How To Use AI To Increase Amazon Sales In 2024?

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As an eCommerce platform with millions of customers around the globe, Amazon offers sellers a huge marketplace to showcase their products and reach a broader audience. However, the intense competition on the platform doesn’t make it easier for Amazon sellers, especially for beginners. 

At present, AI is one of the most advanced technologies that help people solve complex problems within seconds.  Similarly, AI can be a remarkable tool for Amazon sellers. They can use it to make advanced strategies in order to increase conversions and sales. 

In this post, I will showcase how to use AI to increase Amazon sales. I have also included the benefits of using ChatGPT, one of the most advanced AIs in recent times, to stay ahead of the competition. 

Let’s get started. 

How Can AI Help Sellers Increase Amazon Sales?

AI was invented almost 70 years ago, which is a pretty long time for someone to believe. Over the years, it kept becoming advanced. But in the past 20 years, it made everyone realize that machines and AI can do everything that a human possibly can do—with more precision. 

The AI era started with software like OpenAI and ChatGPT. These AIs are capable of giving answers to your queries by analyzing the data from Google and other top websites. The same goes for Amazon sellers. They can use Ai to increase their sales in several ways. First, they can use AI to optimize their product listings, making it easier for customers to find their products. These AI tools use their advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze customers’ behavior and preferences and help sellers tailor their listings to target a specific audience. 

Another way sellers can use AI to increase their Amazon sales is by personalizing their advertisements and marketing campaigns. AI can help you generate potential high-performing keywords that you can bid on for your campaigns so your product can appear to your target audience. You can also use it to optimize your pricing according to the ongoing competition.

6 Smart Strategies To Grow Your Amazon Sales Using AI

Here are some brilliant strategies that you can apply to your Amazon business using AI to improve your efficiency, consistency, and profitability. Since ChatGPT is considered one of the most powerful AIs in the current times, I will give examples to give you ideas for each section. 

1. Optimizing Product Listings

For Amazon sellers, getting their products to appear in front of their target audience is their first priority. Your product needs to be optimized with proper SEO to achieve this feat. AI technology can help you with product optimization by analyzing relevant keywords, descriptions, bullet points, and other key data points that determine what factors influence product ranking on Amazon. 

How To Use AI To Increase Amazon Sales - Optimizing Product Listings

Most Amazon sellers use ChatGPT as their AI tool to optimize their listings to increase their sales. You can use this chatbot by putting language inputs, such as sentences and paragraphs, and your priorities, like bullet points, keywords, etc. Here’s how you can generate a compelling Amazon listing title using specific keywords.

As you can see, it gave a couple of examples for your listing title. Similarly, you can generate product descriptions, benefits, and bullet points using precise inputs and keywords. 

2. Targeting the Right Audience

If an Amazon seller wants to increase their conversion and sales, they must target the right audience with their product listings and SEO. Luckily, AI has those abilities in its buckets. You can use AI to analyze customer data, such as search history, purchasing habits, behavior on the platform, and other demographics. By analyzing this data, you can identify potential customers in a particular marketplace, and you can easily target them with proper SEO and keywords. 

Targeting the Right Audience

Here’s an example of how you can find relevant keywords and target audiences for your product using AI.

As you can see, it also provided the necessary information in the end so you can optimize your listing with proper keywords and SEO to target a relevant audience for your product.

3. Improving Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is one of the crucial factors in increasing Amazon sales. If you are getting enough sales, you need to apply strategies to increase customer engagement and retain a customer base. AI will help you analyze essential insights into what customers are looking for and how they prefer to interact with brands. 

Improving Customer Engagement

You can also use AI to provide immediate support for customers’ queries. For example:

4. Pricing Optimization

When you run an online store on Amazon, pricing management and optimization are crucial for profitability and an increase in sales. For that, you need to set your product’s price competitive in order to stay ahead of the competition. AI helps you set competitive pricing by analyzing and comparing the prices of similar products in a specific category. 

Pricing Optimization

However, the predictions in this section can never be 100% accurate as no AI is capable of retrieving accurate data from Amazon. Even the most distinguished seller tools are not capable of retrieving data with 100% accuracy.

The following example validates what I am saying.

But it gave you some valuable tips to improve your pricing optimization strategy, which is enough to assume competitive pricing without any help from an Amazon seller tool. 

5. Creating Effective Advertising Campaigns

Marketing and advertisement campaigns are the best and most effective ways to increase sales on Amazon. These campaigns help your products rank at the top of the search results so customers can easily find them and make purchases. However, you need to have crucial insights and customer data in order to make your marketing campaigns effective.

Creating Effective Advertising

AI can provide you with essential data regarding customers’ needs so you can create tailored content for your marketing campaigns. You can generate high-volume keywords if you are using Amazon Sponsored Ads for advertising.

6. Analyzing Customer Feedback

You can also use AI to identify what customers are saying about your product by asking the AI to analyze your customers’ reviews and feedback. It allows you to determine what customers like and dislike about your products. By analyzing customer feedback, you can make data-driven decisions to improve your product quality, services, etc., to improve your sales and customer loyalty. 

Analyzing Customer Feedback

You can copy your customers’ feedback in the chat box and ask for the good and bad of these reviews. You can use this example as an idea.

This way, you can easily discover what changes you need to make your product stand out from your competitors’ products. 

How To Use ChatGPT for Maximum Results

ChatGPT is one of the most powerful AI models, with an enormous 175 billion parameters. The AI tool can help you with a variety of tasks related to Amazon’s business.

Except for retrieving data from Amazon, ChatGPT is capable of doing everything that a seller tool can do. If you have just started on Amazon, you can use ChatGPT with various terms, as mentioned above. Since ChatGPT uses natural language processing (NLP) to provide solutions, sellers can create a compelling product listing to target their audience.

However, you need to provide specific prompts and clear inputs from users in order to get relevant output. So make sure to specify your query with specific input to get an accurate solution. We have also created a detailed guide on how ChatGPT can help Amazon sellers.

AI Tools For Amazon Sellers

There are multiple AI tools that Amazon sellers can use to increase their ROI. ChatGPT can only give you ideas on what you should do, but these AI tools can optimize your listings, give you keywords to improve the rankings of your products, and so on. 

Here are a few AI tools that Amazon sellers can use:

1. Helium 10

Helium 10 is one of the best Amazon FBA tools because of its product & keyword research, market analysis, and listing optimization features. The Helium 10 AI helps you find the best products to sell, along with high-converting keywords that you can use to improve the rankings of your products. Get to know more about Helium 10 through our detailed review here.


Here’s how Helium 10 Can Help Amazon Sellers:

  • Analyze the recent trends and help you find the best products to sell
  • Scrape your competitors’ high-performing products & keywords
  • Build the entire listing using the Listing Builder AI tool
  • Optimize your PPC campaigns with the help of Adtomic tool
  • Protect your inventory and send you alerts when someone tries to hijack your listing

Pricing: The pricing of Helium 10 starts from $39/month, and it also has a free plan, which you can use however long you want.

2. Jungle Scout

Like Helium 10, Jungle Scout helps you analyze your competition, find the best niche & products, and high-converting keywords, and optimize your existing listing or build an entirely new listing from scratch. Learn more about Jungle Scout through our in-depth Jungle Scout review.


Here’s how Jungle Scout Can Help Amazon Sellers:

  • Learn about current category trends and the top-selling products of those categories
  • Find the suppliers for your products with the help of the Supplier Database tool
  • Send automatic review requests to customers whenever they purchase from your store
  • Track how your ad campaigns are performing
  • Optimize your listing using the AI Assist tool

Pricing: The pricing of Jungle Scout starts from $49/month, and it comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

3. Viral Launch

Viral Launch is another Amazon seller tool that uses AI to help you find the products, conduct competitor analysis, identify keyword opportunities, and launch the products. Like Helium 10 and Jungle Scout, Viral Launch offers tools for product research, keyword research, competitor intelligence, analyzing listings, etc.

Viral Launch

Here’s how Viral Launch Can Help Amazon Sellers:

  • Identify the gaps and demand in the market and search for the best products to fill them
  • Get access to the key metrics of your competitors and analyze their products
  • Use AI to build your listing and provide detailed descriptions of your products 
  • Run the split testing tool to see which listing will bring in the most ROI
  • Set up, monitor, and manage your PPC campaigns using the Kinetic PPC tool

Pricing: The pricing of Viral Launch starts from $69/month, and it also comes with a 14-day free trial on the premium plans.

Conclusion: How To Use AI To Increase Amazon Sales (2024)

Overall, using AI with your seller’s strategies can take your Amazon business to a whole new level. With AI, you can optimize your listing and create effective marketing campaigns to increase your product’s visibility on Amazon. You can use popular AI tools like ChatGPT, OpenAI, and DALL-E 3 to get relevant solutions for your Amazon business. 

However, you need to use such technology wisely, as it requires specific prompts and NLP to generate results. And you can’t rely on these AI tools completely because they aren’t capable of providing accurate Amazon data. Luckily, ChatGPT provides enough solutions for sellers to reduce heavy burdens so they can kick-start their business and increase sales without any specific seller tool. 


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