13+ Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools In 2024

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As an entrepreneur exploring starting a dropshipping business, I’m constantly researching to identify winning products to promote. But with so many trendy items saturating the market, I often wonder – what are the best tools available for dropshippers to efficiently validate and evaluate products to minimize risk?

Having tested various research solutions as a new dropshipper myself, I’ve identified specialized tools that cut through the guesswork by providing data-driven validation of potential products’ viability. 

In this guide, I’ll share the most useful dropshipping research tools I’ve used to gain confidence in prospective products based on profitability indicators and sales potential before investing time and money into promoting them.

Top 13 Dropshipping Product Research Tools: In A Nutshell (2024)

S.Tool NameStarting PriceSuitable PlatformTop Feature
1Sell The Trend$39/monthUniversalThe Nexus Product Finder
2ThieveFree, $15/monthAliExpressProduct Inspiration 
3AliShark$20/monthAliExpressExtensive Product Filtering
4FindNiche$9/monthAliExpress, ShopifyTop Dropshippers Finder
5AsifyFreeAliExpress, ShopifyQuick Competitive Analysis
6AliExpress DropshipFreeAliExpressFind AliExpress Suppliers
7Dropship SpyFree, $19/monthSocial Sites, AliExpReady Winning Products
8EcomhuntFree, $39/monthShopify, AliExp, FBFind Best Products Every Day
9Niche ScraperFree, $49/monthAli Express, ShopifyProduct Scraper/ Handpicked
10Commerce InspectorFree, $49/monthShopifyStores’ Data Analysis
11Intelligynce $39/monthAliExp, eBay, ShopifyKeyword Analysis/Generator
12Pexda$29.95/monthUniversalWinning Products Daily
13Dropship.io$29/monthUniversalDiscover Products With Potential

I assist you further, I have prepared a compilation of some of the best research tools for dropshipping. 

1. Sell The Trend – Best Overall

Let’s start with the best of all – Sell The Trend.  Every drop shipper will tell you that they/ve used Sell The Trend at least once in their dropshipping career. 

It’s a product research tool with complex subtools and algorithms that helps you find the most lucrative products in the market. You can easily locate the top trending products in various niches. The tool extracts the data directly from AliExpress, Shopify, and Amazon. 

Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools -Sell the Trend

You can find various data points regarding any particular product, such as price history, search volume, order history, product description, profit margin, and much more. You can also set the parameters to find the product that would suit your business requirements the most. 

Yes, the ample amount of data may overwhelm you, especially if you are a beginner, but once you get hold of the tools, it would only take a few minutes to find the winning products for your dropshipping store. 

Apart from finding the best products, you can also get inspiration for Facebook Ads, Shopify Ads, and much more. 

Pricing Detail

Sell The Trends comes with a 7-day free trial so you can get familiar with the tools before you purchase the premium plan. 

The monthly subscription will cost you $39/month. There are 2 months of free usage if you decide to purchase a yearly plan. 


  • The Nexus Hot tool helps you find the most demanding products from various online platforms instantly.
  • Easy to locate dropshipping products from the dashboard.
  • You can find product details such as current ratings, dropshipping stores selling the same product, number of suppliers, selling price, profit margin, etc.
  • Easy to access the product history, including the number of sales, pricing, and search volume


  • There are a lot of data points to study, which can create confusion in the beginning.
  • The price can be too high for beginners.

2. Thieve – Get The Best Inspiration

If you are just setting up your dropshipping store and have no clue about what to sell, Thieve can help you out. Although the tool is exclusively for AliExpress, the data is still valuable and can be used to find the winning products across the platforms. 

It’s a good platform not only for product research but to find product inspiration for your business. The best thing about Thieve is that if you are just looking for product inspiration, you can use the free version of the tool.


Thieve - Get The Best Inspiration

As far as product research is concerned, it takes a few minutes to find the top-trending products on AliExpress. Moreover, you can use various filters to narrow down your search to find exactly what suits your business. 

You can filter the products based on category, price, number of sales, shipping origin, shipping type, etc. 


Thieve comes in 3 subscription plans. Apart from the free plan, Dropship and Pro are priced at $15/month and $49/month respectively. 

Dropship is the most popular plan with all the premium research features you would need to conduct powerful product research. Additionally, there is a discount of up to 20% if you buy a yearly plan. 


  • The newly added Google Chrome extension helps you find the best suppliers for a product.
  • Multiple filtering options to perform deep product research to dig exactly what you are looking for.
  • A perfect tool to get inspiration and ideas for the products.


  • No trial period for premium plans.
  • The product research is limited to AliExpress.

3. AliShark – An AliExpress Exclusive

AliShark is another popular dropshipping product research tool that allows you to grab fruitful opportunities in a matter of a few minutes. 

If you are looking for extensive product research, AliShark has all the necessary filters available. The product data is updated hourly, so you can see the real-time product’s performance. This reduces the chances of errors up to 90%. 

AliShark - An AliExpress Exclusive

You can find out almost everything about a product such as the number of orders, price, reviews, sales performance, top markets (countries), and top dropshippers for the product. On AliShark, there is 2-6 months of sales history available for every product which helps you make a better judgment on whether or not to add the item to your dropshipping store. 

Also, if you are sizing up the competition, you can find other platforms where the product is listed as well as the top sellers for it. 


There is no free trial available for Alishark, however, you can purchase a 2-day trial for just $1. After that, you have to pay $20/month to continue using the services. 


  • Let you know about the top niches where you can find the winning products.
  • A variety of filters to discover the best and most profitable products to sell.
  • Almost free trial available ($1 for 2 days)


  • No automated search results. You have to find everything by yourself based on the data.
  • More suitable for AliExpress only

4. FindNiche – For Shopify Dropshippers

FindNiche is one of the most popular product finder tools available in the market these days. Since 2018, almost a quarter-million sellers from various platforms have been using the platform to find hidden top-performing products for dropshipping. 

It has one of the largest databases of over 100 million products and more than 3 million stores on different e-commerce platforms. Whether you are dropshipping on Ali or Shopify, FindNiche helps you find the best-performing products along with valuable data, such as the top dropshippers for the product, the highest-selling markets, and so on.

FindNiche - Overview

Competitor tracking helps you keep an eye on your competitors’ store, their products, and relative prices. 

You can analyze current trends for any product based on their search volume, number of orders/wishlists, sales trends, etc. As a Shopify seller, you can locate your competitors’ stores by keywords or domain name. 

For your convenience, FindNiche’s smart algorithms find the top 20 products from a niche with the lowest competition. 


There is a basic plan available at just $9/month, where you can find the product ideas for AliExpress. You can also perform 20 product researches every day. 

Elite and Premium Plans come at $59/month and $99/month, respectively. You can also get a VIP account at $199-$499 based on your business requirements. 

Elite and Premium plans are available for a 3-day free trial at just $1


  • Large product database of over 100 million
  • Perfect for AliExpress and Shopify both
  • Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram Ad Spy
  • Find the list of top dropshippers on Shopify


  • Relatively expensive premium plans
  • Steep learning curve

5. Asify – The Best Free Product Research

Asify is a free Google Chrome extension that makes your product research quick and convenient. 

While browsing through the products on Ali, you can use the Asify extension to find out key details such as everyday sales, top buyer countries, and top sellers for the product. Additionally, you can access the product sales history for up to 15-30 days which includes the price, search volume, and the number of times the item has been ordered or added to the wishlist. 

Asify - Home Page

Similar to Sell The Trend, there are various filters available such as product price, order processing time, shipping country, number of orders, and much more. You can also find suppliers for a particular product, along with their prices and shipping costs. 

There is a profitability calculator that estimates the expected profit margin of a product based on the given selling price. 


Here comes the best bit. The Asify extension is absolutely free. 


  • Easy to install and use while browsing through products on AliExpress
  • Product research history is available (last 200 searches)
  • Supplier search 


  • Questionable data accuracy at times
  • Limited product research-related tools 

6. AliExpress Dropshipping Center

If you are dropshipping on AliExpress, it’s probably the best product research tool you can get. 

It features various search tools to help you find product ideas, top niches to sell products from, and your top competitors.  There are various ways to find products, such as Hot selling products, search by Image, and sponsored products. 

The hot Selling Products tab shows you the top-performing products from various niches. You can further refine your search using filters such as shipping duration, price, shipping destination, shipping from, estimated delivery time, and so on. 

AliExpress Dropshipping Center

The search-by-image feature allows you to find the product simply by uploading the product image. All you have to do is upload a picture of an item, and it shows you all the related products along with the number of orders, price, and product rating. 

Sponsored Products shows you the products that dropshippers have paid for to be listed on the website. 

You can also find out the product performance over a long period through the product analysis tool. 

Pricing Detail

AliExpress dropshipping center is completely free whether you are using AliExpress to sell your products or not.


  • No monthly subscription
  • Find Sponsored products and their prices to find out whether it’s worth paying AliExpress to list your products.
  • Search the products by image


  • It’s only useful if you are using AliExpress for dropshipping

7. Dropship Spy

The next one on the list is Dropship Spy, another popular Product research tool for dropshippers. It helps you find the top-selling products from AliExpress as well as from popular social platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. 

YOu can also get detailed insights for any AliExpress product, such as current and past sales figures, profit margins, bestsellers for the product, and much more. Not only that, you can also find the top sellers of a product on Amazon and eBay, along with the keywords from different markets (countries).

Dropship Spy

To decide whether or not a product is worth your time and money, there is historical sales data available for each product that includes weekly sales analysis, price trends, and profit analysis. 

Moreover, you can connect with the top suppliers for the products, download product reviews from various platforms, contact social media influencers, and calculate the profitability of any product.


Currently, Dropship Spy has 2 plans – Hobby and Pro. 

The hobby plan is just to see the winning products, but if you want to perform detailed product research, you can get the Pro plan at $19/month or $150/year.


  • A comprehensive dropshipping kit with various product research and analysis tools.
  • Easy to connect to find top suppliers
  • Find social media influencers to advertise your products.


  • Hand-picked products may not always be the best-performing ones.
  • No trial period for the premium plan

8. Ecomhunt

Ecomhunt is similar to Dropship Spy and emphasizes hand-picked products more. They update the list of best-selling products on the platform every single day, along with some key data points such as selling price, product rating, etc. 

If you are a newbie in dropshipping and wondering what product category to choose, Ecomhunt can help you big time. If you want to know the performance of the product on different platforms, you can find the sales analysis from eBay and AliExpress. 


Apart from the hand-picked products, you can check the selling price, production cost, and expected profit margin for the product. Moreover, you can find the number of stores that are dropshipping the same product.

Further, you can read product reviews, estimated CPA, Facebook engagement analysis, and information about the top sellers. My personal favorite feature of Ecomhunt is that it shows a list of top influencers from the same niche.


Ecomhunt has 4 plans – Free, Basic, Pro, and Suite.

The free plan included limited access to the product database and 10 live trending product information. The basic plan comes at $29/month and gives you full access to the product database. 

Pro and Suite Plans cost $49 and $69, respectively, and give you more free hand on the research and analysis tools with an extended number of everyday searches. 


  • Finds trending and best-selling products across Amazon, eBay and AliExpress
  • Provides key metrics like price, monthly sales, competition for products
  • Filters and sorts products easily by sales, reviews, price, etc.


  • Limited to product research, no supplier or inventory management
  • Provides estimates but data is not always fully accurate

9. Niche Scraper

Niche Scrapper is a beginner-friendly product research tool in terms of both – economic and ease of use. The powerful product finder can help you track the low-hanging fruits on AliExpress and Shopify. Similar to Ecomhunt, there is a list of winning products every day to help you find some product ideas on a daily basis. 

The main attraction of this product research tool is its robust product scraper tool that brings you the best selling products on AliExpress/Shopify. You can also filter the results based on different parameters such as the number of orders, selling price, competition score, product growth over a week, etc.

Niche Scraper

If you are dropshipping on Shopify, things get even more interesting for you, As a Shopify user, you can simply use the dropshipping filter to find the products only from the dropshippers rather than all the sellers.


Of course, there is a free plan where you get the winning product ideas with a delay of 3 days. 

However, the Pro Plan is priced at $49/month and gives you full access to all the research and tracking tools. Yes, the price is a bit on the higher side, especially for beginners, but there is a discount on the given price usually, and you can get the Niche Scraper for as low as $13/month.


  • Unlimited free account with limited functionality.
  • Easy-to-use interface, perfect for beginners
  • Power Product Scraper tool to find the winning products.


  • Not enough sales data
  • High price without discount 

10. Commerce Inspector

The Commerce Inspector is a one-stop solution for dropshippers where they can hunt down the best products to sell, gather product data, locate successful ads, and get the latest sales trends.

Through the Commerce Inspector Chrome extension, you can find the monthly sales figures for any product, the ads that are generating the traffic, monthly search volume, and much more.

Commerce Inspector

If you are not into deep product research, you can simply check the Trends section to find out ready-to-sell winning products along with their price, the number of units sold, and total revenue. 

Coming to the best part of the tool – The competitive analysis. Commerce Inspector is probably the best tool to spy on your competitors, top dropshippers, and successful brands. There is sales data available from over 800k premium brands as well as from the top dropshippers. You can individually check each brand, their traffic, the units sold, and ads. 

Pricing Detail

You can download the Commerce Inspector’s Chrome extension for free with limited access to the product and sales data. 

For more serious research, you can grab any of the 4 premium plans from the company – Start, Grow, Scale, and Conquer. 

Start – Priced at $29.month/$348/year and provides you unlimited data from up to 3 stores.

If you want to spy on more stores, you can purchase Grow or Scale plans at $59 and $149, respectively. 

If you are an established dropshipper, you can get the highest plan, where you can access the data from all the stores at a price of $299/month. 


  • A perfect tool for competitive analysis
  • 1-3 ready-to-sell winning product suggestions every day
  • Free Google Chrome extension 


  • Premium plans are a bit more expensive than the competitors
  • Beginners may struggle to get hold of all the tools and features.

11. Intelligynce

The last one on the list is a great product research tool that probably dad the highest number of data points to study. SO if you are into extensive product research, Intelligynce is the right tool for you. 

It features 3 unique ways to find the top products – AliExpress Search Engine, Bing search, and custom inputs. To find the top-ranking products on Ali, all you have to do is type the keyphrase related to the product or niche you are looking for and set the parameters such as shipping/destination country, price, paid/free shipping, and much more. 


The process is a lot simpler for Bing and manual search. To find the products related to your keyword on Bing, you just need to type the keyword, the input the number of big search pages you want to consider. You can also select the destination country and find the best products. 

In manual search, you simply take the link of an AliExpress product and search for the products.

There are as many as 33 data points for every product, the highest of all. For every product research, you can see product ID, shipping country, selling price, estimated monthly revenue, supplier for the product, keywords, top sellers, and much much more, 

Pricing Detail

Currently, the Premium plan of Intelligynce is priced at $39/month or $79 for a whole year. There is also a lifetime subscription available at $99. 


  • One of the most detailed product analyses.
  • Keyword generator tool
  • Affordable lifetime subscription


  • The amount of data can be overwhelming to beginners
  • Accuracy is somewhat compromised for some searches

12. Pexda

Pexa is another great product research tool for dropshipping. The best part about Pexda is that they offer you six new products to try in your store every day. You can find winning products for your store, and don’t waste your time and money on bad ones.


Pexda also offers Facebook Ads campaign copies, specifically those that are working for them and their current users. You can also discover hot products before they go viral, and you could be the very first store to sell a product that recently came into demand. There are also a few market segments you may not have tapped into or even know about; Pexda helps you discover them.

Pexda also has a Chrome Extension that can give you auto-hunt options, AliExpress targeting suggestions, and incredible support without even visiting the website.


Pexda has three pricing options: Standard, Premium, and Ultimate.

You can use the features of the Standard plan for 14 days at just $1.95, and after that, you will need to pay $29.95/mo. The premium plan costs $49.95/mo, and the ultimate plan costs $199.95/mo.

Pexda is also offering a 50% discount on all these plans, but this sale won’t be available for long.


  • Get new winning products every day
  • Facebook Ad copies for your inspiration
  • Discover hot products before they go viral


  • It does not offer any user guide to use the tool
  • It will not provide products up to your expectation

13. Dropship.io

If you are searching for a dropshipping product research tool that is beginner-friendly and easy to use, then Dropship.io is the right option for you. The interface of this tool is smooth and easy to navigate, and you can easily find winning dropshipping products.

In its product database, you can find products from almost every category you can think of, and it also shows you the daily sales of every product. You can also analyze other dropshipping stores that are selling a product and how much revenue they are making every day.


It has advanced filters that you can use to find better product opportunities for your dropshipping store. You can analyze all the data in real-time, which will help you find the right product for your business. It also shows you the best-selling products in each category when you open a category in the product database.

They also have a feature that sends product suggestions with potential every week, and it is called Portfolio. Their specialists find these products based on their sales, growth, and future projections.

Pricing Detail

Dropship.io comes with three pricing options: Basic, Standard, and Premium.

The Basic plan costs $29/mo or $228/year, the standard costs $49/mo or $348/year, and the premium plan costs $79/mo or $588/year.

You can also try any one of these plans with a 7-day free trial.


  • Advanced filters to help you find the best products
  • Get product suggestions weekly on your dashboard
  • Track the progress of multiple stores at once


  • It is hard to find the best supplier for the product you want to use
  • The pricing of Dropship.io is a bit expensive compared to other tools on this list

Why Use A Product Research Tool?

The key to surviving in any online trade is to have a winning product to sell. A product that helps you survive at least till the initial phase of your business.  Whether you are involved with a conventional online selling platform such as Amazon, or simply dropshipping the products on Shopify, AliExpress, etc., you have to have a product that can generate a decent profit margin for you to build a foundation upon. 

Dropshipping is relatively easier to start, but there is a huge competition to face. Also, the level of competition is second to none since there are millions of vendors trying to establish themselves in the e-commerce arena. 

As I mentioned in the beginning, manual product research is going to eat up a lot of your time, and the chances of blunder will be very high. A product that appears juicy may turn out to be a disaster if you overlook or misinterpret even small details, such as the seasonal performance of the item. 

A dropshipping product research tool, on the other hand, automates the process of product research and makes it smart, quick, and more efficient. It’s a tool that gathers information regarding each product listed on various dropshipping websites.

You can find out what products are currently trending, what are the competitive prices, what is the status of availability, and so on. Some good research tools will give you detailed insights about the competition the product brings to you, the most lucrative niches, the sales history of the product, and much more. 

Here are some key features of a dropshipping product research tool:

  • Provides you with valuable product details and helps you choose the right product for your business.
  • Gathers the product data from various e-commerce platforms to give you a better idea about the price and competition
  • Helps you track the financial activities of your dropshipping business, such as expenses, profit margins, net income, and so on.
  • Fully automates the product research process and saves you a lot of time and labor.

Dropshipping Product Research Tool: What To Look For?

Agreed. Compared to the one with the mainstream selling method, dropshipping product research is not that intricate. There are fewer parameters to consider, and a relatively smaller analysis is required. The main reason behind the difference is that since you are not investing a large chunk in the inventory, you can afford to fire the bullet in the dark. In other words, the risk level is much lower in Dropshipping compared to direct selling methods, for example, on Amazon or eBay

However, you can’t ignore the importance of a winning product. And to find a perfect product for your dropshipping product, you need a suitable product research tool. But what are the parameters you should consider before choosing the research tool? Let’s have a look:

  • Are you looking for a free product research tool? Or a tool that offers a free account for a limited period?
  • Does your budget allow you to spend money on a product research tool?
  • Are you willing to spend time analyzing the product data extracted by the tool or do you just want the few best products?
  • Are you willing to study complex data points and detailed research?
  • Do you want a tool with multiple filters and parameters to help you make the adjustments based on your business requirements?

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Dropshipping Product Research Tool: Is It Worth Investing In 2024?

That’s all in this guide.  Dropshipping or not, product research is a key process in any online trading business. Things change quickly in the e-commerce market and it’s important to stay up-to-date with the price fluctuations, market trends, competitors’ strategies, etc. A good product research tool takes care of all these factors and eliminates all the guesswork from the equation.

  • If you are a beginner and looking for a quick way to find the winning products, the Asify chrome extension will do the job for you.
  • For more detailed product research and analysis, get a premium version of Intelligence.

My personal pick from the list, without a double, would be Sell The Trends. It’s a perfectly balanced product research tool for dropshippers with an intuitive user interface and great product suggestions. 

Hope this guide will help you pick the right tool for you. Just analyze your requirements, use the trial version of 1-2 tools, and make an informed decision. 


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