Viral Launch Coupon Code: Get Upto 40% Off

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Scavenging the internet for a working Viral Launch coupon Code? Well, your search is now completed on this page.

There are many coupons available on the internet but none of them working right now. So to find your valid coupon codes, I’ve done a tie-up with Viral Launch and brought you not one but two working coupon codes. Both of these coupons are working right now.

With this post, I’ve brought you two Viral Launch coupons and also how to claim them easily. At the end of the post, I’ve also explained Viral Launch pricing for you.

Let’s get into more details.

Available Viral Launch Coupon 2021

When I started my FBA journey, I wanted to use a tool that was beginner-friendly. After thorough research, I ended up using Viral Launch to start my business. Since that day I’ve expanded my business to a larger scale all thanks to Viral Launch’s robust features. 

Now if you’re starting your journey but have a low budget then don’t worry use any one of the coupons to get a huge discount. Let’s take a look at both of these coupons:

Coupon 1. This coupon is one of my favorite coupons because it gives a total discount of 40% on all Viral Launch’s yearly plans. If you’re hoping to do this business for a long time then I would definitely recommend you to use this coupon.

Coupon 2. This coupon gets you a discount of 20% on Viral Launch’s monthly plans. This discount is only available for the first month of Viral Launch. If you want to test the tool then use this coupon and get the offer applied instantly.

Both of these coupons are valid only in 2021 so use them before they expire.


40% Off/ Yearly Plan


20% Off/ Monthly Plan

How To Claim Viral Launch Coupon Easily?

Now you might be wondering how can I claim these coupons. Well, I have made the process really easy for you. I’ve created a special discount link for Viral Launch that will apply the offer for you instantly. But you still need to follow these given steps in order to complete your purchase. Let’s take a look at all those steps:

Step 1. Click on my discount link, in the next screen you will see the official website of Viral Launch. From there you need to click on the pricing section of Viral Launch. It will look something like this.

Viral Launch Coupon Code - Overview

Step 2. There are three basic plans available on Viral Launch. Choose any one of them based on your requirements. All of these plans have monthly and yearly versions. Choose any one of the versions and the offer will be activated automatically. 

Viral Launch - Pricing

Step 3. You’ve selected a plan on Viral Launch, now in the next step, you will need to create a new account of Viral Launch. If you have an active Viral Launch account then don’t use that one if you want the offer. Use your personal information to create a new one and then click on the “Subscribe Now” button.

Viral Launch - User Information

Step 4. This is the final step and here you will need to give your payment information to complete your purchase. 

You’ve completed all the above steps in the same order. Now you will receive an account activation email from Viral Launch on your registered email address. Log in with the email address and password you’ve created and start using Viral Launch instantly.

Viral Launch Pricing Explained

If you’re looking for affordable plans then Viral Launch has not one but three affordable plans available based on your requirements. If you use the coupon on those plans then you will get them at a lesser price. Let’s discuss these plans in detail:

1. Essential Plan: The monthly version of the Essential plan costs $69/month and the yearly version costs $58/month. For a beginner, this plan is a viable choice because this plan gives you access to Amazon product filtering, advice & guidance, global data, keyword search volume, browser search extension, and so on.

2. Pro Plan: The monthly version of the Pro plan costs $99/month and the yearly version costs $83/month. There is a two-monthly free offer available with all the plans if you choose the yearly version of it. This plan gives you access to listing health analysis, rank tracking & alerts, SEO & optimization, competitor monitoring, different metrics, and so on. You will also get access to all the features of the Essential plan.

3. Pro Plus Ads Plan: The monthly version of the Pro plus ads plan costs $199/month and the yearly version costs $166/month. This plan is good for expert Amazon sellers. With this plan, you will get access to organic plus PPC keyword tracking, 24*7 campaign monitoring & adjustments, customized automation, and so on. You will also get all the features of the Pro Plan.

I’ve explained all the three pricing plans of Viral Launch. Now you have to make a decision based on your requirements.

Conclusion: Viral Launch Coupon Code & Discount

I’ve used Viral Launch thoroughly and I know everything about this tool. This is the second-highest accurate tool when it comes to data accuracy. The accuracy rate of Viral Launch is 74%. You can trust the tool completely to find the best products.

I’ve mentioned both of the coupons and also how to claim them. Now it is up to you to choose between them. Let me know what do you think about Viral Launch in the comment section below.

FAQs On Viral Launch Coupon Code

Does Viral Launch offer any free trial?

To their brand new users, Viral Launch offers a 14-day free trial. You can select any of the plans and use the tool for free for 14 days.

What is the refund policy of Viral Launch? 

Unfortunately, Viral Launch does not have a refund policy. Once you purchase a plan on Viral Launch, you can not go back.

Is anything better than Viral Launch?

There are many Amazon selling tools available in the market such as Helium 10, Jungle Scout, AmzScout, AmazOwl, and many more. Every one of them offers different and similar features.

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