9+ Best Dropshipping Courses To Take In 2023

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Ranking among the best dropshipping courses online isn’t enough to comprehend a course’s potential accurately. Dropshipping may appear simple, but keep in mind that the success rate of dropshipping is just 10%, and neglecting to provide your best in this sector can lead to failure soon. 

Creating a successful drop ship eCommerce business becomes more accessible and likely with the proper guidance and information. We compiled a few courses in the article below that will help you develop a dropship profession from the ground up but will also help you scale to 6-7 figures using proven and tested tactics.

With that, let’s get into the details!

Top 9 Dropshipping Courses: In A Nutshell (2023)

If you don’t want to get into the details of each dropshipping course, then look over the table below to get the key takeaways from each dropshipping course.

Sr. No.Dropshipping CoursesKey Takeaways
1. The complete Shopify Aliexpress Dropship courseBest in all aspects.
2.Dropship 101Best for guided learning through experts.
3.The Product Winner blueprintBest for product selection and dropshipping base.
4.Shopify Ninja MasterclassBest for beginners. 
5.Dropship LifestyleBest for detailed dropship knowledge.
6.eCom eliteBest to understand the use of social media for dropshipping.
7.eCom inner circleBest for mentorship and community support.
8.Build A Dropshipping Empire From ScratchBest for beginners with low budget.
9.Print on Demand With Etsy For Passive Income 2023 CourseBest for learning all aspects of POD and dropshipping with Etsy

Now that you have the list of courses, let us go through each one in detail to understand which course is right for you!

1. The Complete Shopify Aliexpress Dropship Course

The complete Shopify Aliexpress course on udemy helps you learn dropshipping from scratch without any technical or eCommerce knowledge.

Best Dropshipping Courses - The Complete Shopify Aliexpress

You will learn the tips and tricks to make a highly profitable business through dropshipping by getting a view of hot-selling products in the market and expertise on how to reach your target audience best. The beginning of the course would help you to understand the basics of drop shipping, whereas the end lecturers would focus on earning 100k/year or even more.


2. Dropshipping 101

The dropshipping 101 course on udemy takes you from the beginner to an advanced level in dropshipping. It teaches you the most critical topics in dropshipping, including the use of Shopify, Oberlo, and AliExpress for dropshipping. 

Furthermore, you acquire lifetime access to the dropping 101 courses with a one-time payment where you are taught the best ways to stay ahead of your competitors and the secrets of successful drop shipping that even experts are unaware of. 

Dropshipping 101

Moreover, you learn the marketplace tactics, including selling 1-2 products to increase the chances of looking more original and the first mover.


3. The Product Winner Blueprint

The product winner blueprint by Tristan Broughton helps you scale your dropshipping business even if you have zero ideas about dropshipping through step-by-step learning. The product winner blueprint course starts by helping you set up your store through detailed lessons and product selection understanding. 

The Product Winner Blueprint

Furthermore, you learn which products you shouldn’t sell and understand new research methods to strengthen your business base. The product winner blueprint course is meant to find the winning products, make more conversions, and scale the business.

Even though the course is made for beginners, it is best if you are already in the dropshipping business with basics.


4. Shopify Ninja Masterclass

The Shopify ninja masterclass is made for people willing to invest time and money to get detailed knowledge in dropshipping. Shopify ninja masterclass course gives personal attention to drop shippers through their private Facebook group while giving you theoretical and practical dropshipping knowledge through video lectures and updated information for dropshippers. 

Shopify Ninja Masterclass

The course teaches you techniques that 95% of dropshippers are unaware of, giving you better chances of success. Furthermore, you get bonuses, including creating a free Facebook ad funnel, hacks to double your conversion, and ways to use social media for scaling.


5. Dropship Lifestyle

Drop ship lifestyle is a dropshipping course designed by Anton. He built several successful ecom stores, now guiding confused drop shippers willing to start and scale their eCommerce store through dropshipping using tried and tested techniques. 

The course begins by explaining things by selecting dropshipping products to do business abroad, locating suppliers, outsourcing, etc. You further learn to sell your store and receive personal attention to learn excellent insights on dropshipping with its one-year private coaching. 

Dropship Lifestyle

Moreover, you can get customers within 21 days of enrollment in the course through its actionable lectures, live Q&A sessions, dropshipping resources, highly updated content, and expert tips.

Price: There are two pricing options in the drop ship lifestyle.

  • Premium package:$2997
  • Ultimate package:$4997

6. eCom Elites

eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett provides excellent value for money by giving you 170 lectures to create a successful eCommerce store through dropshipping using actionable hacks of utilizing social media and google search to drive organic traffic. 

eCom Elites

eCom elites are nowhere behind other drop shipping courses in terms of personal attention. You get access to its private FB group and two books for niche selection and selling 6-figures products. 

Furthermore, you get to understand the basics of SEO to increase your chances of better sales.

Price: you get the following pricing options in eCom Elites.

  • Standard:$197
  • Ultimate:$297

7. eCom Inner Circle

The eCom inner circle is a course for drop shippers willing to get support and be under the supervision of successful drop shippers. eCom’s inner circle stands out from other drop shipping courses through its incredible community of successful drop shippers with six figures and seven figures drop shipping businesses.

eCom Inner Circle

Additionally, you learn dropshipping with online video lectures and tried and tested templates to generate higher profit. Furthermore, you also get a private shipping network as a replacement for Aliexpress and upsell hacks. 

You also learn critical marketing skills and methods to spy on competitors and get ahead of them.

Price: There are two plans available on eCom inner circle.

  • eCom inner circle program {full access}:$397
  • eCom inner circle relaunch:$297

8. Build A Dropshipping Empire From Scratch

If you want to create a dropshipping business from the very beginning, then this is the right course for you to take. Theo McArthur is the creator of this course, and he teaches you how to start a successful dropshipping business with just a few dollars. In this course, you will learn to sell the right type of products for your dropshipping niche, how to set up a perfect website for your business, find the right suppliers, and so much more.


This course offers 6.5 hours of video content divided into 87 video lectures and 38 articles & resources. With this course, you will learn to optimize your website so you can reach your customers easily. The requirements for this course are very basic. All you need is basic computer skills, and that’s it.

Price: This is one of the best Udemy courses, and you can buy this course for just $16.99.

9. Print on Demand With Etsy For Passive Income 2023 Course

With this Udemy course, you can learn how to start a POD (print on demand) or dropshipping business with Etsy. All the processes of print-on-demand are just like dropshipping. But unlike dropshipping, you can create your own catalog by designing products online. And POD companies will design your product and deliver it to your customer. If you are an artist or graphic designer, this course will help you jumpstart your POD business like a pro.

Print on Demand With Etsy For Passive Income 2023 Course

The course contains 13 sections with 4 hours of video lectures that teach you how you can set up an automated Etsy storefront with print-on-demand or dropshipping services. You can download 15 learning resources and learn at your pace. Once purchased, the course will be valid for a lifetime, and all the updates and new lectures will be free. 

Price: The course usually costs $84.99, but right now, you can purchase it for $15.99. (30-day free trial included)

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Summing Up! Best Dropshipping Courses (2023)

Lastly, you must have figured out the course to take to grow and scale your dropshipping business. To summarize, opt for the dropship lifestyle to gain proper knowledge about dropshipping. If the dropship lifestyle is too expensive for you, consider the complete Shopify Aliexpress dropship course. 

If you want community support, go for the eCom inner circle recognized for its outstanding mentorship and community. We hope the preceding article has assisted you in understanding the top dropshipping courses. Let us know which dropping course you consider best in the comments below.


What is the most profitable dropshipping?

The below niches are most profitable for dropshipping.
Beauty and skincare
Home decor and tools
Jewelry and accessories
Baby products and toys

How to learn dropshipping for free?

You can go for the following courses to learn dropshipping for free.
Oberlo’s dropshipping 101
How to start a dropshipping business by Shopify
Very Ecom’s $0-$100k

Who are the best dropshipping suppliers?

The best dropshipping suppliers include Spocket, Modalyst, Salehoo, Wholesale2B, and Doba

How much do drop shippers make on average?

The average drop shipping income is $1000 per month, whereas you make $5000 with 6-12 months experienced high ticket dropshipping.


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