12 Best Dropshipping Suppliers For Amazon In 2024

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Are you looking to start selling on Amazon but don’t have your own products yet? Dropshipping may be the perfect solution to get your Amazon business off the ground. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to some of the best dropshipping suppliers optimized for selling on Amazon.

We’ll cover how to find suppliers, evaluate them, and start a dropshipping business on Amazon. This concise guide will provide actionable tips to help you identify reputable suppliers, choose profitable products, manage inventory, and scale your dropshipping empire.

Let’s dive in and start uncovering the best ways to maximize your Amazon sales through proven dropshipping techniques.

Top 12 Dropshipping Suppliers For Amazon: In A Nutshell (2024) 

S.NoDropshipping SupplierMembership Cost
3.Worldwide Brands$299 (one-time)
6.Ruby ImportsFree
7.Inventory Source$99/month
8.Lee Mar PetFree
9.Geko Products£30/year
10.AW DropshipFree

Here is the hand-picked list of top dropshipping suppliers for Amazon store owners. 

1. Alibaba:

In terms of the number of suppliers, Alibaba tops the list with ease. The company has tied up with almost 180,000 suppliers covering all the major regions across the world. You can check out its supplier’s directory, where you can find verified suppliers in your closest region. You can find suppliers with a specific product name or category. The best part about its directory is that all the listed suppliers come with a profile with ratings & reviews, which makes it easier to decide which one is best for your business. 

Alibaba Overview

Apart from the suppliers, you can find millions of genuine and high-quality products directly imported from China. You can look through Alibaba’s product categories to find out the best profitable products for your dropshipping business. In fact, you can find pretty much everything for dropshipping.

The platform certainly has MOQs, which is the only downside. But if you choose to purchase products in bulk, you get huge discount rates as well. Since there are thousands of suppliers on Alibaba, it also makes it difficult to find a reliable one for your business. So finding a trustworthy supplier can take some time on this platform. 

Key Features of Alibaba

  • Thousands of dropshipping suppliers around the world 
  • A vast selection of dropshipping products 
  • Supports all major eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, including Amazon
  • It takes 15 to 24 days for global shipment 
  • High-profit margins
  • Exclusive discount on bulk purchasing 


  • MOQs set in place 
  • Hard to find a trustworthy supplier

Membership Cost: Free

2. SaleHoo:

SaleHoo is one of the best platforms where you can find a huge directory of trusted and vetted suppliers. SaleHoo features more than 8,000 dropshipping suppliers with over 2.5 million products. Since all the suppliers are verified and pre-vetted, you can rely on their quality of products and shipping policies. However, it runs on a membership model, so you have to pay a yearly fee in order to browse products and supplier lists. 

SaleHoo Overview

With the SaleHoo membership, you will get access to its Market Research Lab, which helps quickly discover products with high profit margins. You can also see the past sales data of that specific product to determine how it might perform on Amazon.

If you simply browse the listed products, you will find a range of cheaper products with no MOQs. Along with that, suppliers also list details of their shipping time frame, return policy, and customer service, which makes it easier to select one for your dropshipping business. 

Key Features of SaleHoo

  • 8000+ pre-vetted and trustworthy suppliers across the globe (dropshipping and wholesale) 
  • Millions of high-profit product selection 
  • Access to Market Research Lab
  • Priority support via phone, one-on-one assistance, live chat, and email
  • No minimum order quantities 
  • High-profit margin


  • No free trial
  • Out of all suppliers, only a little over 1000 are dropshipping suppliers

Membership Cost: $67/year (60-day money-back guarantee) 

3. Worldwide Brands:

Like SaleHoo, Worldwide Brands also offers a huge directory of pre-vetted dropshipping suppliers. But the product selection on this platform is way much higher than SaleHoo. Here you can get to choose from 16 million products in hundreds of categories, including clothing, home appliances, accessories, electronics, garden ware, pet supplies, toys, and many more.

You can trust every single supplier as each goes through strict inspection by the internal staff. Each supplier on the platform is directed to add their full address, contact methods, payment information, shipping details, etc. 

Worldwide Brands Overview

Apart from the supplier’s directory, Worldwide Brands is also known for offering a competitive pricing range of similar products you can find on other platforms. The only downside is its membership cost which can be a huge amount for any beginner. However, it also offers many perks, such as exclusive discounts and priority support with the subscription. If you are facing difficulty finding a product or supplier, the Research Staff will guide you on every step, which is something you won’t get on every platform.

Key Features of Worldwide Brands

  • 8000+ certified dropshipping and wholesale suppliers 
  • Over 16 million products to choose 
  • Detailed information is attached with each supplier
  • Various discount and flash deals
  • Fast shipping options 
  • Onboarding assistance from internal staff


  • Expensive upfront cost
  • Most suppliers come with a MOQ

Membership Cost: $299 one-time fee

4. CJDropshipping:

CJDropshipping is another China-based dropshipping supplier that owns a huge number of warehouses in the UK, US, Europe, and Asia. The platform features more than 400K products in 13 major categories. In terms of the number of suppliers, CJDropshipping might not be your first priority. But if you want a lower price range with the best quality, CJDropshipping overcomes many platforms. In fact, the platform is designed to dropship on major eCommerce platforms and marketplaces

CJDropshipping Overview

Apart from dropshipping, CJDropshipping offers POD (print-on-demand) services where you can upload your artwork and designs to be printed on white-label products and sell them on eCommerce platforms and marketplaces.

The platform works with major shipment carriers such as DHL, USPS, ePacket, CJPacket, and JewelShipping so that you can rely on their shipping services. However, local shipping can take 3 to 5 days, while global shipping can take up to 15 to 24 days. 

Key Features of CJDropshipping

  • Over 400K product selection 
  • Over 200 warehouses across the major countries 
  • Offers branding solutions 
  • Fast and reliable shipping solutions
  • Print-on-demand services available 
  • 14-day risk-free return policies 


  • Low numbers of dropshipping suppliers 
  • Charges additional processing and storage fees

Membership Cost: Free

5. Banggood:

Banggood is a China-based dropshipping and wholesale supplier with multiple warehouses in the US and UK. On Banggood, you will be able to find a mixed list of 100K local and vetted suppliers that offer over 1.2 million products in 30 categories. The best part is that there are no minimum order quantities which means you can buy your desired amount of units. Here you can also find the cheapest range of products that you can buy in bulk to increase your profit margin. 

Banggood Overview

Apart from local products, Banggood works with suppliers that are intended to sell in 800+ known brands in categories like electronics, clothing, accessories, home appliances, shoes, bags, etc. The company mainly focuses on global shipment, which is why they work with the best shipping carriers. So if you want to sell your products overseas, you can choose fast shipping options to deliver your products. Local shipping has many free options, so it is worth dropshipping in the same region. Banggood also occasionally offers seasonal and flash deals, so you can always check out their flash deals and sales section to get amazing deals. 

Key Features of Banggood

  • Thousands of high-quality dropshipping products 
  • Trending and profitable products in a low price range 
  • No minimum order quantities 
  • Fast global shipping options available
  • VIP membership with many rewards and perks 
  • Flash deals and occasional sales


  • Third-party suppliers are not that reliable 
  • No customer protection services 

Membership Cost: Free (VIP membership starts at $1)

6. Ruby Imports:

If you are thinking about sourcing jewelry and fashion accessories, there is no better option than Ruby Imports. The company has been in the business for more than 18 years and offers the best quality products, such as necklaces, earrings, pendants, anklets, rings, and many more. If you purchase jewelry items in bulk, you can get up to 70% discount straight away. 

Ruby Imports Overview

The platform comes with a minimum order of $50, which is considerably lower than other platforms with a MOQ. You can also get free shipping on orders above $250. You can get started with the dropshipping program on Ruby Imports for absolutely free. And if you want, you can directly integrate with your Amazon store and other eCommerce stores as well. The platform also offers POD solutions on white-label products, which gives you the opportunity to give exposure to your own brand.

Key Features of Ruby Imports 

  • 15 years of experience in the dropshipping industry 
  • Exclusive range of high-quality and premium jewelry selection 
  • No minimum order quantity (but orders must be above $50)
  • Fast shipping solutions 
  • Dedicated customer support 
  • Free shipping on orders above $250


  • Need to create an account to browse products 
  • Limited reviews on listed products 

Membership Cost: Free

7. Inventory Source:

Inventory Source is a renowned dropshipping supplier best known for its automation and site-building features. Though the supplier’s list is not very convincing, you can still browse more than one million dropshipping products. With its site-building capabilities, you can export images and product descriptions directly to your Amazon store. In fact, if you don’t have a website, you can build a new one and start from scratch. 

Inventory Source Overview

Since there are a low number of dropshipping suppliers on Inventory Source, you can easily go through their supplier’s directory to find the best one for your business. You can streamline your ordering process and inventory management with its automation features. The platform integrates with 24 major eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Ecwid, eBay, Amazon, etc. The platform runs on a membership model, but unlike other platforms, it charges you based on the supplier count you work with. 

Key Features of Inventory Source

  • 230+ pre-vetted suppliers
  • Over 1 million product selection 
  • Advanced filters to find products and suppliers
  • Access to bulk feed management tools
  • Integrates with major eCommerce platforms and marketplaces 
  • Fully functional web-based app


  • You need to pay an additional cost if you want to work with more than one supplier 

Membership Cost: Free to browse products but charges $99/month for inventory automation.

8. Lee Mar Pet:

If you want to dropship pet products and supplies, Lee Mar Pet is the best one to go with. This US-based website is an award-winning dropshipping supplier that sources high-quality pet products directly from top brands such as Petmate, Catit, and Kong. From treats and supplies to collars, beds, cages, and toys, Lee Mar Pet offers more than 10,000 dropshipping products with no minimum order quantities. 

Lee Mar Pet Overview

You can sign up for free on the platform and start dropshipping products directly from your Amazon products by providing the shipping address of your customers. The company also adds custom shipping labels and packing slips featuring your store name, which gives exposure to your brand. Apart from sourcing products, Lee Mar Pet provides everything you need to start your Amazon store from scratch. 

Key Features of Lee Mar Pet

  • Over 10,000 products for pets, birds, fish, and reptiles 
  • Real-time inventory information 
  • Award-winning customer support 
  • Data feeds and high-quality images for the Amazon store
  • Same-day shipping options 
  • Branding solutions 


  • Charges 20% restocking fee on returns 

Membership Cost: Free

9. Geko Products:

Geko Products is one of the biggest furniture, gifts, and home accessories distributors. Whether you run an eCommerce store or own a physical store, Geko Products offers services to all types of businesses. The platform offers an amazing range of products in categories like furniture, artificial plants, homeware, shelving, handmade items, and many more. 

Geko Products Overview

Geko Products is known for delivering 100% customer satisfaction as they only work with genuine and high-rated suppliers. You can easily navigate through the website and place orders of your like with no MOQ strain. However, you need to place a minimum order of £100 no matter how many units are included. UK-based buyers can take advantage of its free delivery. For same-day delivery, you might have to pay a shipping fee.

Key Features of Geko Products 

  • The first dropshipping supplier of furniture in the UK
  • Offers a range of wooden products
  • Caters to both online and offline store owners 
  • Wholesale prices with a great profit margin 
  • No minimum order quantity 
  • Excellent customer service 


  • The minimum order amount is £100

Membership Cost: £30/year

10. AW Dropship:

AW Dropship is one of the top-rated dropshipping suppliers in the UK. With a vast product catalog of quality products and top-notch customer service, AW Dropship has become a go-to choice for Amazon dropshippers. The company is famous for unique giftware and home accessories, but it also includes other categories, like furniture, jewelry, aromatherapy, etc. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily discover any dropshipping product for your Amazon store. 

AW Dropship

The best part of AW Dropship is that it flexibly integrates with Amazon Seller Central, which makes it easy for sellers to import products directly from the platform. So, as soon as you receive orders from your customers, the company will ship them to your customers within the given timeframe. This feature eliminates the risks of late delivery or receiving fraudulent orders. And also, you don’t have to deal with third-party suppliers to source your products. On various occasions, you will also get flash deals and discounts on various products, leaving you space for additional profit. 

Key Features 

  • Over 10,000 unique dropshipping products 
  • Process orders directly from your Amazon store
  • Download CSV files of products for your Amazon listings
  • Fast and affordable shipping options
  • White-label product options for print-on-demand
  • Exceptional customer service


  • Dropshipping is only limited to the UK, US, and Canada
  • Minimum order quantities on products 

Membership Cost: Free

11. DSers:

DSers is a leading UK-based dropshipping supplier that provides services to eCommerce businesses to simplify inventory and shipping management. Integrating seamlessly with major platforms like Shopify, Wix, and WooCommerce, DSers makes order fulfillment automation accessible. Retailers can manage and process orders directly through their online stores when using DSers.


A key advantage DSers offers is connecting businesses with reliable, verified suppliers worldwide. Sellers can source quality products at competitive prices. DSers also provides optimization tools to enhance listings, inventory controls, and order tracking. With iOS and Android apps, stores can easily manage operations on the go.

Key Features of DSers:

  • Integration with top eCommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce
  • Connects businesses with vetted global suppliers
  • Streamlines order fulfillment
  • 14-day free trial for new users
  • Competitive bulk order pricing and discounts
  • Enables direct AliExpress supplier orders


  • Limited supplier range on its own platform (but integrates major directories)
  • It may not suit high-volume sellers

Membership Cost: The pricing starts from $19.9/month for Shopify.

12. Wholesale2B:

One of the best dropshipping suppliers optimized for Amazon is Wholesale2B. This wholesale platform connects dropshippers to verified suppliers, making it easy to find quality products to sell on Amazon. 

Wholesale2B thoroughly vets its suppliers, ensuring they are legitimate companies that consistently ship on time. They offer various product categories, including home & garden, beauty, electronics, automotive and more. 

Dropship On Amazon With Wholesale2B

With Wholesale2B, you can easily browse and purchase inventory at wholesale prices for your Amazon store. They handle shipping the orders directly to your customers for you. This makes it fast and simple to scale up your product offerings. Wholesale2B also provides excellent supplier support. 

If any issues arise with an order, they will work on your behalf to make it right. Overall, Wholesale2B’s focus on Amazon-friendly suppliers, wide selection, great prices, and stellar support make them a top choice for dropshippers selling on Amazon.

Key Features of Wholesale2B

  • Vetted, legitimate suppliers optimized for dropshipping on Amazon
  • Huge range of product categories, including home, beauty, electronics, and more
  • Wholesale pricing allows good profit margins for dropshippers
  • Suppliers handle shipping directly to customers
  • It makes scaling inventory easy and fast
  • Excellent supplier support from Wholesale2B


  • Limited ability to negotiate pricing with suppliers
  • Must order minimum quantities of some products

Membership Cost: To import products to Amazon, you must pay $37.99/month.

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Conclusion: Best Dropshipping Suppliers For Amazon (2024)

Amazon is one the biggest marketplaces where you can start your dropshipping store and streamline your revenue stream. But in order to run a dropshipping business, you have to partner with a reliable dropshipping supplier that completes your order fulfillment by offering excellent customer service, fast shipping solutions, and branding options. Finding the best supplier on your own can be a bit of stress which is why I came up with this hand-picked list. 

You will find some of the best dropshipping suppliers for your Amazon store. You can try contacting suppliers in your nearby location so you can negotiate all your terms because a single invoicing error can get your store suspended. Make sure to work with the best, so you can stay out of trouble. 


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