle Scout that automates important tasks and delivers critical suggestions and intel to Amazon sellers within seconds. You can use AI assist in building your listing, analyzing profits, identifying trends, getting answers to your queries, and more.

What is Jungle Scout Academy?

Jungle Scout Academy is part of the Jungle Scout training program, where you can find video tutorials on how to become an amazing Amazon FBA seller. These video tutorials are created by some of the top Amazon sellers and experts. You can also find tutorials on how you can use Jungle Scout properly to take your business to the next level. 

Jungle Scout Academy

In the academy, there are a variety of courses that will teach you all the basic things you should know about selling on Amazon. These courses are divided into lessons, and these lessons are just ten minutes of video tutorials. Some of the best courses at Jungle Scout Academy are Optimizing Your Listings, Product Research, How To Use Jungle Scout, and so on.

Jungle Scout Web vs Browser Extension: What’s The Difference?

The major difference between Jungle Scout web and its browser extension is that you can use the Amazon browser extension whenever you are surfing on Amazon and doing product research on the go. To access the Jungle Scout web software, you need to log in to your Jungle Scout dashboard using your credentials.

From the Jungle Scout dashboard, you can use all the features to do product research, keyword research, create your listings, find suppliers, and so on. The Jungle Scout browser extension is available for both Chrome and Firefox. It shows you the data of the product directly on the Amazon search result pages.

Jungle Scout Pricing Explained (Available Discounts)

Now you know about the package plans of Jungle Scout, but what are the regular pricing plans of Jungle Scout? To answer that question, let’s deep dive into all the details of Jungle Scout’s monthly pricing plans.

Jungle Scout Base Pricing Plans

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans

1. Basic Plan: The monthly version of the Basic plan costs $49/month, whereas the yearly version costs $29/month. That means you can get up to 55% off with all the plans if you choose their yearly version. You get access to a single-user license with this plan.

2. Suite Plan: The monthly version of the Suite plan costs $69/month, whereas the yearly version costs $49/month. With this plan, you get access to review automation, advanced seller features, in-depth historical data of products, the ability to add more users, and so on. This plan also offers all the features of the Basic plan.

3. Professional Plan: The monthly version of the Professional plan costs $129/per month, whereas the yearly version costs $84/per month. This plan gives you access to up to 1,000 ASIN alerts, priority onboarding, up to 6 users, a product tracker, and so on. You will also get access to all the features of the Basic and the Suite plans.

Here’s the sneak peek of How to Sell on Amazon FBA from the Jungle Scout video content production team.

Which Plan Is The Best?

Here we have compared all three plans in detail to help you choose.

FeaturesBasic PlanSuite PlanProfessional Plan
Price$49/mo or $349/year$69/mo or $589/year$129/mo or $999/year
Additional SeatNot Available$49/user/mo$49/user/mo
Chrome ExtensionYesYesYes
Product Tracker20 Products150 Products1000 Products
Opportunity Finder3 Searches/dayUnlimited UsesUnlimited Uses
Historical Keyword Data1 Month1 Year2 Years
Review Automation ExclusionsNoYesYes
Rank TrackerNot Available3500 Keywords5000 Keywords
Listing Grader100/month200/month500/month
Listing BuilderNoYesYes
Academy TrainingYesYesYes
Priority OnboardingNoNoYes

Jungle Scout Suite Plans — Detailed Explanation

Jungle Scout also comes with SUITE pricing plans which helps you save big on Jungle Scout plans. Here are the details of the suite plans of Jungle Scout, which you should check out.

Jungle Scout Packages Plans
  1. Start-up Suite ($189): Three months subscription.
  2. Entrepreneur Suite ($349): Six-months Subscription.
  3. Freedom Builder Bootcamp ($999): One-year subscription + Freedom Ticket Builder.

Note: Check more about Jungle Scout Black Friday offer, which is going to be live this year.

So these are the monthly pricing plans of Jungle Scout. Choose any one of them based on your requirements to get started with Jungle Scout. The only downside of Jungle Scout is — that it doesn’t offer any PPC software to ace the Amazon paid to advertise.

Customer Testimonials of Jungle Scout Coupon Users

Here is what Amazon sellers have to say about Jungle Scout and its tools:

Dan Vas

The #1 Amazon FBA Tool out there. Without Jungle Scout, it would have been impossible to start or grow my Amazon FBA business. This is the only tool you need to be successful.

Dan Vas

Amazon Seller

Tatiana James

If you’re selling on Amazon or about to start searching for your product, Jungle Scout is an absolute MUST. It truly is the most user-friendly and useful for Amazon Sellers.

Tatiana James

Amazon Seller

Crescent Kao

Jungle Scout not only provides accurate market data, but it is also a complete tool suite that is easy to use for both beginners and advanced Amazon sellers.

Crescent Kao

Amazon Seller

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Conclusion: Jungle Scout Coupon & Discount (December 2023)

So this was the working method that you could use in order to claim up to 81% Jungle Scout discount.

Are you able to claim the discount offer? If not, try following the step-by-step guide we listed above.

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

FAQs On Jungle Scout Discount Offers

What is the refund policy of Jungle Scout? 

Jungle Scout offers a 7-day risk-free refund to its users. If you’re not satisfied with the tool, then just mail Jungle Scout regarding a refund within the given time period.

Does Jungle Scout offer any free trial?

Jungle Scout does not offer any free trial to its users. The refund offer can work as a free trial if you really want to test this tool.

What marketplaces does Jungle Scout support?

Jungle Scout is completely compatible with Mexico, the United States, Spain, Italy, Canada, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom marketplaces. There are some features of Jungle Scout that are limited in the US Market.

How many users can I add to my Jungle Scout account?

All the plans on Jungle Scout are for one user only. To add additional users, you have to pay $49/month/user, and you can add as many users as you want.

Is Jungle Scout worth it?

Jungle Scout is definitely worth every single penny because it offers all the essential features that an Amazon seller needs to build their business from scratch. It is the most beginner-friendly Amazon seller tool among all the other tools. It also offers a browser extension to help you do research on the go.

What payment methods does Jungle Scout accept?

Jungle Scout accepts payment through all the major credit cards, such as American Express, Visa, and Mastercard. If you can’t pay through your credit card, then drop an email to the Jungle Scout support team, and they will send you a PayPal invoice.

Is Jungle Scout Black Friday Deals Live?

Jungle Scout Black Friday deals have expired and they offered upto 32% discount on their Suite Annual plan. Now you will have to wait till next year November to get a similar deal.

Is opportunity finder different from niche hunter?

Opportunity Finder has a lot of similarities to Niche Hunter. With the Opportunity Finder feature, you can find profitable subcategories to sell on Amazon. It is a refined version of Niche Hunter.


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