12 Best Dropshipping Stores For Sale (2024 Picks)

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Are you looking for pre-made dropshipping stores for sale? Look no further, I have got your back.

Regardless of your budget or experience, buying a dropshipping store is one of the fastest ways to start an online business without holding inventory or making an effort on order fulfillment. Purchasing a pre-made dropshipping store saves you a lot of manual work, such as selecting a niche, finding winning products, and finding trusted suppliers. 

There are tons of providers in the market that offer dropshipping stores with all the essential eCommerce features. But finding the best provider is like looking for a needle in a haystack. That’s why I brought you a list of the best 12 providers of dropshipping stores from where you can find a variety of pre-made and established dropshipping stores. 

Let’s get started.

Top 12 Dropshipping Stores On Sale: In A Nutshell (2024)

S.No.Dropshipping Store ProvidersReason to Choose
1.AlidropshipThe biggest provider of custom-made WooCommerce stores
2.Exchange MarketplaceFind all types of Shopify dropshipping stores
3.FlippaFind SaaS, blog, and eCommerce websites with high-revenue
4.DropbuildOffers the best premium Shopify dropshipping stores
5.BrandafyOffers the best low-cost Shopify dropshipping stores
6.BeBiggyOffers pre-built and turnkey Shopify dropshipping stores
7.Wholesale2BGet custom dropshipping stores at affordable pricing
8.FiverrHire professional assistants for your turnkey dropshipping store
9.WooDropshipFind the best dropshipping stores for AliDropship 
10.StartStorezThe best place to find turkey dropshipping stores for WooCommerce and Shopify
11.Acquire.comBest place for sellers to list their business and buyers to buy profitable businesses
12.EcommerceifyCustom-built Shopify stores stocked with hot-selling products so new owners can launch and grow successful dropshipping businesses

Here is the list of top providers of dropshipping stores for sale.

1. Alidropship

Alidropship is the biggest provider of custom-made WooCommerce stores for dropshipping. Here, you can also get some exciting deals on established stores with existing traffic, revenue, and sales. The custom-made dropshipping stores of Alidropship start at $299, including domain name, inventory automation, mobile-friendly designs, and 50 handpicked profitable products for your store. 

Dropshipping Stores For Sale: Alidropship

Apart from that, Alidropship offers a plugin that helps businesses create product lists, monitor inventory, and track orders on an eCommerce-centric platform. You can give your Alidropship Plugin access to your staff members so they can utilize the image editor and built-in themes to configure product variations based on material, sizes, and colors. You can check out our exclusive Alidropship coupon to get up to 25% discount on premium and custom-made stores.

Key Features of Alidropship

  • One of the biggest providers of custom-made, turnkey, and established dropshipping stores
  • Dropshipping stores include domain name, professional-looking designs, and payment integrations 
  • Access to verified suppliers and unlimited products with the Alidropship plugin 
  • Established dropshipping stores with 100% average ROI per year
  • Complete inventory automation
  • 50+ handpicked winning products with custom-made stores

Starting Price: $299

2. Exchange Marketplace

Exchange Marketplace is one of the biggest marketplaces for Shopify dropshipping stores. Here, you can buy and sell Shopify stores in exchange for a good deal. From new to established stores with a readymade customer base, Exchange Marketplace provides solutions for all budgets. Since Shopify owns the Exchange Marketplace, your listings will show verified and non-editable sales data, so there is no need to worry about fake data.

Exchange Marketplace

With market trends and owner-reported data, Exchange Marketplace sets reasonable prices for the stores. If you want to buy an established store, you can use its advanced filter options, such as business type, monthly revenue, and business size, to find dropshipping stores within your budget. Check out the dropshipping store section to find fresh pre-made stores at a cheaper range.

Key Features of Exchange Marketplace

  • The biggest marketplace for selling and buying Shopify dropshipping and eCommerce stores 
  • Provides every type of dropshipping stores
  • Advanced filters for a relevant store search
  • Verified data points and sales data
  • Quick and secure transactions
  • Established stores with thousands of monthly revenue and a customer base 

Price: $180 – $1.3 Million

3. Flippa

Flippa is the world’s #1 marketplace where you can buy and sell online businesses, eCommerce stores, digital services, affiliate sites, SaaS businesses, and many more. Featuring thousands of new and established dropshipping websites with an existing customer base, traffic, authority, and revenue, Flippa is a comfort zone for individuals looking for growth. In fact, most of the dropshipping stores available on Flippa generate more than $10,000 in monthly revenue.


Currently, Flippa has over 6,000 active listings in dropshipping stores, which is just a small part of this huge marketplace. Here the cost of established stores ranges between $400 to over $2 million. That means, on Flippa, there’s something for any type of budget. Recently, Flippa partnered with Semrush, so you don’t have to worry about SEO and traffic analytics. 

Key Features of Flippa

  • The best platform to sell and buy online businesses, dropshipping stores, FBA stores, etc.
  • Budget-friendly established stores with traffic, authority, and revenue
  • Fixed-type and auction-type purchasing options
  • No membership is required to browse auctions and listings
  • Browse every type of dropshipping stores
  • In-built profit calculator

Price: $400 to $2 million

4. Dropbuild

Dropbuild is one of the trusted providers of premium Shopify dropshipping stores. With thousands of favorable reviews and an amazing 4.8 rating on TrustPilot, Dropbuild is loaded with thousands of winning products, unique content, and video ads. All the available dropshipping stores on Dropbuild include a professional-looking Shopify theme with necessary apps and expert branding.


Once you purchase a dropshipping store from the platform, you will get an AI assistant to help you with the onboarding process. Your store will also be integrated with built-in SEO tools and payment processors for secure transactions. With in-house marketing features, you will start generating sales right away, and still, if you face any kind of issues running your business, you can contact their customer support staff at any time. Unlike other platforms, Dropbuild provides you with quality over quantity. This is why your store package will include ten dropshipping products handpicked by industry experts, so you have much better possibilities for growth.

Key Features of Dropbuild

  • The most trusted provider of Shopify dropshipping stores
  • Up to 10 winning dropshipping products with your niche-store package
  • Branding solutions with logos and designs
  • Access to premium Shopify themes and apps
  • High-converting video ads
  • 24/7 professional customer support

Starting Price: $449

5. BrandAfy

BrandAfy is a provider of custom-made Shopify dropshipping stores built by industry experts. The platform offers the best low-cost dropshipping stores loaded with profitable products from worldwide suppliers. At a fixed one-time fee, BrandAfy will create a professional-looking dropshipping store with a domain name, responsive design, branded logo, and other essential pages within 24 hours.


The custom-made dropshipping stores of BrandAfy include complete inventory automation and integration with reliable local and international suppliers. It allows you to import profitable products from thousands of high-quality products quickly. Once you have your dropshipping store, BrandAfy will provide an onboarding assistant to help you get started quickly. You can also check out free guides to learn exceptional skills.

Key Features of BrandAfy

  • Trusted suppliers of turnkey and custom-made Shopify dropshipping stores
  • Optimized themes and designs for your store
  • One-click product importing from various suppliers
  • Offers branded design and logo for your store
  • Affordable ranges of stores
  • Automated inventory management 

Starting Price: $67

6. BeBiggy

BeBiggy is one of the biggest providers of high-quality turnkey dropshipping and Shopify stores. The platform ensures its clients’ success by providing tailored solutions such as profitable niches, optimized websites, and dropshipping suppliers. Their pre-made stores are loaded with top 100 dropship products that come with the biggest profit margins. 


BeBiggy is known for its exceptional customer service. If you face any kind of technical issue, you can contact their customer staff via phone and email. After purchasing a dropshipping store, the platform will guide you through the entire process, such as selecting a niche and finding products and suppliers. On BeBiggy, you will also get exclusive deals and offers from time to time. You can even get up to 90% discount on all available stores.

Key Features of BeBiggy

  • The biggest turnkey dropshipping store provider
  • Premium Shopify dropshipping stores tailored for clients
  • Free guides and courses for beginners 
  • Up to 90% discounts and deals on various occasions 
  • 100+ trending and profitable products in each store
  • 24/7 technical support 

Starting Price: $299

7. Wholesale2B

Wholesale2B is one of the biggest dropshipping suppliers in the US. It has more than 1 million dropship products in its catalog, from where you can find the winning products for your dropshipping business. Selling dropshipping stores is a side venture of Wholesale2B, but it offers the best-customized stores with premium services. Wholesale2B will create a customizable store loaded with 10,000+ dropshipping products within 24 hours – all these services at $49/month.


With Wholesale2B’s dropshipping stores, you can browse your favorite products from leading US-based suppliers with its smart filters. The dropshipping website plan also includes a domain name, a free SSL certificate, hosting services, unlimited bandwidth, and a business email. You can also sync your existing inventory with just one click. 

Key Features of Wholesale2B

  • Fully customizable dropshipping stores
  • Options to choose from 1 million dropship products
  • Automation features
  • Real-time inventory management
  • User-friendly dashboard and interface
  • Free SSL certificate, domain name, hosting, and business email

Starting Price: $49.99/month

8. Fiverr

Fiverr is not your ordinary dropshipping store provider. Basically, it is a platform from where you can hire professional freelancers. You can also apply on the platform to offer technical services or gigs. Talking about dropshipping stores, you can hire a full-time assistant to manage your dropshipping business. You can also hire a professional assistant for logo design, customer support, copywriting, etc. You can outsource all kinds of services from Fiverr, so you can let professionals handle your store.


You can also find turnkey dropshipping stores on Fiverr at an affordable range. The platform supports multiple languages so that you can change your website’s language according to your target country. Since the prices of freelancers’ services are exceptionally low, you will only get what you have paid. So there’s a chance you might need to hire more than one freelancer in order to run your dropshipping store.

Key Features of Fiverr

  • Affordable range of turnkey dropshipping stores
  • Hire experienced freelancers to manage your dropshipping store
  • Up to 50 winning dropshipping products with each turnkey dropshipping store
  • Access to premium plugins
  • High-converting themes and templates
  • Multiple language support

Starting Price: $100 to $2000

9. WooDropship

WooDropship is the largest provider of automated and professional AliExpress dropshipping stores. WooDropship offers the biggest product selection, with more than 120 million in its catalog. WooDropship offers two dropshipping store options to their users. If you want to create a WooCommerce store all by yourself, you can purchase its dropshipping plugin for $49. The plugin will help you add products, descriptions, and source products from AliExpress.


But if you want a fully-fledged dropshipping store, you can purchase a WooDropship store at $199. These stores are tailored according to the client’s requirements. You will have 100% ownership, including domain name, hosting, and free access to the WooDropship plugin. You can use its Chrome extension to simplify your workflow. Apart from that, you will also get a free SSL certificate, an in-built SEO tool, preloaded products, and performance analytics with each dropshipping store.

Key Features of WooDropship

  • Customer-centric dropshipping stores
  • Browse products and suppliers from AliExpress
  • 1-click product importing from AliExpress
  • Complete setup, including hosting and domain name
  • WooDropship plugin for helping new dropshipping sellers 
  • Advanced performance Analytics

Starting Price: $199

10. StartStorez

StartStorez is one of the popular options for dropshippers who are looking for turnkey dropshipping stores. The platform mainly offers Shopify and WooCommerce dropshipping stores for sellers who want to sell one product. StartStorez creates a dropshipping store according to the customer’s request. If you want to purchase from the website, you can place an order by filling out the request form so the company can know your project expectations and requirements regarding your business.


After acknowledging your request, StartStorez will deliver the store in 4-5 working days. The store will include your business logo, payment gateways, and plugins as per your requirements. They will also provide a customer service team to provide support to your customers regarding any issues. With all the services, you will also receive an analytics board from where you can check all your sales metrics in daily, weekly, and monthly formats. 

Key Features of StartStorez

  • Professional-looking turnkey dropshipping stores at a very low cost
  • Unique designs with professional and high-converting template
  • 1-click importing with full inventory automation
  • Includes essential plugins, custom logo, and profitable items
  • Get your store delivered within 4-5 business days
  • All screens are mobile responsive as well

Price: $99

11. Acquire.com

Acquire.com used to be known as Microacquire, and it is one of the best places to sell and buy startups. You can easily find a profitable dropshipping store to buy and get started with it right away. Thousands of dropshipping stores are available on this platform, and you can easily find the right one for your needs. They connect the buyers and sellers and smoothen the process of acquisition.


It shows you over 20 financial metrics that are ideal for acquiring any business, including ARR, CAC, MRR, and more. The filtering option allows you to find the dropshipping store you want. Once you find the business you want to buy, Acquire will connect you to the seller and help both of you in handing over the business smoothly. The pricing for buyers and sellers is completely different.

Key Features Of Acquire.com

  • Find your dream startup and buy it with ease
  • Easily sell your dropshipping store at a high price
  • Acquire gives you a complete overview of a business
  • Prepare your listing in just a few minutes
  • Find your ideal buyer to sell your business to

Price: 4% closing fee for sellers and three plans for buyers: free, premium, and platinum costing $0, $390/year, and $780/year.

12. Ecommerceify

Ecommerceify specializes in providing pre-built and custom Shopify dropshipping stores for sale, stocked with winning products from top suppliers. With over 1,000 successful dropshipping website deliveries across 50+ niches, Ecommerceify has helped clients generate over $3 million in revenue. Ecommerceify offers multiple store packages, whether you want a pre-made store with proven bestsellers or a custom store tailored to your niche.


Their turnkey stores include a domain, responsive design, SSL certificate, integrated payments, and full ownership transfer so you can immediately begin marketing and driving sales. With an excellent reputation and outstanding reviews on Trustpilot, Ecommerceify is a reliable source for purchasing established ecommerce businesses ready for growth. Their expertise equips new store owners with everything needed to operate and scale.

Key Features of Ecommerceify

  • Pre-built stores in 50+ niches loaded with proven bestsellers
  • Custom store development based on specific product ideas
  • Domain name registration included
  • Professional store design optimized for conversions
  • Integrations for payments, shipping, and suppliers

Starting Price: $149

Types of Dropshipping Stores

Setting up a new dropshipping store is quite a hectic process. That’s why most providers offer different types of dropshipping stores. Let’s see what types of dropshipping stores you can purchase.

Pre-made Dropshipping Store

Basic pre-made dropshipping stores are brand-new dropshipping stores where most steps, such as setting up the domain, adding products, and store design, are already finalized. 

Custom-made Dropshipping Store

Custom-made dropshipping stores are just like the basic ones, but they are tailored according to the customers’ specifications. That means the provider will make necessary changes while developing so your website will look as you want. 

Turnkey Dropshipping Store

A turnkey dropshipping store is a ready-to-use online website that includes all the essential functionalities and services to run a dropshipping business. However, you need to promote products in your store by yourself. 

Fully Established Dropshipping Store 

An established store is a dropshipping website of an existing owner who has already been in business for some time. Owners put their websites up for sale due to specific reasons. These websites can cost you hundreds of thousands or even multiple million dollars according to their worth. However, you will have authority, a decent revenue stream, a customer base, and receiving orders & traffic.

Conclusion: AliDropship & Flippa Are Our Recommended Marketplaces

So this is my handpicked list of the best providers of dropshipping stores. In this list, you will find custom WooCommerce websites, pre-made & premium Shopify stores, and established dropshipping stores with existing traffic, revenue, and customer base. These providers will offer you the best pre-made and established dropshipping stores that save the time you spend on product research and promotion. 

Buying an established store is the quickest way to generate revenue among all dropshipping store types. It comes with an existing customer base, traffic, authority, and suppliers. It is like taking over a running business. But you need to invest a lot of money, so make sure to check all the details before purchasing an established dropshipping store.


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