Jungle Scout Pricing 2024: Which Plan Is Best For You?

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Jungle Scout is one of the most popular tools used by Amazon sellers today. With a suite of features to help you find and validate product opportunities, it provides an end-to-end solution. But what is the actual Jungle Scout pricing?

The subscription to Jungle Scout starts from $49/month, and it can go up to $999/year, depending on the plan you choose. Jungle Scout also comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee which allows you to try Jungle Scout for free.

I will be explaining all the plans of Jungle Scout in detail, along with their features, so you can make informed decisions while purchasing a subscription to Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout Pricing: Detailed Overview (2024)

Before we jump into the details, here is a quick overview of Jungle Scout pricing plans. 

Jungle Scout PlansMonthly PriceAnnual Price
Start-up Suite$189/3-month
Entrepreneur Suite$349/6-month
Freedom Builder Bootcamp$999/year

Jungle Scout offers both monthly and annual subscription options. There are 3 main plans: Basic, Suite, and Professional. Let’s take a detailed look at every Jungle Scout pricing tier: 

1. Basic Plan – $49/month Or $349/year

The Basic plan is a good option for new Amazon sellers who want to research and validate product opportunities. This plan gives you access to the Jungle Scout Chrome extension, which allows you to access the majority of tools while browsing the Amazon marketplace. It’s ideal for people who are just getting started. However, it lacks major advanced features you will need once you start selling.

Jungle Scout Basic Plan

The Basic plan includes:

  • 1 user license
  • Access to Jungle Scout browser extension
  • Limited access to Product Database, Product Tracker, Opportunity Finder, Supplier Database, & Keyword Scout
  • Amazon Sales Estimator (500 estimates/month)
  • 30 days of historical product tracking and keyword data 
  • Access to 10 Amazon marketplaces
  • Create manual review requests
  • Access to Sales Analytics and Listing Grader 

2. Suite Plan – $69/Month Or $589/Year

The Suite plan unlocks more advanced features you need to manage and grow an Amazon business. It’s also the most popular plan for exiting Amazon sellers. 

Jungle Scout Suite Plan

The Suite plan includes:

  • All the Basic plan features
  • 1 user license (add more seats at additional cost)
  • Extended access to Product Tracker, Amazon Sales Estimator 
  • Unlimited access to Opportunity Finder, Keyword Scout, Product Database, and Supplier Database
  • 50 AI Assists (Beta)
  • 3-month Product Tracking Data
  • 1-year Keyword Data

3. Professional – $129/Month Or $999/Year

The Professional plan caters to sellers who are running larger Amazon businesses or agencies managing multiple accounts. It offers unlimited access to the advanced features and provides more user seats at no additional costs. 

Jungle Scout Professional Plan

The Professional plan includes:

  • All the Suite plan features
  • 6 user licenses
  • Track up to 1000 products
  • 1500 estimates per month
  • 300 AI Assists (Beta)
  • 6-month Product Tracking Data
  • 2-year Keyword Data
  • Priority Onboarding and Support

Additionally, they offer “Packages” tailored to those looking for extra training and support when getting started on Amazon.

4. Cobalt – Custom Pricing

This is an enterprise solution from Jungle Scout which gives you access to market intelligence tools. This plan is perfect for retailers, agencies, and brands, and here is what you will get with this plan:

Jungle Scout Cobalt Plan
  • Track market trends and competitor performance
  • Analyze your Amazon performance data from a single dashboard
  • Access to all the features of Jungle Scout
  • Customizable dashboards to answer any critical eCommerce questions
  • Discover keyword trends on Amazon

5. Start-Up Suite – $189 for 3 Months

If you want to learn about Amazon FBA as quickly as possible, the Start-up Suite bundle is an ideal option. The plan includes all the features from the standard Suite plans. 

 Jungle Scout Pricing - Start Up Suite

You will get access to exclusive educational features and training courses. 

6. Entrepreneur Suite – $349 For 6 Months

Amazon sellers who are looking to start an international business and learn every detail of FBA should go for the Entrepreneur Suite package. 

Entrepreneur Suite

The plan not only gives you access to premium FBA courses but also saves you $65 on purchase. 

7. Freedom Builder Bootcamp – $999/year

Freedom Builder Bootcamp is the ultimate plan for sellers who want to inherit the FBA process completely while running a professional Amazon store.

Freedom Builder Bootcamp

You will also get live coaching sessions from Amazon and Jungle Scout experts. They will help you build an Amazon store from scratch and launch your first profitable product. 

Read our detailed Jungle Scout review to know everything about this amazing Amazon seller tool. 

Is There a Refund Policy on Jungle Scout?

All plans of Jungle Scout are backed with a risk-free 7-day money-back guarantee. You can cancel the subscribed plan within 7 days of purchase, and you will receive a 100% refund within 3-4 business days

Make sure to contact the Jungle Scout support team when you are canceling your subscription. 

Remember that the refund policy is only applicable for the first month of a specific Jungle Scout plan. You will not receive a refund for canceling renewed plans. 

Does Jungle Scout Offer A Free Trial?

Unfortunately, there isn’t any Jungle Scout free trial for new sellers. However, Jungle Scout offers a 7-day money-back guarantee, so you can rest assured that your money will be in safe hands. 

You can also check out our Jungle Scout Discount Codes to save up to 80% on package and standard plans. 

Which Jungle Scout Plan Offers The Best Value?

New Jungle Scout users often ask ‘which Jungle Scout is the best’ for their business. It’s obvious that every expensive plan offers unlimited access to advanced features, but it would be too expensive for new sellers. 

On the other hand, the Basic plan is only suitable for product validations and setting up your store.

The Suite plan is the ideal plan for both new and advanced sellers. With this plan, professional sellers can grow their business and launch new products to scale as it offers sufficient access to advanced tools. 

New users can use the educational material to learn more about FBA while running their store. It will help them advance their store and unlock more growth opportunities. 

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Conclusion: Jungle Scout Pricing (2024)

Jungle Scout offers excellent value for money, considering the extensive suite of features included. Their different pricing tier allows FBA sellers to choose the right plan for their business growth. 

You can purchase a monthly plan and renew it at your will or go for the annual plan for long-term membership. Annual subscriptions also give a flat 55% off on the monthly plan. 

No matter which paid plan you choose, you can try Jungle Scout risk-free with their 7-day refund policy. Sign up today to see how it can help your Amazon business and FBA career. 


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