Jungle Scout Coupon (Upto 40% OFF)

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Looking for a working Jungle Scout coupon on the internet? Well, now you can stop your search because you’re reached your destination.

Jungle Scout is one of the best all-in-one suite of tools for an Amazon seller. I’ve used this tool personally to grow my business exponentially. When I was searching for a working Jungle Scout coupon, I struck out and didn’t find any. But after a tie-up with Jungle Scout, I’ve brought you a working Jungle Scout coupon that gives a maxim discount of 60%.

With this post, I will give you all the details of this coupon and how you can claim it without any hassle.

Let’s take a look at all the details of the Jungle Scout coupon.

Available Jungle Scout Coupon 2021

There are many scam websites that offer fake coupons of Jungle Scout because I’ve tried using those coupons myself and they don’t work at all. To get you the discount I’ve mentioned above I’ve created a special link to Jungle Scout. This link directly applies the offer for you. Now all you need to do is use it to get the discount on Jungle Scout plans.

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How To Claim Jungle Scout Coupon Easily?

To claim a coupon offer you need to follow certain steps in the same order. Now you might ask what are those steps so without wasting any more time let’s take a look at all those steps:

Step 1. Use my special discount link to apply the offer directly to your plans. Once you click on the link it will directly take you to the package pricing plans of Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout Coupon - Official Page

Step 2. This discount offer only works on the package plans so if you go with monthly pricing then you will need to pay the regular pricing. You can see on this page that there are 3 package plans available with a validity of 3, 6 months, and 1 year. Select any one of the plans to move on to the next steps. Click on the “Buy Now” button to get to the next screen.

Jungle Scout - Pricing Plan

Step 3. On this screen, you will see that you need to create an account on Jungle Scout. If you have one already then this discount offer will not apply. To create a new account to get the offer. Use your personal details to create your account. Once you’ve filled out all the mentioned details then click on the next button to go to the next screen.

Jungle Scout - Create Your Account

Step 4. This is the last step where you need to fill out your card details to get the offer successfully. You will see the discounted price on this page.

Jungle Scout - Payment Method

Now you’ve completed all the steps to claim the offer. You will receive an account activation email at your registered email address. Now you can use Jungle Scout to start your FBA journey.

Why Choose Jungle Scout?

If you’re looking for a full suite of tools for your FBA business then the first name will always be Jungle Scout. Because there is no other tool available in the market which excels Jungle Scout in data accuracy. The data accuracy of Jungle Scout is around 84.3% which is the highest accuracy. The margin for error with Jungle Scout is lower than other Amazon seller tools.

I’ve used this tool to begin my FBA journey. In the beginning, I did not know anything about selling on Amazon. But I did my research and started with Jungle Scout. The interface of Jungle Scout is really easy to use and for training, I used Jungle Scout Academy. Here I got all the resources I needed to learn everything about this business. Now my business is growing on a regular basis all thanks to Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout Pricing Explained

Now you know about the package plans of Jungle Scout but what are the regular plans of Jungle Scout? To answer that question let’s deep dive into all the details of Jungle Scout monthly pricing plans.

Jungle Scout has 3 monthly plans and those plans are:

1. Basic Plan: The monthly version of the Basic plan costs $49/month whereas the yearly version costs $29/month. That means you can get up to 55% off with all the plans if you choose their yearly version. You get access to a single-user license with this plan. This plan also gives you access to all of its browser extensions.

2. Suite Plan: The monthly version of the Suite plan costs $69/month whereas the yearly version costs $49/month. With this plan, you get access to review automation, advanced seller features, in-depth historical data of products, the ability to add more users, and so on. This plan also offers all the features of the Basic plan.

3. Professional Plan: The monthly version of the Professional plan costs $129/month whereas the yearly version costs $84/month. This plan gives you access to up to 1000 ASIN alerts, priority onboarding, up to 6 users, product tracker, and so on. You will also get access to all the features of the Basic and the Suite plans.

So these are the monthly pricing plans of Jungle Scout. Choose any one of them based on your requirements to get started with Jungle Scout.

“Jungle Scout Coupon”

40% Off the first month

Conclusion: Jungle Scout Coupon & Discount Codes

I’ve done my job by introducing you Jungle Scout coupon. Now you have to decide which type of plan you want to go with. The package pricing plans are the most affordable plans so I would recommend you to go with those plans to get the maximum discount.

Let me know in the comment section about your experience with Jungle Scout.

FAQs On Jungle Scout Coupon

What is the refund policy of Jungle Scout? 

Jungle Scout offers a 7-day risk-free refund to its users. If you’re not satisfied with the tool then just mail Jungle Scout regarding a refund within the given time period.

Does Jungle Scout offer any free trial?

Jungle Scout does not offer any free trial to its users. The refund offer can work as a free trial if you really want to test this tool.

Is Jungle Scout accurate?

Yes, Jungle Scout is the most accurate Amazon seller tool with an accuracy of 84.3%.

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