13 Best Dropshipping Clothing Suppliers For 2024

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If you’re like me and love fashion, starting a clothing dropshipping business is an exciting prospect. However, I’ve learned that finding the right supplier can make or break your success. From poor-quality fabrics to slow fulfillment times, the wrong partner can spell disaster.

After a lot of research and testing out suppliers myself, I’ve compiled this list of the top 13 clothing drop shippers that I highly recommend. I’ll give you some tips on what factors to look for when vetting suppliers.

Let’s get started. 

Top 13 Dropshipping Clothing Suppliers: In A Nutshell (2024)

Get ready to explore the top clothing dropshippers! I’ve compiled key details on the best 13 dropshipping clothing suppliers in this handy comparison chart to help you select the best partner for your business.

Sr.No. Dropshipping Clothing SupplierLocation
1.PrintfulEurope, North America
2.AliExpressChina, US, Europe
3.BrandsGatewayUS, Europe (Estonia)
4.SpocketUS, Europe
6.My Online Fashion StoreUS
8.NordstromUS, Canada
10.DHgateChina, US, Europe
11.Buy2BeeUS, Italy
13.BanggoodChina, US

Now, let’s look at the review of every dropshipping clothing supplier in detail. 

1. Printful

Membership Fee$49/month
NicheMen, Women & Children Clothing
Fulfillment LocationEurope, North America

Printful is a popular print-on-demand (POD) dropshipping supplier in the clothing industry. Instead of stocking pre-made apparel, the company lets you upload custom designs on white-label t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, and jackets. When your customers place orders on your online store, they manufacture and deliver it to their doorstep.

Dropshipping Clothing Suppliers - Printful

Printful seamlessly allows you to connect your store and upload custom-designed listings. You can sign up and browse its huge clothing catalog for free. However, if you want to order products in bulk for your physical store, I suggest you go for the Pro membership. 

The premium membership can give you up to 60% discount on bulk orders. You will get access to premium image selection in the mockup generator with the subscription. 

Check out our detailed Printful Review to know everything about this POD dropshipping platform. 

Key Features:

  • Easily integrates with Shopify, Esty, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce
  • Offers clothing products on demand
  • Multiple fulfillment warehouses across the world
  • Affordable shipping prices
  • Dozens of clothing products to choose from

Pros of Printful

  • Unique product categories, different from other POD suppliers
  • Multiple fulfillment centers for fast shipping to your customers
  • Automated fulfillment option, sending orders to Printful as soon as you receive them in your store

Cons of Printful

  • All the products are of high-quality that’s why it may be expensive compared to other POD suppliers
  • Printful takes almost two to five business days to process custom orders

User Testimonial:

Printful has pretty good quality products made to order that connects to our Squarespace shop for our business, Hidden Lanes. So far, we’ve been happy with the results; the posters could do with a “fragile do not bend” label, as occasionally the postman has folded it, as it looks like a document holder.

Emma Hall (Via – Trustpilot)

2. AliExpress

Membership FeeFree
NicheAll Product Categories
Fulfillment LocationChina, US, Europe

AliExpress connects dropshippers with clothing manufacturers primarily located in China. You can source fashion apparel at wholesale prices to maximize profit margins. On this platform, you’ll find thousands of options for every apparel at cut-rate prices. 

They provide everything from t-shirts, hoodies, and jeans to underwear, swimwear, shoes, jewelry, handbags, and accessories.


Quality and shipping time are major concerns for dropshippers using this platform. So, make sure to vet suppliers carefully by reviewing previous customer feedback. You can also explore AliExpress Alternatives for similar product categories at similar rates. 

Key Features:

  • A vast variety of products
  • Affordable pricing 
  • Multiple shipping options are available
  • Free local shipping options
  • Supplier feedback & review data

Pros of AliExpress

  • Low startup costs and doesn’t require you to pay anything unless you start getting orders
  • No inventory management needed
  • Diverse products to choose from

Cons of AliExpress

  • Profit margins can be really low since most of the suppliers are from China, and shipping costs can be really high
  • The return and refund process on AliExpress is quite difficult

User Testimonial:

Guys are always willing to help out where they can, compared to about a year ago. Seems the shop ratings are doing their job. Shipping is getter quicker too with Aliexpress shipping, others not so much.

Darren Bagg (Via – Trustpilot)

3. BrandsGateway

Membership Fee€147/month (Annual Billing)
NicheLuxury, Designer Brands
Fulfillment LocationUS, Europe (Estonia)
MOQ€1,000 on wholesale (no minimum for dropshipping)

If you are looking to dropship clothing products from popular brands, BrandsGateway is the best option you have. On this platform, you can explore over 20K products from 100+ popular brands like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, and many more. 


The best part of BrandsGateway is that you can purchase branded apparel wholesale. Unlike other dropshipping suppliers, the profit margin on the platform is much higher. Also, they have flat shipping rates for all products, regardless of the destination. 

Key Features:

  • A huge collection of luxurious brands
  • Flat shipping rates
  • Fast shipping options
  • Integrates with top eCommerce platforms
  • High-profit margins

Pros of BrandsGateway

  • Delivery takes 1-3 days in the EU and 5-7 days outside the EU
  • With a BrandsGateway subscription, you get access to professional product photos & descriptions
  • Automated solutions for popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, and more

Cons of BrandsGateway

  • The membership cost is too high
  • The minimum order quantity is €1,000 on wholesale, which is expensive compared to other suppliers

User Testimonial:

What a great takeoff and a smooth landing. Business to business filled with profit in-between. Amazing support and luxury products, all with quality images and comprehensive descriptions. The easy-to-install plugin creates a seamless integration, so you pick, and everything else is done for you in the transfer of inventory. Great work, guys!

Kyle Tekin-Morras (Via – Trustpilot)

4. Spocket

Membership Fee$39.99/month (14-day free trial)
NicheAll product categories
Fulfillment LocationUS, Europe

Spocket is a renowned dropshipping marketplace that provides instant access to thousands of clothing suppliers located in the United States and Europe. The company associates with wholesalers, manufacturers, and suppliers around the world to connect directly with the customers. 


Sprocket features a vast catalog of fashion products already set up to ship quickly to American and European customers. This makes Spocket an excellent clothing dropshipper for beginners. The platform integrates with 50+ eCommerce platforms, making it an ideal partner for dropshipping businesses. 

Note: To get detailed insight, dive into our in-depth Spocket review here.

Key Features:

  • A curated selection of vetted suppliers from the US and Europe
  • Seamless integration with top eCommerce platforms
  • No minimum order quantities
  • Automated inventory tracking and updates
  • Ability to communicate with suppliers directly

Pros of Spocket

  • Order samples from various suppliers and compare the quality of the products
  • Find winning dropshipping products using the tools of Spocket
  • Branded invoicing feature is available in the Spocket’s Pro plan

Cons of Spocket

  • Spocket does not use customized packaging, so if you are looking to start a private label business, then Spocket is not the best option.
  • The pricing of some products on Spocket is higher, which makes it difficult to get better profit margins

User Testimonial:

The customer service representatives respond in a timely manner and keep you regularly updated with any issue that may arise. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a few now, and they are all very helpful and competent. When one is not available right away, another picks up the communication and gets back to you. Excellent.

Jan Clingman (Via – Trustpilot)

5. Trendsi

Membership FeeFree
NicheWomen’s Clothing
Fulfillment LocationUS

Trendsi is an online fashion supplier that provides dropshipping, wholesale, and on-demand services to help fashion businesses grow. Dropshippers can access a wide selection of trending styles without needing to hold an inventory. 


The platform directly sources products from top manufacturers and handles shipping for dropshippers. They usually deliver products within 5-7 days. This allows owners to scale their businesses and focus more on marketing and sales. 

Key Features:

  • 100K+ trending clothing products
  • Ready-made product descriptions 
  • Fast shipping solutions
  • Flexible return policy
  • 24/7 customer support

Pros of Trendsi

  • There is no monthly cost on Trendsi; you will only have to pay for the products you buy
  • In-house photography option is available for your products
  • Real-time inventory sync and restocking options are available

Cons of Trendsi

  • Trendsi is only available for the US market
  • Shipping can take longer than expected since most of the suppliers are from out of the US

User Testimonial:

I’ve been using Trendsi exclusively for about a year now. No complaints here. Customer service is always helpful. Jules especially! I love the Trendsi x TikTok integration. It’s super easy to set up and push items to my TT shop. Whenever I have a question or need help, CS is quick to respond. Highly recommend!

Bella Blue Styles (Via – Shopify App Store)

6. My Online Fashion Store

Membership Fee$9/month (Free trial available)
NicheWomen’s Clothing
Fulfillment LocationUS
MOQ$100 per order

My Online Fashion Store is a popular dropshipping supplier of women’s clothing. Unlike other websites, this platform completely focuses on dropshipping. In a span of a few years, they have helped businesses sell over $5 million worth of merchandise. 

My Online Fashion Store

The store has over 5,000 fashion items in its catalog. If you want to personalize the packing according to your brand, they offer custom branding options. For a few additional bucks, you can expand your brand without even holding an inventory. 

Key Features:

  • Fast 2-7 day shipping across the US
  • 50% discount on bulk orders
  • Branding options available
  • New items are restocked twice a week
  • Free return options

Pros of My Online Fashion Store

  • Guaranteed shipping from 5-7 days anywhere in the US
  • Free returns option is available
  • Create custom-branded products for your brand

Cons of My Online Fashion Store

  • No automated order fulfillment feature is available
  • Mostly focuses on Women’s Clothing

User Testimonial:

I am very pleased with the integration of the app to my store. No problems with moving products into the store. User friendly. I love that it has very trending fashions and accessories. It is reasonably priced for all the services that it provides. Their customer service is quick and responsive. I highly recommend the My Online Fashion Store app to anyone who wants to start their own Fashion brand.

The Gifting Tree Boutique (Via – Shopify App Store)

7. Modalyst 

Membership Fee$35/month (for up to 250 products)
NicheAll product categories
Fulfillment LocationGlobal

Modalyst is another POD dropshipping supplier that integrates with almost all eCommerce platforms. On the platform, you can browse all the products for free. You can easily connect your store and add product listings within one click. However, with the free plan, you can only sell 25 products in a month.


Modalyst has a product catalog of 2 million products. Only in the clothing niche can you explore 200K apparel. All the suppliers on the platforms are pre-vetted to maintain high standards. 

They also have an internal communication system that allows you to talk with the suppliers within your area. Check out all the features and drawbacks of this platform in our unbiased Modalyst Review

Key Features:

  • Thousands of clothing apparel to select
  • One-click integration
  • Real-time inventory tracking
  • Personal branding option
  • Global shipping options available 

Pros of Modalyst

  • Sell products from popular brands like Puma, Calvin Klein, and more
  • There is no membership cost for selling upto 25 unique products in your store
  • A private label program is available for those who want to start their own brand

Cons of Modalyst

  • The transaction fee is 5% for every order, which is high compared to other suppliers
  • You can only access premium suppliers by paying $90/month for the Pro plan

User Testimonial:

I love this app. It is so incredibly simple to add the products to Shopify. I would definitely recommend this app. All of my questions are answered very promptly from Modalyst as well as from the suppliers.

Flared Boutiques (Via – Shopify App Store)

8. Nordstrom

Membership FeeFree
NicheAll types of clothing
Fulfillment LocationUS, Canada

Nordstrom is a US-based fashion and lifestyle dropshipping supplier that mainly deals in branded products. With over 220 outlets and 115 department stores, the network of this platform is spread out across Canada and the US. The platform is also famous for its low prices and fast shipping.


As of now, Nordstrom offers designer clothing apparel from brands like Gucci, Prada, Givenchy, and Balenciaga. They have a rewards program, The Nordy Club, where you can join and earn rewards on every sale. Once you cross a certain threshold of points, you will be eligible for their influencers program and earn a 2% commission on every sale. 

Key Features:

  • Products from popular designer brands
  • High-quality products at great prices
  • 60% discount on bulk orders
  • 5-7 day shipping times
  • Exclusive rewards program

Pros of Nordstrom

  • Get quality products from popular brands
  • Various product categories to choose from
  • Fast shipping for customers from the US

Cons of Nordstrom

  • Many customers have experience order cancellation issues from the suppliers’ side
  • Customers have faced issues with return and refunds

User Testimonial:

Excellent online and offline stores. The clothes are really great quality. My last purchase was UGG winter boots, I`ve been watching them on multiple websites, but the cheapest promotion was on Nordstrom, and I didn`t regret it when I got my order. The item was packed great, the size was perfectly fine to fit me, and I`ve got an original leather brand new UGG for $99! Nordstrom, you are wonderful! Thank you so much!

Tetiana (Via – Trustpilot)

9. Printify

Membership Fee$29/month
NicheMen’s and Women’s Clothing
Fulfillment LocationGlobal

Similar to Printful, Printify lets you design custom clothing and accessories that are produced on demand when orders come through. However, instead of producing items themselves, they work with over 300 manufacturing partners around the world. Good thing that they have over 900+ white label products ready to be customized.


This global fulfillment network means you can access lower production costs. Printify also supports additional printing techniques like embroidery, making it one of the most versatile clothing dropshippers available.

Key Features:

  • Global fulfillment network
  • In-built mockup generator
  • Integrates easily with major eCommerce platforms
  • Free plan available (connect 5 stores)
  • Unlimited product designs

Pros of Printify

  • Access to a massive catalog of products
  • Printify has a large fulfillment network which ensures fast shipping
  • The cost of the products on Printify is lower compared to other platforms

Cons of Printify

  • Product quality varies from supplier to supplier
  • The shipping and delivery time completely depends on the supplier, so you might receive your products late

User Testimonial:

This has been an amazing experience. Creating products on Printify has been so much fun and super easy. I’ve always wanted to start a side hustle that I truly love, and Printify made that happen. So Grateful! Thank you! Also, customer support is killer.

Sasha (Via – Trustpilot)

10. DHgate

Membership FeeFree
NicheAll categories 
Fulfillment LocationChina, US, Europe

Founded in 2004, DHgate is China’s biggest B2B and B2C marketplace, with dropshipping options available. Here, you can find thousands of clothing items at competitive rates similar to AliExpress. Flash deals, daily coupons, and occasional sales give you additional profit on every item sold. 


Unfortunately, there are potential risks of getting scammed on DHgate. Luckily, there’s a buyer protection program that ensures 100% guaranteed returns and refunds for your customer. You can also check suppliers’ profiles, payment methods, and shipping times before contacting them for business. 

Key Features:

  • Wide range of products
  • Competitive pricing range
  • Daily deals and coupons on products
  •  Buyer protection program
  • Multiple payment options

Pros of DHgate

  • DHgate has over 2 million global suppliers making it easier for you to find a suitable supplier for your business
  • Wholesale prices when you buy directly from the manufacturers
  • Warehouses in the US and UK to ensure faster delivery

Cons of DHgate

  • The quality of the products completely depends on the suppliers
  • It can take several days to process the products

User Testimonial:

I cannot believe there is so many reckless people that are paying money without checking properly the reviews. You lot are complaining about your inability to spend your money smart, and the site has nothing to do with it. I placed my first order, and after 25 days I got the best tracksuit I could wish for, amazing quality for such a good price. The seller added me on WhatsApp and replied to all my questions. I will order more as I am pleased. The app is exactly what I was looking for.

Felicia Alexeevna (Via – Trustpilot)

11. Buy2Bee

Membership FeeFree
NicheLuxury fashion brands
Fulfillment LocationUS, Italy

Buy2Bee is a B2B fashion dropshipping supplier headquartered in Los Angeles. The platform offers a wide range of clothing products like shirts, tops, blazers, polo t-shirts, jeans, etc. They have been rated as the best dropshipping clothing suppliers in the US.


Buy2Bee allows drop shippers to connect their online store and list products in bulk via CSV file. They have a fixed shipping rate for every product, and they deliver products within 3 to 5 business days. However, their catalog is very limited compared to other designer dropshipping suppliers, 

Key Features:

  • Authentic products from famous brands
  • Fixed shipping rates 
  • High profit margins
  • Import products in bulk via CSV
  • International shipping solutions available

Pros of Buy2Bee

  • Detailed product pages with reviews to help you choose
  • Download high-quality product images for your store
  • Extensive range of products that includes luxury brands

Cons of Buy2Bee

  • It doesn’t have enough product reviews for customers to decide
  • It can be difficult for you to find the dropshipping option for most of the products

User Testimonial:

I had a great experience shopping on buy2bee.com. The website was easy to navigate, and the prices were very competitive. The customer service was also excellent. I received my order quickly, and it was exactly what I expected. I highly recommend Buy2bee!

Lewis Tanner (Via – Trustburn)

12. Gelato

Membership Fee$14.99/month
NicheAll types of clothing products
Fulfillment LocationGlobal

Gelato is a white-label dropshipping supplier of all types of clothing apparel. You can upload your choice of designs or branding on products to sell custom-designed products on your online store. Moreover, they have a huge logistics network across the world, so you can promote your brand anywhere from your home. 


Gelato uses cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly fabrics to manufacture clothing products. They also offer a discount on samples so you can check the quality of the products. They have an automatic routing service that automatically locates the order to the closest manufacturer, so you save on shipping rates. 

Key Features:

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable products 
  • Global shipping options
  • Automatic routing
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Easy store integration

Pros of Gelato

  • Orders are processed and delivered from the closest location to your customer to ensure faster delivery
  • Intuitive design editor for designing and customizing products with ease
  • Gelato uses eco-friendly materials for printing and production

Cons of Gelato

  • To access the stock images, you need a subscription to Gelato
  • There is no warehousing service available on Gelato

User Testimonial:

Gelato is a brilliant print production company. I really like the easy setup of multiple products (so many to choose from) and that they have so many print facilities all over the world.

Marcel Baatsen (Via – Trustpilot)

13. Banggood

Membership FeeFree (Premium Membership Available)
NicheFashion and Lifestyle
Fulfillment LocationChina, US

Headquartered in China, Banggood is a wholesale and dropshipping supplier with warehouses in the UK and US. They have over 1.3 million products and 100K+ suppliers across the UK and US. 


The platform features include competitive pricing, fast global shipping, flash deals, and seasonal sales. However, third-party suppliers may not be reliable, and there are limited customer protection services. 

Key Features:

  • Huge clothing product catalog
  • No minimum order quantity 
  • Global logistics network
  • Exclusive rewards and discounts for VIP members
  • Seasonal sales and flash deals on products

Pros of Banggood

  • Shipping is relatively effective and fast
  • Multiple payment options are available, including cash on delivery in some countries
  • Separate dropshipping program for anyone to join

Cons of Banggood

  • Customers have faced issues while asking for refunds
  • The quality of the product depends on the supplier

User Testimonial:

First time I’ve used Banggood and found the transaction straight forward and easy, the item I received was a genuine item and at a price I could not beat anywhere. Shipping time was more than acceptable, considering it was free and where it was coming from. If you need the item quicker, there are alternatives available at a cost. Thank you, Banggood Happy little Johnny.

John Thewlis (Via – Trustpilot)

What To Look For In A Dropshipping Clothing Supplier?

Choosing a dropshipping supplier in the clothing niche is a vital decision. A poor supplier can destroy your reputation and sales frequency. Before you finalize a dropshipping partner for your clothing business, review these factors carefully for long-term success:

  • Fabric Quality: Ensure the supplier uses high-quality and durable fabrics to manufacture apparel. Request a couple of samples to check the quality by yourself.
  • Shipping Times: A minimal shipping time is crucial in the dropshipping business since you can’t control it. So, make sure your supplier’s shipping time is as low as possible. 
  • Product Range: Your supplier must offer a wide selection of clothing products so that you can offer a variety in your online store.
  • Return Policy: An easy return process keeps customers happy. Check if your supplier offers a flexible return policy on their products. 
  • Membership Fee: Some suppliers have a monthly or yearly subscription in order to access their inventory. Look for free and affordable options. 
  • Reviews: Read feedback and reviews from other dropshippers carefully. Happy and satisfied clients indicate a reliable partner. 
  • Customer Support: Your supplier must have responsive customer service. Check if they offer multiple ways to connect with their support staff. 

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Final Verdict: Which Dropshipping Clothing Supplier Is Best?

As you can see, the clothing suppliers you choose can truly make or break your dropshipping success. I hope this list of my top recommended partners gives you a great starting point to find the right fit. If you want to dropship custom-designed clothing, go for Printful POD services. For branded apparel, BrandsGateway is my top recommendation. 

At the end of the day, focus on the factors that matter most to you, whether that’s super fast shipping, premium fabrics, or access to big-name brands. Take time to thoroughly vet potential suppliers, and don’t be afraid to ask for samples to check quality.

The right clothing dropshipper will handle logistics efficiently so you can focus on your real passion – building an amazing brand and connecting with customers. 

I’m excited for you to take these insights and find an amazing partner to launch your business! Trust your gut, do your homework, and you’ll be well on your way to dropshipping clothing success.


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