Amazon Deleted All My Reviews: What Are The Next Steps?

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Amazon Shoppers leaving reviews on a product plays a vital role in an Amazon Seller’s sales and marketplace. Even when you are about to buy something from Amazon, reading a couple of reviews gives you an idea about how good that particular product is. 

It can be frustrating when Amazon deletes your customer’s feedback as a seller. Sometimes it becomes one of the main reasons for your decreasing sales. Even if you are a reviewer, you won’t like your honest opinion or feedback being removed for no reason. 

Amazon deletes or blocks reviews & feedback on different circumstances. In this post, we will let you know why this happens and how you can avoid such situations as a seller or reviewer. 

Why is Amazon Deleting or Blocking My Reviews? 

Sometimes, Amazon sets a restriction for product reviews. And if you leave many reviews in a short time, Amazon detects it as spam, and it might get deleted. 

Customer Reviews

You’ll never know how Amazon operates behind the curtain or any specific way to guess what exactly happened with your review. There aren’t any official statements about blocked accounts or deleted reviews. But it seems people are reporting enormously on a few common situations. 

  • Deleted Review: This situation is often issued by sellers who are getting a decent amount of sales but not enough reviews, even after requesting reviews through Amazon’s feedback tool. It has created a dilemma for those Amazon sellers upon why Amazon is deleting their own reviews. 
  • Blocked Reviews: Sometimes, not getting reviews on products (even on BSR-rated products) indicates that review access has been blocked. Sellers will never notice this situation unless a buyer reports such an issue. And if your items are being stopped from receiving reviews and you are unaware, it won’t get back soon because nobody is reporting to Amazon except you. 
  • Limiting Reviews: To get ranked on Amazon, some sellers leave fake reviews on their products; that’s why Amazon puts a limit on the number of reviews a product can get. If you use a review checker app, you can find fake reviews on your products and delete them.
  • Your listing gets flagged for unusual activity: If you use a review bot to get credit on your Amazon listing, you might get flagged for unusual activity. These review bots rephrase the same review over and over again on the same product. If your listing gets flagged, your reviews will get deleted or blocked.

When Amazon detects tons of reviews all of a sudden or higher sales in a short time, they put a review block on receiving feedback as there might be a review bot affecting your listing.

What to Do If My Amazon Account Gets Removed? 

Believe it or not, Amazon reads all the reviews and feedback left by a shopper. It doesn’t matter if your account is verified or unverified; Amazon got the authority to track your review history. 

If their team suspects or finds out you are leaving deceitful feedback or reviews in exchange for complimentary products, and your account will get removed on an immediate response. 

After your account is removed from Amazon, you can neither purchase a product nor leave a review. The Amazon team does this to maintain a clean feedback environment with genuine and legitimate reviews. 

Sometimes their scanning system deletes thousands of fraudulent reviews in one go. In that process, someone’s honest review gets wiped out for no reason. In that case, you can follow the quick steps to get back to your account. 

If Your Reviews Are Just Suppressed 

If Amazon mistakenly removes your account, then there is a chance you can get your account back. With your review being removed with your account still intact, it means that Amazon just suppressed your reviews, but no one can read them. You can contact their team support to give them enough proof of your honest feedback. If they find your account legit, all your reviews and feedback will return in no time. 

Make a New Account 

If Amazon denies your request to restore your current account, you can create a new one and start writing reviews again. Make sure you don’t use the exact details of your previous account because if you do that and Amazon detects the same details with two different emails, you will not be able to access your new account as well. 

Follow these steps to make a new account.

  • Clear browsing history and cookies 
  • Use a new username and a fresh email 
  • Use different mailing and payment methods 
  • Use a new IP address 

Leave Your Review Short and Meaningful. 

Well, Amazon hasn’t set a limit on reviews. But if you are careless in writing biased opinions and feedback on the same item, it will raise suspicion for the Amazon team. 

As a seller, you can only receive a definite number of reviews on a product each week from unverified profiles. Once you reach the limit, the shopper will receive an error saying that their review can’t be accepted. 

So instead of leaving an instant review after purchase, we suggest you wait at least 2-3 days after delivery, then leave a short and meaningful response. Don’t leave plenty of reviews in a short time as it can raise suspicion, and it might get deleted after Amazon detects it. 

Stay Clean

If you are a seller, you must play by the rules. Running a black or grey hat tactic on your marketplace only gets you flagged, listing nothing else. 

If you use a review bot for fake reviews and leave 5-star ratings on your products, it can get you in trouble. So think twice before using those tactics and read Amazon’s review policy for a better understanding. Stay within your guidelines, and you are 100% safe from getting flagged. 

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Conclusion: Amazon Deleted All My Reviews

This is all we got solutions for your reviews and feedback from deleted from Amazon. Nobody wants their account or legitimate review deleted for no reason. But people using cheap tactics to get free products or increase sales left no choice to the company. 

By removing fraudulent activity from products, you will get more exposure and credibility than the others. Be honest with your response, and do not write anything that composes risk for your account. This way, both reviewers and sellers will be safe from being flagged. 


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