Freedom Ticket Review 2024: Everything You Need To Know

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Looking for a detailed Freedom Ticket review? Don’t look further, you have reached the right page.

Currently, Amazon’s FBA business is rocking the world with its mojo. You must have seen people making fortunes just by selling products on Amazon. But they must have invested years of struggle and effort before reaching this feat. 

To become a successful FBA seller, you need to understand Amazon’s ecosystem and marketing strategies. You can do a lot of research here and there in order to have a deep understanding of FBA. Or you can save your energy by finding the right training program for Amazon FBA business.

Freedom Ticket is one of those courses that provide you with in-depth knowledge and expertise to quickly adapt to the process of becoming a successful Amazon seller. That’s why I brought you a detailed Freedom Ticket review covering all the critical aspects.

So, let’s get started.

Freedom Ticket Review: In a Nutshell (2024)

The Freedom Ticket is an ultimate Amazon FBA course designed to help Amazon FBA sellers and merchants across the globe. The course is a collection of in-depth lessons, strategies, and tips. With this course, you learn to sell on Amazon using the best practices used by industry experts. 

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The Freedom Ticket was initially started by famous eCommerce sales expert Manny Coats and Helium 10’s co-founder, Guillermo Puyol, in 2017. However, the newest 3.0 version of the course was created by successful eCommerce entrepreneur Kevin King. The latest 3.0 version contains the best and trending strategies to ace Amazon FBA business.

Freedom Ticket: Pros & Cons

Freedom Ticket is all about learning and gaining knowledge about the FBA business. But every course has its own advantages and drawbacks, and so does Freedom Ticket. 


  • An in-depth eCommerce education and training
  • One-on-one training from Amazon experts
  • Long-term income approach
  • Structured course schedule
  • Investment and profit strategies
  • Kept updating according to the trend


  • Singular perspective
  • Various startup costs

What is Included In The Freedom Ticket Program?

The Freedom Ticket is designed to motivate committed FBA sellers so that they can learn exceptional skills to master Amazon FBA business. Eventually, the Freedom Ticket is your one-way ticket to switch careers by ditching boring nine-to-five. 

The course will give you major insights into a product’s profitability, ranking, and marketing. Let’s see what Freedom Ticket has to offer: 

  • Ten-week exclusive Amazon FBA business training
  • A complete guide on private label and eCommerce sales
  • Stepwise guide on selling on Amazon
  • Video guides in multi-language subtitles
  • Access to Helium 10’s seller tools 
  • Access to Helium 10’s real-time data
  • Strategies to drive more traffic and sales 
  • Private sessions with successful Amazon sellers and marketing experts 
  • Bonus week for selling on the Walmart marketplace 
  • 100+ detailed videos 

Freedom Ticket Program: Course Details

The Freedom Ticket’s long-term training is divided into ten weeks which includes in-depth video guides and private sessions. 

Let’s dig deeper into the course.

Freedom Ticket Review -  Course

Week 1: About Selling on Amazon

The first week of this course starts with Kevin’s introduction and about this course. Kevin talks about Amazon’s business environment setting up the scene so you get cozy with the Amazon FBA business and look forward to grabbing the awaited opportunities.

Week 1 - Intro To Amazon Selling

Kevin deeply explained about FBA business and cleared that this one requires sheer will and commitment in order to achieve success. Kevin himself has been doing FBA for a very long time, so he is not sugarcoating anything. Except he seemed realistic and spitting out the actual facts as being a long-time merchant of FBA. Let’s see what more is included in the first module:

  • Freedom Ticket overview
  • FBA business opportunities
  • Different ways to sell on Amazon
  • How much investment is required to sell on Amazon 
  • What to do if you are low on budget 
  • About Private Label selling 
  • Business valuation spreadsheets
  • Summary of the course 

Week 2: The Basics

This week has 15 modules, along with two upcoming new chapters. The lessons contain the strategies to set up an FBA business from scratch. You will also learn about other important factors and walkthroughs of Amazon Seller Central. Let’s see what’s more in this module:

Week 2 - Basics Of Amazon Selling
  • About Amazon Seller Central
  • Business formation requirements
  • Financial requirements
  • Managing foreign currencies 
  • Intellectual property patents and trademarks
  • Brand registry
  • Ladder of Loyalty
  • What to expect at the beginning of your FBA journey 

Week 3: Investment and Profit Calculation

In this week’s training, Kevin teaches you all about making money. In this module, you learn about investment, cost estimation, and finances. There are 15 chapters included in this week. Here are more details about this module:

Week 3 - All About Money
  • What can you do with a $5,000 investment in Amazon
  • Cash flow introduction
  • Costs you need to sell on Amazon 
  • Using the Profit Calculator
  • How to get paid fast
  • Overview of sponsored ads
  • Things to consider selling on Amazon
  • Exit goals
  • About Kevin’s own products 

Week 4: Finding the Right Product to Sell

This is one of the most important weeks of all as you are about to find out the strategies for finding the winning products for your Amazon FBA business. You might already know that Freedom Ticket is affiliated with Helium 10 subscription. So in this module, Kevin teaches you how to use Helium 10’s seller tools to find the best profitable product within your niche. 

Finding A Product To Sell

Helium 10’s Black Box is one of those tools that may come in handy in finding you the right product for your business. Let’s see what this module consists of:

  • Where to look for product ideas
  • Overview of Helium 10’s Seller Tools
  • Keyword and product research
  • Using Black Box to Find Winning Products 
  • How to choose a product for selling
  • About product differentiation
  • What is product compliance
  • Competitor research and reviews 
  • Bonus modules from FTX
  • Product opportunity test
  • Licensing basics
  • Product evaluation spreadsheet
  • How to get data from Amazon 

Week 5: Sourcing the Product

After choosing the dream product for your business, you need to find ways to source it to sell on Amazon. So this week’s going to be a real deal as you will learn about core information on product creation and sourcing. Let’s see what’s more included in this module:

Week 5 - Getting Your Product Made
  • How to source products
  • How to avoid getting ripped off
  • 12 common rookie mistakes while sourcing products
  • Sourcing from China
  • Using YiwuGo for sourcing
  • How much to order
  • Manufacturing unique products
  • How to source private label products
  • The biggest challenge Kevin faced while selling on Amazon 

Week 6: Shipping Terms

Most of the topics covered in this week are already included as a part of the previous week. However, Kevin realized that compliance modules on taxes, customs, shipping, and import regulations need a separate week for learners to abstract the content.

Week 6 - Freight & Logistics

The week also contains shipping strategies from famous industry experts. This module requires utter concentration as you might start to feel overwhelmed by the lessons. It is better to take notes seriously if you don’t want to make any rookie mistakes while running your business. What’s more, included in the module:

  • Ways to ship
  • Shipping terms and problems
  • Creating shipment in Seller Central
  • About FBM fulfillment
  • Introduction of Shipping Master Class
  • Save money using three master strategies 
  • Shipment modes
  • Ten common mistakes you should avoid
  • Packing for international shipping
  • Shipping and logistics
  • SPD vs. LTL

Week 7: Learn about Sales and Ranking 

After an overwhelming yet crucial week 6, the lessons in the 7th week are going to be a little comfortable. In this module, you will finally learn about selling your products. So Kevin will be covering more specific topics such as brand registration and how to secure trademarks and patents. Furthermore, you will also learn about product listing, keyword research, and more. Let’s see what this module includes:

Week 7 - How To Make Sales on Amazon
  • Overview of A9 Search Engine
  • Important ranking factors
  • Basics of making sales
  • Ways to get discovered on Amazon
  • Prohibited seller activities
  • Sales stopped checklist
  • Using Brand Analytics and Cerebro to find keywords 
  • Bonus module

Week 8: Creating Product Listing and Sales Page

This week’s module teaches you about creating a sales page and product listing on Amazon. You’ll learn how to use Helium 10’s tools, such as Magnet, Cerebro, and Scribble, to create a successful product listing. You will also learn about driving traffic toward your sales page using proper keywords. Here’s more about this module:

Week 8 - How To Create Your Sales Page
  • Structure of a product listing
  • Analyzing competitors’ listings
  • How to write a compelling title, description, and bullet points
  • Completing backend keywords
  • Creating descriptive images
  • Copywriting strategies to sell more
  • Keys to a good product listing
  • Creating A+ content
  • Using Listing Builder and Frankenstein tools
  • Inventory management
  • Bonus modules 

Week 9: Launching the Product

Week 9 and 10 used to be in a single module in the previous version. Now there are two separate parts covering your business’s critical phases.

Week 9 - Launching Your Product

This week’s module talks all about launching your first product, promotions, and internal advertising options. You will learn how to set up discounts and promotions on your sales page to turn visitors into customers. Here’s more about this module:

  • Setting up promotional discounts
  • How to set up follow-up emails
  • Using Amazon posts
  • Using press releases
  • About Amazon Live
  • Launching your product
  • Tactics for Amazon ranking
  • Facebook for Amazon 
  • Product launch strategies
  • Chatbot basics for sellers
  • Influencer partnership 

Week 10: Marketing and Promotion

The final week is all about outside promotions and marketing the products using Amazon’s PPC campaigns. Some sellers might think that Amazon is now double dipping even after taking a piece of profits for warehousing and shipping. And now, why will you need PPC advertising to stay in the competition?

Week 10 - Using Amazon Advertising

To help solve this tricky topic, the experts take you to the depth of this module, explaining all the essentials to achieve better ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend). You will also understand crucial metrics like TACoS. Let’s see what’s in this module:

  • Amazon Advertising 101
  • About sponsored ads
  • Overview of Amazon PPC
  • Understanding campaign framework
  • PPC terminology
  • Campaign placements
  • Bidding strategies
  • Best practices for initial campaigns
  • Campaign optimization
  • Ten common mistakes
  • Wrapping up 

During the last two weeks’ lessons, you will get to meet Manuel Suarez, one of the finest social media marketing experts. He and Kevin will be covering a few additional topics, such as social media marketing, Facebook Ads, and sales funnel creation. The purpose is to give sellers a non-Amazon marketing perspective so they can leverage all the marketing options out there in the market. 

Bonus Week: Selling on Walmart

“Selling on Walmart” is a brand new section that has been added to Freedom Ticket’s exclusive training program. Walmart records around 120 monthly visitors, which makes it another best option to sell your products. Experienced sellers can take advantage of this opportunity and expand their online business to this massive marketplace.

Week 11 - Selling on Walmart

The module is run by Carrie Miller and Tim Jordan. In this module, they will take you through a step-by-step guide on taking advantage of Amazon products and selling them on Walmart. Let’s see what’s more in this module:

  • Freedom Ticket Walmart introduction
  • Selling on Walmart
  • How to get approved for selling on Walmart
  • Setting up a current account
  • Determining products to sell on Walmart
  • Listing optimization 
  • Walmart maintenance files
  • Walmart fulfillment services
  • Setting up campaigns on Walmart
  • Fundamentals of Walmart PPC
  • Ranking your products
  • Daily management 

How to get the Freedom Ticket Certificate?

In order to get the Freedom Ticket Certification, you need to complete the course. You need to watch all the videos, or you can mark all the lesson videos as completed. But that’s not how you get the certificate. 

Once the course is 100% completed, you will unlock the Freedom Ticket certification test. The test includes quizzes based on the videos, interviews, and lessons you have learned from the course. You need to score at least 70% or higher on the certification test to get certified as a graduate of Freedom Ticket. Eventually, you will also get a digital degree.

Who Should Use Freedom Ticket?

If you are a beginner Amazon seller and want to learn everything about selling on Amazon, then the Freedom Ticket course is the best option for you. Now Freedom Ticket course is a part of Helium 10, so you get access to all the tools of Helium 10 along with this course in just one subscription. The course teaches you to sell private-label physical products on Amazon.

This course also helps experienced sellers take their business to the next level. You can learn the basics of selling on Amazon and make your FBA business foundation strong. If you are having difficulty finding the right product to sell, then you can use Helium 10’s product research tool to find the best products to sell.

Freedom Ticket: Pricing Plans

The course comes free with Helium 10’s Amazon tool suites. So if you are going to start an Amazon FBA business and want to use sellers’ tools, you can begin with Helium 10’s Starter plan. You will get access to the exclusive FBA seller’s tool along with the Freedom Ticket training program. 


Freedom Ticket is accessible for free with all Helium 10 plans. So, no need to worry about purchasing a specific plan. Just pick a plan that suits your business and get access to the course without any additional cost. There is a 20% discount available on Helium 10, which you can check out on our Helium 10 coupon page.

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Final Verdict: Learn How To Sell On Amazon With Freedom Ticket Course

Amazon FBA is becoming one of the most profitable business models in the world. So being an Amazon seller is a serious job. Like other professions, you need to have a proper understanding of the FBA business before you become a part of this. That’s where the Freedom Ticket comes into play.

Freedom Ticket provides the essential factors and strategies you need to get along with the Amazon FBA business. Once you start the program, you will eliminate all the guesswork and finally take the right steps to make seven to eight figures. Not only will it guide you through launching your first product, but it will also help you find the best marketing ways to grow your traffic and sales.


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