20+ Best Private Label Products To Sell In 2024

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Are you looking for private label products to sell? Don’t look further, I have got your back.

Private Label has always been considered the most sustainable business model. Private label sellers also get more sales and profit compared to other sellers. That’s why 90% of millionaires related to eCommerce businesses are private-label. And there are plenty of other reasons you must start a private label business.

Starting a private label is not as hard as people assume. All you need is a million-dollar product idea and capital investment, and you are all set to run a full-time business on any eCommerce platform or marketplace. Finding a private-label product can be a bit of a stretch. It can take a lot of research to find one for business. That’s why I am here to help you. 

In this post, I am going to list 15 private-label products to sell. You can take ideas from this list to create a successful private-label business.

Let’s get started.

Profit Margin of A Private Label Business

Compared to other business models, private label is the one with huge potential profit margins. While other businesses have a maximum profit margin of 50%, private label business owners bag around 80% to 90% profit (depending on the product you sell) in sales. However, the capital investment is also higher than others. But your one-time investment can bring lifetime benefits, so it is worth giving a try. 

Here’s how you can calculate your profit in a private label business:

  • Suppose you have sourced/manufactured a single unit for $5. So the cost of one unit = $5
  • You have 1000 units in your inventory. The total cost of 1000 units = $5*1000 = $5000
  • After including shipping charges & other taxes, you list a single unit for $25. So the total price of all units = $25*1000 = $25000
  • Profit gained = $25000 – $5000 = $20000
  • Net Profit = $20000/$25000*100 = 80%

However, it is an example of calculating the profit margin in a private label business. But what you receive in the end depends on how much you reinvest in production and spend on working staff. 

How To Start A Private Label Business?

You can start a private label business using two methods. The first one is manufacturing your own products. In this method, you invest money in purchasing resources, accessories, and machines to manufacture your own products. You pack your own products under your brand name. The capital investment can be a lot, but you keep most of the profit after selling products. Using this method, you will never run out of inventory since you handle your production. You will have control over your brand and product’s quality which matters the most.

The other private label method is sourcing products from wholesale suppliers and manufacturers. This method is used by thousands of sellers since they have started with a much lower investment, and still, they are running a private-label business under their brand name. But there are many disadvantages to running this type of business model. Like, you will not have control over the quality, and if you source your from China, it can take months to arrive your inventory. That means you will have a hard time restocking your inventory in out-of-stock situations. 

Regardless of what private method you choose, you make a lot of profit in the end. Each method has its own risks and rewards. Finally, it all depends on you which business method you choose. However, I can help with some of the best product ideas that you can choose to start a full-time private label business.

20+ Private Label Product Ideas For Selling (2024)

Here are some of the best product ideas for private-label businesses. 

1. Clothing

Clothing is one of the first choices that come to mind while starting a business. And why not? After food and shelter, clothing comes in third as basic needs of human life. In current times, most people prefer fashion over casuals. That makes it a strong niche in any marketplace.

In 2021, the clothing industry estimated around $1.5 trillion in revenue at a growth rate of 16.32%. The number shows how colossal this market is. However, starting a private label business in this category can be a bit of stress at the start. 

Private Label Products To Sell - Clothing

There must be millions of merchants who have already established their online stores. So you might be facing a lot of competition to build a brand. Still, marketing and promotion can help you overcome your competitors. 

Trending Products in this Category

  • Hoodies Under Blazers
  • Boiler Suits
  • Oversized bomber Jacket
  • Puff Sleeves
  • Cropped cardigans

2. Essential Oils

Essential Oils, often used for aromatherapy, are a form of alternative medicine that uses plant extracts to offer health benefits. Apart from that, they are also used as natural scents, diffusers, freshen up laundry, etc. Just for these reasons, the popularity of essential oils is reaching sky-high. 

You can find more than 200 different types of essential oils that are being used by consumers worldwide. The market size of essential oils is valued at almost $5.4 billion in the US at a growth rate of 9.8%. According to the stats, it is an excellent choice for a private-label business.

Trending Products in this Category

  • Organic Lavender
  • Organic Peppermint
  • Ginger Oil
  • Clary Sage
  • Germ Fighter Oil Blend

3. Phone Accessories

Currently, the phone accessories market is almost worth $108 billion. By 2026, the numbers are expected to reach more than $280 billion. These stats show great potential to start a private label business.

Products like pop sockets, card wallets, car mounts, and self-charging phone cases are already trending in this category. Still, you can find a huge variety of products to sell under your brand name. Sourcing multiple types of accessories from wholesale suppliers is a lot easier than manufacturing them on your own. 

The best thing about this category is that capital investment is relatively low, but the profit margins are off the charts. So investing in this category is worth a try.

Trending Products in this Category

  • Screen Protectors
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Headphones
  • Selfie Sticks
  • Portable Chargers

4. Cosmetics

The beauty industry is considered one of the biggest industries in the eCommerce market. Cosmetics is just a part of it. This year’s revenue from the cosmetics market is estimated at around $80.4 billion and shows great potential for a private label business even after a 19% decrease in overall sales.

Private Label Products To Sell - Cosmetics

If I talk about particularly skincare products, the sales rate rises up by 16%. This particular sub-category is expected to hit $177 billion in 2025. The reason is that youth are ready to spend billions in order to stay with the latest fashion. With a good product idea and a little bit of research, you can take off your business in no time.

Trending Products in this Category

  • Charcoal Skincare Products
  • Cruelty-free Makeup Kit
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Coffee Scrub
  • Organic Sunscreen

5. Stationery

Despite digital learning being the hottest term in recent times, there is no doubt one-on-one learning is better for education. Since the tragedic pandemic is almost over and schools are being reopened, stationery is a distinguished category for a private-label business.

From children to adults, everybody needs stationery products at some time as no one can completely rely on electronic gadgets for a long time. So you might want to reckon to add stationery-related items such as pencil cases, pens, notepads, geometry boxes, etc. 

After a huge fall in total revenue in 2019, 2020, and 2021, this category has shown a growth rate of 11.39% in 2022. Now it is expected to hit $341.7 billion by 2027. Seeing these numbers, you can think about this category for the business.

Trending Products in this Category

  • Watercolor Prints
  • Sticky Notes, Journals, and Notebooks
  • Labels, Folders, and Dividers
  • Report Covers
  • Calendars

6. Gaming Accessories

The gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing media industries in the world. With more than 1.8 billion monthly active users, the gaming industry has surpassed the film industry by $100 billion in business earnings. 

The growth potential in the gaming industry is enormous, but finding the right spot to focus on can take a lot of effort. If you want to focus mobile gaming industry, you can target products like high-performance gaming phones or small accessories like triggers, finger sleeves, and controllers. If you target PC games, you can find tons of potential products to sell, such as live streaming devices, Elgato, graphics cards, wireless accessories, etc. 

Trending Products in this Category

  • Gaming Chair
  • Mobile Triggers
  • Finger Sleeves
  • Wireless Controller
  • Gaming Mouse

7. Footwear

Like clothing, footwear is also a necessary part of one’s life. So there are many lucrative and significant ROIs (return on investment). The footwear industry estimated around $530.5 billion in revenue at a CAGR of 5.5% in 2021.

Starting a footwear business can take time and effort. Don’t list too many types of footwear at the same time, as it can cause confusion to your potential customer. Instead, choose a particular shoe category and offer varieties and color options to your customers. It will impact your audience differently, as this product category has a bright future ahead.

Trending Products in this Category

  • Sneakers
  • Boat Shoes
  • Flip Flops
  • Strappy Heels
  • Ankle Boots

8. Toys

The toy is an interesting category for a private label business. In this category, your potential audience is kids and children. All you have to do is find something unique that grabs their attention. If they like your product, they will cry out to get them, or their parents will buy it somehow. For you, it’s a win-win situation.

Private Label Products To Sell - Toys

You can find a variety of toys and games from Chinese suppliers. So you can make a private label business just by sourcing products from them. However, you need to get along with trends. It will make sure your products appear at the top of the search results. 

Trending Products in this Category

  • LCD Writing Tablet
  • Scooter for Kids
  • Legos
  • Talking Cactus
  • Rubik’s Cube

9. Electronics

As an integral part of everyone’s life, the Electronics industry is the one with the most sales, revenue, and growth. 2022 is yet to end, but consumer electronics still capped more than $1,062 billion in revenue. The market is growing at a growth rate of 2.51%.

Focusing on details is the key to creating a successful private-label business in electronics. The more you design your item and its packaging, the more it will grab the attention of consumers. Try to find products from sub-categories rather than high-volume electrical appliances. 

Trending Products in this Category

  • Smart Watch with Bluetooth
  • Wireless Charging Pod
  • Ring Light
  • Power Bank
  • Wireless Keyboard, Mouse, and Speaker

10. Home Decor

Is interior designing your niche, or do you have any strong product ideas that can brighten up anyone’s home? If your answer is yes, then creating a brand in home decor would make a lot of sense. The revenue of the global market of home decor is estimated at $662.45 billion in 2022. And it is expected to reach $1037.14 billion at a growth rate of 6.6%.

Home Decor

The best part of this category is that you get limitless options for product ideas. You can go with a sub-category that matches your niche. For instance, you can start by sourcing a small amount from a third-party supplier or manufacturer. If that product thrives in your store, you can consider manufacturing your own or sourcing a large number from your supplier.

Trending Products in this Category

  • RGB Strips and String Lights
  • Room Freshener
  • Artificial Plant
  • Organic Aroma and Scented Candles
  • Digital Table Clock

11. Water Bottles

The global environment is going through a bad trot which is why society is getting conscious of this matter. Now, people are avoiding plastic materials from their lives. It gives you the opportunity to launch an eco-friendly business. 

Now, there are many water bottle ideas that last longer than traditional plastic bottles and offer better health benefits. There are various designs and materials available that you can choose to target a health-conscious audience. So, creating a water bottle brand has a bright future.

Trending Products in this Category

  • Water Bottles with Time Marker
  • Stainless Steel Water Bottles
  • Plastic Water Bottle Combo
  • Sipper Bottles
  • Plastic & Stainless Steel Thermos Bottles

12. Furniture

Furniture is what makes a brick & mortar a complete house. Whether it is re-decoration or replacement, people are always in need of furniture making. This need makes it a never-ending business category. And the furniture market is expected to grow to $947 billion by 2027 at a growth rate of 6.33%.

Building a private-label brand in furniture is affordable and sustainable. You can start your own furniture manufacturing facility as the capital investment for raw materials and equipment are quite low. However, you will need a great product idea and a unique design or model to stand out from the competition.

Trending Products in this Category

  • Adjustable Laptop Stand
  • Foldable Side Table
  • Hanging Wood Shelf
  • Shoe Rack
  • Garden Armchair

13. Smart Backpacks

The smart backpack is one of those products with the highest traffic in recent times. The backpack business has always grown at a steady rate in the eCommerce market. After modern technology has taken over, smart backpacks have gone crazy on the internet.

From GPS tracking to charging accessories, now smart backpacks can do more than just carry your luggage. So selling smart backpacks under your brand name can be a great opportunity a create a sustainable private-label business. 

Trending Products in this Category

  • In-built Power Bank
  • Anti-theft Backpack
  • Laptop Bags
  • Trekking Backpack
  • Slouchy Shoulder Bags

14. Kitchen Appliances And Gadgets

Every woman and homemaker wants a unique set of kitchen gadgets that help them in their kitchen activities. That’s why so many tools are being invented that makes women’s life easier. Take the veggie chopper as an example. Usually, you cut vegetables one by one, which takes plenty of time. But with a veggie chopper, you can cut all your vegetables and fruits within a few minutes.

Kitchen Appliances

The market of kitchen appliances is currently valued at $112 billion in revenue (at a CAGR of 6.7%). These growth factors show great potential for a private label. All you need to do is find something unique that can provide value to regular kitchen users.

Trending Products in this Category

  • Silicone Dish Rack
  • Rapid Egg Cooker
  • Scrub Daddy
  • Veggie Chopper
  • Cutting Board with Containers

15. Eyewear

It becomes frustrating for everyone when it comes to replacing an expensive pair of glasses or frames. So why not set up a private label business that focuses on providing high-quality and durable eyewear accessories? It will not just make a sustainable business, but it will also make your audience come again to shop from your store.

If you don’t want to manufacture your own eyewear products, you can find a manufacturer that manufactures high-quality and trending products. You can boost your sales and profit margins by having different styles and trending products in your possession.

Trending Products in this Category

  • Smart Glasses
  • Eye-protection Glasses
  • Sports Glasses
  • Frames Glasses
  • Sunglasses & Swimming Goggles

16. Workout Equipment

Staying fit and active has become crucial to people’s daily routines. This is why the demand for workout equipment has skyrocketed. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this category has seen a significant fall in overall sales. But after that, it started rising in the market once again.

Now gym goers are more concerned about their hygiene and safety, so they carry their own mats and jump ropes. Products like these can be great potential for online private-label business. The global fitness market is expected to reach $20 billion by 2030, so it can be a great opportunity to launch innovative products in this category. 

Trending Products in this Category

  • Resistance Bands
  • Yoga Mats
  • Jump Ropes
  • Dumbbells
  • Adjustable Weight Benches

17. Gardening Tools

Gardening is an activity enjoyed by people of all ages. During the pandemic and restrictions, people were forced to stay in their homes. So many people developed a gardening hobby as concerned civilians towards their environment. Since more people are taking an interest in gardening, the demand for gardening tools is also rising drastically.

The current gardening equipment market size is valued at $48.91 billion and is expected to reach $75 billion by 2031 at a growth rate of 6.2%. Starting a private-label business in gardening business can generate huge profits as it doesn’t require a lot of resources to manufacture such products. 

Trending Products in this Category

  • Garden Gloves
  • Watering Cans
  • Trowels and Cultivators
  • Pruning Shears
  • Hedge Trimmers

18. Camping Accessories 

With travel restrictions imposed during the pandemic, camping has become an increasingly popular activity. People started exploring their local hill stations and wilderness to add new experiences to their lives. According to a poll, over two-thirds of US citizens have been involved in outdoor activities after the pandemic.

The global market of camping equipment is currently valued at $22.18 billion. Now, it is expected to reach $43.25 billion at a CAGR of 7.7% by 2031. These stats show great potential for new private-label businesses. If you want to start a business in this category, consider targeting regions with hill and forest areas. 

Trending Products in this Category

  • Camping Tents
  • Headlamps
  • Portable Camping Chairs
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Fire Starters

19. Hair Care Products

Hair is one of the crucial aspects of people’s fashion. However, hair care products have always been in demand. And with the growing awareness of the importance of self-care, online retailers are making six figures every month. Entrepreneurs can take advantage of this huge demand by selling private-label hair products online. 

According to a survey, the average cost of launching a private-label business in a hair care line is only $24K. For a private-label business, this is not a very high investment. And resources to produce hair products are easily available worldwide. 

Trending Products in this Category

  • Hair Serums and Oils
  • Shampoo and Conditioners
  • Hairsprays and Gels
  • Combs
  • Hair Treatments

20. Supplements

According to a US report, 77% of adults are actively trying to improve their health in various ways. Some of them take vitamins, and some gymgoers take supplements to gain muscles and body. The requirement for supplements is particularly rising in Asia, Europe, and America. So, it can be a great opportunity to start a supplement business in these markets.

There’s no doubt that it is a lucrative business opportunity for private-label, but your products must qualify for the legal standards of such products. You can easily target local gyms and fitness centers to sell your products as they purchase supplements and vitamins in bulk. 

Trending Products in this Category

  • Protein Powder
  • Multivitamins
  • Omega-3 Supplements 
  • Probiotics
  • Pre-workout Supplements

Conclusion: Private Label Products To Sell (2024)

Running a private label business has many benefits, but you need to make a lot of effort in order to build an empire. Finding a product idea is just a part of it. But before looking for a product, you need to decide your niche and create a business plan. Then you can consider looking for a product and how you will manage the manufacturing or sourcing of that specific product to fulfill your inventory. 

The list mentioned above has many potential products that can create a great private-label business. You can choose one for your business, but you will need to make exceptional efforts in order to make your business stand out from others. 

So are you up for this challenge? Let me know in the comment section if this post help with your purpose.

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