Shopify Discount Code 2023 — 25% Off On Annual Plans

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Looking for a Shopify discount code? Don’t worry! I have a couple of Shopify discount codes for you.

Shopify is a complete eCommerce hosting platform that helps you start and manage your online store. Shopify offers advanced eCommerce features at a budget-friendly rate. However, it can still be expensive if you have just started your business. Fortunately, they offer a few occasional discount codes for beginners that can save you extra money on available plans.

In this post, I have listed two working discount codes for Shopify plans. I have also included a step-by-step guide on how to claim the Shopify discount code.

So let’s dive right into the post with me.

Available Shopify Discount Code (2023)

Shopify usually doesn’t offer many discounts, but they are currently offering one discount to their users.

Shopify PlanOriginal PriceDiscounted Price
Basic $39/month$29/month

How to Claim Shopify Discount Code? (Step By Step)

The available Shopify discount codes can be claimed in the same way. The only difference is the duration of a Shopify plan. You can grab the 97% discount offer for three consecutive months if you choose the monthly plan. And if you choose the yearly plan, you will be able to grab the 50% discount offer. But everything starts with a free trial. Let’s see what I am talking about.

Step #1. Visit the official website of Shopify and click on the “Start Free Trial” option.

Shopify Discount Code - Official Page

Step #2. Shopify will ask you a couple of questions to personalize your account according to your needs. Generally, these questions ask about your experience and what type of business you want to start with Shopify. You can fill in the details to personalize your account or just skip it.

Shopify Question

Step #3. On the next page, give your store a name and click on Next. (You can also skip this option)

Shopify Store Name

Step #4. Next, you will need to select the region or country where you want to sell your products. Then click on the Next button.

Shopify Country

Step #5. The next step is creating an account. Shopify offers you four options for signing up – Email, Google, Apple, and Facebook. You can choose one of the preferred options to create an account.

Shopify Create A Account

Step #6. After creating your account, you will be redirected to your Shopify store. Now at the bottom right corner of your store, you will see an option saying “Select a Plan.” Click on it.

Shopify Pricing Plans

Step #7. Now pick a suitable plan for your online store. (Monthly or yearly plan)

Step #8. In the next section, add your card details. Here you can also see the discount on price according to the plan you have chosen. 

Congrats! You have unlocked the free trial for your preferred plan. Shopify won’t charge you instantly, even after adding the card details. The discounted price will be auto-deducted once your 3-day free trial ends. 

Who is Shopify For?

Shopify is perfect for anyone who wants to start an online business or take their existing business online. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, small business owner, artist, or staying-at-home parent looking for extra income, Shopify has the tools and resources to help you turn your ideas into reality. 

With its easy-to-use platform and powerful features, Shopify makes it easy to build and manage an online store. From setting up a logo, managing inventory, accepting payments, delivering orders, and more – Shopify can help your business grow. 

With over 1 million active merchants using the platform worldwide, Shopify is the preferred choice for entrepreneurs of all levels. Their 24/7 customer support team provides assistance when needed, and the platform continuously updates to ensure that you have the latest tools available. With Shopify, you can rest assured knowing your business is supported every step of the way. Using the platform’s streamlined design and intuitive tools, anyone can quickly launch and manage an online store with ease.

Shopify Pricing Plans

Currently, Shopify offers three offers that you can choose for your online store.

Shopify PlanOriginal PriceDiscounted PriceKey Features 
Basic$39/month$29/monthUnlimited products, Two staff accounts, Basic performance reports, Four inventory locations
Shopify$105/month$79/monthAll Basic plan features, Five staff accounts, Advanced performance reports, Five inventory locations
Advanced$399/month$299/monthAll Shopify plan features, Eight inventory locations, Up to 88% discount on shipping rates, 15 staff accounts

Basic – $39/month

Shopify’s Basic plan is an ideal plan for beginners. The Basic plan offers you the best tools to kickstart your eCommerce business if you have just started your business. With this plan, you can add an unlimited number of products and sell limitlessly without any restrictions. 

Shopify – $105/month

This is Shopify’s most popular plan for small businesses. The plan provides you with powerful eCommerce features, which are enough for growth and increasing sales. 

Advanced – $399/month

Shopify’s Advanced plan offers the most robust eCommerce features. This is a suitable plan for growing businesses and large eCommerce stores. If you want superior growth and scaling, this is the plan. You will also get additional discounts on shipping rates and control over international pricing. 

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Conclusion: Shopify Discount Code (2023)

Shopify is one of the world’s leading eCommerce hosting platforms that offer adaptable eCommerce and selling features. Here you can create your custom online from scratch without any coding experience. Shopify already provides affordable prices for individuals and larger businesses, but exclusive seasonal discounts can save you a lot of money on monthly and yearly plans.

Shopify is offering a 97% discount on monthly plans (for three months), while yearly plans bring you a 50% discount without any terms and conditions. Grab these appealing and limited-time offers before they expire. 


How long does the Shopify free trial last?

Shopify’s free trial only lasts for three days, but you can increase it to 90 days with their exclusive offer, where you can access all the basic plan features for the first three months by paying $1/month.

Does Shopify offer a student discount?

No, Shopify does not offer any specific student discount. But the discount offer mentioned above can be used by students as well. They can also take advantage of Shopify’s three months offer.

How much maximum discount can I get on Shopify plans?

You can get a maximum of 25% of the Shopify annual plan for the first year only.

Do I have to pay transaction fees on Shopify?

If you are using Shopify payment options on your store, then you won’t have to pay any transaction fees for your sales. But if you use any third-party payment provider, then you will have to pay 2% in Basic Shopify, 1% in Shopify, and 0.5% in Advanced Shopify plans.

What is Shopify POS?

It is a point-of-sale app that allows you to sell your products offline and online together. You can manage your orders, fulfillment, and shipping directly from your mobile device.


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