13 Ways To Use ChatGPT For Amazon Sellers (2024 Guide)

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As an Amazon seller, one of your top priorities is to ensure that your business is running smoothly and efficiently. With the constant changes in customer demands and market trends, it can be challenging to keep up with everything and still maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

This is where artificial intelligence (AI) can be of tremendous help. Meet ChatGPT, a large language model trained by OpenAI that can assist Amazon sellers in various ways. 

From answering customer queries to analyzing market trends, ChatGPT can help you stay ahead of the game and boost your Amazon business’s overall performance. In this article, I will explore the various ways in which ChatGPT can benefit Amazon sellers and how you can integrate it into your business operations.

Let’s get started.

What Is ChatGPT And How Does It Work?

ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer) is an AI-based chatbot that is designed to generate human-like answers to natural language prompts and questions. This process allows you to carry out conversations in a natural and coherent manner. 

ChatGPT is one of the latest discoveries of OpenAI, an American Artificial Intelligence Group that mainly launches AI software. OpenAI mostly uses natural language processes to give responses to users. 

ChatGPT For Amazon Sellers - Write A Description

ChatGPT’s chatbot runs on the GPT3 algorithm, which is a neural machine-learning model that uses internet data to generate texts. The program requires a small amount of input with specific keywords to generate the required volume of sophisticated and relevant human-like responses. 

Here’s an example of ChatGPT’s response to a normal query:

Can Amazon Sellers Use ChatGPT For Their Business?

If you are new to Amazon, ChatGPT can be an intuitive way to generate content for your products, listings, and marketing efforts. 

When you run an Amazon store, quality content and optimized listing are of the essence. A fully furnished Amazon seller tool like Helium 10 can help you with this purpose, but not everyone has the budget to afford such tools. Thanks to ChatGPT’s new and innovative technology that helps Amazon sellers optimize their listings for free. However, the quality won’t be the same as the Amazon seller’s tool, but it will be good enough to jump-start your business on Amazon. 

To create an optimized listing on Amazon, you need to have a bunch of relevant keywords that help your product reach your target audience. You can use these keywords and prompts in ChatGPT to generate ideas for product titles, bullet points, and descriptions. 

13 Ways To Use ChatGPT For Amazon Sellers

ChatGPT is a powerful tool that is not just a chatbot for regular queries. If used correctly, you can grow your Amazon storefront and stand out from competitors. Here is a list of things you can do with ChatGPT as an Amazon seller:

1. Create New Product Listings

Newly registered sellers on Amazon can use ChatGPT’s AI response feature to create a compelling listing for your products. The tool helps you draft product titles, bullet points, and descriptions. And since ChatGPT generates and provides an accurate response based on queries and prompts, you can generate new and unique content for your listing.

Create New Product Listings

Amazon has a unique requirement when it comes to creating a listing for your product. You can ask ChatGPT to limit certain characters before generating content for product listing. However, you need to add product categories and keywords carefully before you hit enter. You can also ask the tool to change the format according to Amazon’s requirements.

2. Optimize Existing Product Listings

If you are an existing Amazon seller, you must have multiple product listings on the Amazon marketplace. Then, you don’t have to take much stress creating listings from scratch. However, you can use ChatGPT to optimize these existing listings to increase rankings in the search results. 

You can find and stuff high-volume keywords to your existing listing to increase your product’s exposure. To do that, you can input relevant keywords in ChatGPT to rescript your product listings. 

3. Contact Social Influencers For Product Promotion

Apart from usual Q&A and chatbot capabilities, ChatGPT is capable of finding micro-influencers and creators from various social media platforms. You can input your specific requirements and niche to find relevant influencers who are willing to do promotions for eCommerce store owners. 

Contact Social Influencers

If you have the budget, you can find the top influencers for your product promotion or look for micro-influencers in specific niches, which will help you target your potential audience. Once you find the perfect candidate for your product promotion, you can use ChatGPT to compose an outreach message to contact the influencer. Make sure to edit the generated message before sending it to the influencer. 

4. Brainstorm Your Brand Name 

Many sellers on Amazon run their business under other brands’ names or companies. But if you are looking forward to starting a private label business, you can take help from ChatGPT to brainstorm ideas for your brand name. 

Brainstorm Your Brand Name 

When shoppers browse Amazon marketplace, they search for a product using a specific brand name. So it is your responsibility to find a brand name that is memorable and easy to discover. Input your product’s types and specific business descriptions in ChatGPT’s chatbox. And it will come up with multiple name suggestions for your brand. Before choosing a name for your brand, you can quickly do online research to check whether the selected name is trademarked. 

5. Write Emails To Product Suppliers

Surprisingly, ChatGPT allows you to write any type of email or letter to a specific person or organization. Amazon sellers usually write emails to their suppliers regarding replenishment, product variations, or other specific requirements. Sometimes it can be really tricky for sellers to compose such emails. 

Write Emails To Product Suppliers

Thanks to ChatGPT’s responsive chatbot that helps you write an email within seconds. You can replace or edit it with specific email templates to make it look professional. 

6. Provide Customer Service

With ChatGPT, you can offer human-like responses to your customers’ queries on Amazon. Consider the customer’s solution in mind and use ChatGPT to craft a personalized response to their questions. Here’s a cool example of ChatGPT’s response regarding customer service.

 Provide Customer Service

ChatGPT provides responses according to customers’ experiences and reactions to their queries. For example, if the customer submits a review for the inconvenience, ChatGPT will respond accordingly and try to resolve their problems professionally. 

7. Get Rid Of Listing Hijackers

A listing hijacker is someone who takes over someone’s product listing on Amazon or other eCommerce marketplaces without any authorization. This mostly happens when a seller owns the exclusive Buy Box on Amazon. Hijackers closely copy their listing and offer the same product at a much lower price, except the quality isn’t the same, or it is just a replica of the Buy Box product. 

Get Rid Of Listing Hijackers

Hijackers wait for the Buy Box winner to go out of stock to take advantage of their name and fame and increase their own sales. You can use ChatGPT to write a letter to hijackers to refrain them from using your Buy Box advantages. You can also warn them to remove their hijacked listings. Otherwise, you will report their listing to Amazon seller support, and their account will be terminated permanently. 

8. Analyze Product Reviews

With ChatGPT, you can spy on your competitors’ product reviews to see what customers are complaining about their products. This way, you can make necessary changes in your products to offer better service than your competitors. 

Analyze Product Reviews

All you have to do is copy a few reviews of shoppers on your competitors’ products and paste them on ChatGPT’s chatbox. And then ask the tool to derive the good and the bad of the product. It will help you increase your conversion rate and stay ahead of the competition as well.

9. Create Social Media Content

ChatGPT is a great tool for generating social media content ideas to promote your Amazon products. If you want to promote your products or provide value to your audience, use ChatGPT’s chatbox to insert keywords to create a complete social media post to engage your audience. 

Create Social Media Content

You can also add coupon codes or flash deals with your posts to increase your sales. If you intend to do so, don’t forget to ask ChatGPT to add coupons or promotional deals to your social media content. 

10. Negotiate Better Pricing

Suppose you are already sourcing products from a supplier, but the pricing of their products is a bit higher compared to other suppliers. When you start a business on Amazon, you don’t have to purchase a huge amount of supplies to run your store, so the base prices of these products don’t hurt you that much. But as your business and number of customers grows, the same price starts eating up your profit as you have to set competitive pricing for the same product.

Negotiate Better Pricing

In that case, negotiation with your supplier is the best way to handle this situation. You can use ChatGPT to write a letter to your supplier asking them to negotiate the prices. If you are a good and reliable customer, they will provide a solution to your request. Here’s an example of how you can write a letter for negotiation using ChatGPT. You can also add specific information, such as the current price and recommended price so that you can get a more accurate response from ChatGPT.

11. Creating A Story For Your Brand

ChatGPT can help you create a story for your brand that will resonate with your audience. You can also create a voice for your brand. Plenty of faceless Amazon stores don’t have brand stories, and that’s why these stores are slowly dying out. So, creating your brand voice and story is better before you start selling on Amazon.

Creating A Brand Story Using ChatGPT

You can check the above screenshot to learn how we created a brand story for our brand that sells pet-related products.

12. Communicating With Amazon Seller Support

Communicating with Amazon Seller Support can be a headache and existing sellers know it. You can use ChatGPT to generate your responses, so you don’t have to think about it often.

In this case, ChatGPT is really useful since it will generate responses with correct wording; otherwise, you may write something wrong in your response, which will result in losing sales or your account.

For example, I am asking ChatGPT to generate a response to send to Amazon seller support to fix an issue related to my Amazon listing. Check out the response below:

Generating Response To Amazon Seller Support

As you can see from the above screenshot, the response generated by ChatGPT is precise and has correct wordings, and you can easily use it if something like this happens to you in the near future.

13. Write A Case Study For Your Product

You can use ChatGPT to write a case study for your product and post it on your social media accounts to reach potential customers and your targeted audience.

For example, I am giving a prompt to ChatGPT where I ask it to write a successful case study for a magic dog bed for my social media profile to attract more customers. Here is the response:

Generating A Case Study For Your Product

It has generated a thorough case study which I can use on my social media post and also post it on my blog to bring more customers to my Amazon store.

Can You Fully Trust ChatGPT For Your Amazon Business?

ChatGPT is undoubtedly a great tool for brainstorming ideas for various purposes. Whether it is for writing a letter to your loved ones or creating content for your business, the tool is capable of almost anything. 

But you need to remember one thing in your mind ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that is structured to provide human-like solutions to an individual’s queries. When it comes to Amazon business, it can be a great tool to start a business from scratch, but it doesn’t provide the data points and sales information of Amazon products. So, if you are thinking of taking product ideas from ChatGPT, reconsider your decision, as there is no guarantee of the success of that particular product. 

In such cases, seller tools like Helium 10 and Jungle Scout are the best options for finding a profitable product to sell on Amazon. Once you find a product to sell, you can use ChatGPT’s exceptional features to list the product on Amazon, market it, and so on. 

Conclusion: Use ChatGPT To Automate Your Amazon Selling Business

Hopefully, I have provided enough prompts to use ChatGPT as an Amazon seller. Overall, it is a powerful tool, even though it is still in beta. The company is still ramping up features based on users’ feedback. Who knows what it will be capable of in the future? 

ChatGPT is free to use at the time of writing this post. So I suggest you use it as much as possible to curate old content or generate new ideas for your product listings. SEO is one of the heavily weighted sections of creating a listing. With ChatGPT, it will be a piece of cake. So don’t wait. Try out the tool yourself. 


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