15 Best Amazon FBA Tools For Sellers To Use In 2024

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Looking for the best tools to help you unlock new levels of Amazon FBA success? The top FBA tools on the market today, like Helium 10, Jungle Scout, and Viral Launch, are absolute game-changers! 📈

With just a few clicks, these intelligent platforms equip you with accurate product research, demand forecasting, keyword tracking, competitor insights, and dynamic listing optimization to dominate Amazon Best Sellers faster than you can blink. 🤯 Say bye to guesswork and unlock maximum profits with minimum effort!

To help you find the best and most affordable FBA tool, I have prepared this list 📝 of the best Amazon FBA tools and compared all of them based on their features, benefits, drawbacks, and pricing. 

Top 15 Amazon FBA Tools: In A Nutshell (2024) 

S. No.Amazon FBA Tool NameBest Feature
1Helium 10Comprehensive all-in-one Amazon FBA Solution
2Jungle Scout Best for Product Research and Analytics
3AMZScoutBest for Keyword Research 
4Viral Launch Best for Product Sourcing and Launching 
5SellicsAmazon Seller Analytics and Optimization Platform
6Feedback WhizBest for Feedback and Review Management
7Keepa Amazon Research and Pricing Tracker
8Inventory LabAmazon Inventory and Financial Management Tool
9CamelCamelCamelProduct Price Tracker and Product History Tool
10ZonGuruBest for Finding Products & Optimizing Listing
11SellerToolsOptimize, Automate & Manage Your Amazon Business
12RepricerAmazon Buy Box Predictor & Repricing Strategy
13TeikametricsCreate & Manage Ad Campaigns For Your Businesss
14QuickbooksTrack Your Income, Expenses & Taxes
15Cin7Manage Your Inventory In A Smart Way

Here is my hand-picked list of the best Amazon FBA tools. Each tool is unique and offers various benefits to its users. Let’s know more about them. 

1. Helium 10

Helium 10 is one of the best Amazon FBA tools that helps a seller in all possible areas. It offers a suite of seller tools designed to help FBA merchants with product research, listing optimization, inventory management, etc. With one premium subscription to Helium 10, you get access to 22 different tools that help sellers build their Amazon business from scratch.

Helium 10 also includes a keyword research tool that comes with an advanced filter that helps sellers find high-volume and relevant keywords for listing optimization and PPC campaigns. 

Amazon FBA Tools - Helium 10

Inventory management is one of the crucial aspects where most sellers fail. Thanks to Helium 10’s cutting-edge inventory management features that help sellers manage inventory levels and even forecast future supplies according to the product’s sell-through rate.

The platform also offers launch tools for promotions and PPC campaigns, as well as tools that help Amazon sellers monitor their competitors’ products, pricing, and sales performance. We also have an exclusive coupon to help you save big on Helium 10 plans.

Bonus: We have also done a detailed review on Helium 10 where we have explained all of its features in detail.

Key Features

  • Product research tool with advanced filters
  • Listing optimization tool for new and existing product listings
  • A keyword research tool to find high-volume keywords for various purposes
  • Launch tools for PPC campaigns and product promotions
  • Inventory management and forecast tools
  • Competitor analysis and monitoring tool


  • Reports can take time to generate results 
  • Some tools have a learning curve

Starting Price: $39/month

2. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is another all-in-one FBA tool suite for Amazon sellers. The platform is known for its unparalleled product research capabilities. In fact, no other tool can beat in this section. Apart from finding profitable products, Jungle Scout also helps you with listing optimization and conducting market research. With its premium membership, sellers can get access to features and tools that will help them at every stage of their Amazon business.

Most of its tool works similarly to Helium 10. For example, its product research tool allows you to set filters and parameters so you can find the most profitable product in a specific category.’

Jungle Scout

Besides other features, Jungle Scout’s two tools are unique and worth mentioning: promotions and supplier database. With the Promotions feature, you can promote and advertise your Amazon products within Jungle Scout. It allows you to fetch early sales without setting up expensive PPC campaigns. On the other hand, the supplier database tool helps sellers find a vetted supplier for the products they have selected.

The database contains essential information about suppliers, such as contact details, delivery times, ratings, etc. You will also get a self-explanatory sales analytics dashboard that shows products’ performance and provides insights so sellers can make necessary adjustments. You can save a lot with our Jungle Scout promo code on its subscription.

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Key Features

  • Exclusive product and keyword research tools
  • Extensive product database with advanced search parameters
  • Sales analytics dashboard
  • Inventory management features
  • Opportunity finder tool for niche research
  • A supplier database that offers information on thousands of vetted sellers


  • Quite expensive compared to other tools
  • Some features require separate add-ons and subscription

Starting Price: $49/month

3. AMZScout

AMZScout is a premium Amazon FBA tool that provides sellers with product research and data analysis tools. It allows sellers to find profitable niche opportunities and products by analyzing data from different Amazon marketplaces.

AMZScout’s product research tool derives data points such as estimated sales, competitive prices, and other key metrics before finding a winning product to sell on Amazon. 


AMZScout offers only two plans to their users that are easily affordable for any type of seller. With each plan, you get hands-on experience with its exclusive FBA Calculator tool that helps you calculate complex FBA fees.

The tool also offers a Chrome extension that you can use to see data points of products while browsing the Amazon marketplace. You can also use the extension to compare similar products for a particular keyword search. 

Key Features

  • User-friendly dashboard 
  • Offers all-in-one bundle 
  • Chrome extension to use all the features in real-time
  • In-build academy to learn how to use the tools efficiently
  • Niche scouting tool
  • Extensive product database


  • No built-in tools for competitor analysis
  • Limited features compared to other tools

Starting Price: $29/month

4. Viral Launch

Viral Launch is one of the fastest Amazon FBA tools that help sellers take their business off the ground. It offers a range of powerful seller tools that users can use to improve their sales and profits. Product Discovery is one of its standout features that allows sellers to find profitable product opportunities based on different factors, such as keyword difficulty, sales trends, and competition levels. 


With a Viral Launch premium subscription, you get an all-in-one solution and tools, including keyword research, sales analysis, and listing optimization. These tools enable sellers to make data-driven decisions to improve their rankings and conversions. Additionally, the platform also offers a premium tool, Kinetic PPC, that helps sellers manage, track, and monitor PPC campaigns.

Unlike AMZScout, you get a competitor analysis tool that lets you monitor all aspects of your competitors’ listings. Save on your purchase of Viral Launch with our coupon here.

Note: Read our Viral Launch review to know more about this tool.

Key Features

  • Offers an all-in-one seller tool-suite
  • Keyword research tool for detailed insights into keywords
  • Fully furnished Chrome extension to ease up the product and keyword research process
  • Kinetic PPC tool to manage PPC ad campaigns
  • A helpful support team that solves any queries
  • Best tool for sellers who are looking to launch their business immediately 


  • A learning curve for beginners
  • Limited support for international Amazon marketplaces 

Starting Price: $69/month

5. Sellics (Now Perpetua)

Sellics is a comprehensive Amazon FBA tool suite that covers everything from product research and listing optimization to inventory management and PPC management. It offers a standout feature, the Amazon SEO tool, that offers an extensive analysis of a seller’s product listings and provides actionable insights to improve sales and rankings.

Its inventory management tool not only just helps you manage your inventory levels but also forecasts when and how much inventory you will need for replenishment. 


Sellics is a great option for FBA sellers who want to have all the stats and data in one place. This feature eliminates the need to purchase separate tools or extensions for deriving data. In fact, it pulls up the data points directly from your Seller Central in real time. Too much data in one place can exhaust a seller for sure.

Thanks to Sellics’ user-friendly dashboard that shows visual layouts of all the data you can easily analyze and compare according to your needs. 

Key Features

  • Track and measure all your profits in real-time
  • Use Sellics PPC manager to optimize your PPC campaigns
  • Get notified when a customer leaves feedback
  • Access to Sellics Product Database to choose from over 10,000 best-selling products
  • Plenty of automation features
  • Offers solutions for sellers, vendors, and agencies


  • It needs you to be tech-compliant unless you use automation
  • Pretty expensive for beginners

Starting Price: $250/month 

6. Feedback Whiz

Feedback Whiz is not your common Amazon seller tool. It is a unique communication and automation tool that helps you track your product reviews and helps you engage with your customers. It simply automates communication between your Amazon store and your audience.

The tool allows you to create different messaging scripts that react to various triggers, which include feedback, shipment, delivery, refunds, and repeat purchases. Since the company is incorporated with Amazon FBA rules, it responds to a customer accordingly. 

Feedback Whiz

Feedback Whiz also has an automated feedback request system that helps sellers request feedback from shoppers. The monitoring system tracks all types of reviews, including negative ones, so you can provide the necessary solutions to customers’ queries. Apart from that, you will also get access to tools like the analytic dashboard, inventory management, order management, etc. 

Key Features

  • Integrates with multiple Amazon marketplaces at the same time
  • Built-in communication feature 
  • Automated email system for reviews and feedback requests
  • Product review monitoring tool
  • Customizable email templates
  • Free plan available with limited functionality


  • Limited language support for intonational marketplaces
  • Limited product research and listing optimization capabilities 

Starting Price: $19.99/month

7. Keepa

Keepa is an intuitive tool for Amazon FBA sellers that provides them with valuable insights and data to help them optimize their sales and profits. The tool allows them to track the prices and sales rank of any specific product on Amazon. The price history chart is one of its notable features, in which sellers can see how the price of a product has fluctuated over time.

These charts help you determine the optimal pricing strategy of competitors’ products. And it also identifies potential opportunities and current trends in the marketplace. 


The main reason many sellers choose Keepa is because of its handy browser extension. It directly integrates with Seller Central and lets sellers price history charts and other important data points right on Amazon product pages. It saves sellers plenty of time and effort and also eliminates the need to search pricing charts manually.

Additionally, you can also see the fluctuation in the sales rank of products which helps you identify why products are gaining or losing popularity over time. It is a useful strategy for making informed decisions to keep up with the trends. 

Key Features

  • Check price history charts of every product on Amazon
  • Track products’ sales rank and prices
  • Browser extension to track prices and rank history in real time
  • A free plan is available 
  • API access for developers
  • Get email alerts when a competitor makes a change in pricing


  • Pretty complex for new users
  • The free plan has a very limited feature

Starting Price: $99/month

8. Inventory Lab

As the name suggests, Inventory Lab is an inventory management tool for FBA sellers. The tool offers a range of inventory, tracking, and bookkeeping features that help sellers streamline the listing optimization process without integrating other third-party tools. With its premium plan, you get features that allow you to seamlessly create shipments, analyze sales data and track profits & expenses.

Most of the processes are automated, so you don’t have to do much manual work managing your store’s various aspects. 

Inventory Lab

Inventory Lab also integrates with other tools such as Xero and Quickbooks in case you want to track your finances and accounts linked with your Amazon store. Once you integrate the tool with your FBA store, it will help you forecast demands for future supplies.

This way, your store will never face any out-of-stock circumstances in the future. It is a premium tool, but new users can try their preferred plan for 30 days to check out all its features and tools before investing. 

Key Features

  • Get financial and accounting reports 
  • Calculate profits and future expenses 
  • Access to accounting and bookkeeping tools 
  • Supply chain management features
  • Reduce your workload with automation tools
  • 30-day free trial 


  • No forums or documentation for new users
  • Reports and accounting formats can be confusing 

Starting Price: $69/month

9. CamelCamelCamel

CamelCamelCamel is a free FBA tool for Amazon sellers that helps sellers track sales rank and historical pricing data of Amazon products. Unlike Keepa, it is much easier to use and provides sellers with accurate pricing data. You can copy the links of your competitors’ products and paste them into the tool. When your competitor makes a change in pricing, you will get alerts via email. 


CamelCamelCamel offers a quickly installable browser extension. It enables users to use all the tool’s features while browsing the Amazon marketplace. Camelizer is one of its unique features that allows you to view the price history charts without leaving the retailer product pages. Unlike other FBA tools, it is also mobile-responsive, which means you can use the tool when you are on the go. 

Key Features

  • Simple yet powerful price tracking abilities
  • Offers accurate and in-depth historical pricing data of products
  • Browser extension (compatible with Chrome and Firefox)
  • Mobile-responsive 
  • Free-forever plan available with advanced features
  • Email alerts on price fluctuations


  • Limited FBA features 
  • The extension doesn’t support all browsers

Starting Price: $0

10. ZonGuru

ZonGuru is a comprehensive software suite that provides Amazon sellers with a wide range of tools to help manage every aspect of their business. From product research to listing optimization to sales reporting, ZonGuru aims to be a one-stop shop for professionals selling on Amazon. 

As one of the most fully-featured platforms available, it’s no surprise that ZonGuru has become one of the leading Amazon FBA tools on the market.

ZonGuru - Amazon FBA Tool

With tools for identifying profitable product opportunities, automating listing creation, tracking listing performance, running PPC campaigns, and generating reports, ZonGuru gives sellers powerful capabilities to help grow their business. 

Its integrated features cover the entire Amazon selling lifecycle, making it a robust option for managing an Amazon enterprise at scale. 

Key Features

  • Product research tools to find trending, profitable products to sell
  • Automated listing creation for Amazon and other marketplaces
  • Sales and inventory analytics for tracking business performance
  • Email marketing and campaign automation
  • Keyword research and opportunity identification
  • PPC campaign management for sponsored ads


  • The steep learning curve to master all of ZonGuru’s advanced tools
  • A monthly subscription fee may not be worthwhile for small businesses or casual sellers

Starting Price: $49/month

11. SellerTools

SellerTools is a powerful yet affordable multi-channel marketplace management platform for Amazon sellers. With features covering all aspects of an FBA business, from research to optimization and beyond, SellerTools provides sellers with comprehensive tools to help streamline operations and boost sales on Amazon. 

According to reviews, its integrated feature set and competitive pricing make SellerTools one of the top options for professional Amazon sellers of all sizes.


Some of SellerTools’ core capabilities that have helped establish it as one of the best Amazon FBA tools include robust product research tools, automated listing creation and management across channels, detailed sales and inventory analytics, and marketing tools. 

Whether just starting out or running a large-scale enterprise, SellerTools gives users advanced functionality yet remains affordable and user-friendly.

Key Features

  • Product research tools to identify opportunities
  • Automated listing creation for Amazon and other sites
  • Sales and inventory analytics
  • Email marketing and campaign automation
  • Keyword research tools
  • Cross-platform listing management


  • Fewer advanced features than competitor tools
  • Limited customer support

Starting Price: $37/month

12. Repricer

Repricer is a powerful yet easy-to-use repricing tool that helps Amazon sellers maximize their sales and profits through automated price adjustments. With the ability to monitor competitor pricing and automatically update listings based on predefined rules, Repricer is one of the top options for keeping listings competitively priced.

According to reviews, its accurate and responsive repricing algorithms have helped many Amazon sellers increase their sales volumes and margins.


Some key advantages that have made Repricer such an effective and popular repricing tool include its real-time monitoring of competitor prices, flexible repricing rules that are fully customizable, multi-channel support beyond just Amazon, and integrations with other key tools. 

Whether looking to optimize a few listings or repricing for thousands of SKUs, Repricer handles the task efficiently in the background so sellers can focus on other aspects of their business.

Key Features

  • Real-time competitor price monitoring
  • Automatic repricing based on custom rules and thresholds
  • Bulk repricing for multiple ASINs at once
  • Multi-channel support (Amazon, Walmart, etc.)
  • Integrations with other seller tools
  • AI Buy Box Chaser & Optimizer


  • The learning curve for setting up complex repricing rules
  • No native listing optimization tools

Starting Price: $105/month

13. Teikametrics

Teikametrics is a powerful sales analytics and reporting platform that gives Amazon sellers deep insights into business performance. With its ability to connect directly to seller accounts and organize vast amounts of sales data into clear, customizable reports, Teikametrics is widely considered one of the top options for tracking metrics and identifying areas for improvement.

According to reviews, its robust and flexible reporting features have helped many Amazon businesses optimize operations and boost profits.


As a comprehensive business intelligence tool, Teikametrics excels at delivering actionable analytics through easy-to-use reports and customizable dashboards. Sellers can track key metrics like sales, revenue, profitability, inventory levels, and more at the product, category, or portfolio level. 

Teikametrics also integrates with other platforms to provide a holistic view of business health. Whether just starting out small or running a large enterprise, Teikametrics gives sellers the visibility and insights needed to make informed decisions.

Key Features

  • Direct Amazon account connection for raw data access
  • Customizable reports and dashboards
  • Sales, revenue, profitability, and other KPI tracking
  • Inventory level monitoring
  • Goal-based campaign creation & monitoring
  • Ongoing keyword and ASIN targeting refinement


  • Steep learning curve to master advanced reporting
  • The setup and data connection process can be time-consuming

Starting Price: $199/month (Monthly Ad Spend upto $5K)

14. Quickbooks

QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software packages for small businesses and is also widely used by Amazon sellers to manage their finances. As an all-in-one solution for tracking income, expenses, taxes, and other key metrics, QuickBooks helps sellers stay organized and compliant. 

According to reviews, its intuitive design and robust feature set have made QuickBooks one of the best Amazon FBA tools for accounting needs.


Some core capabilities that have helped establish QuickBooks as a go-to solution include invoice creation, bill paying, expense tracking, inventory management, reporting, and tax preparation features. 

It integrates with other platforms like shipping carriers to sync transaction data. Whether just starting out small or running a large operation, QuickBooks simplifies accounting tasks so sellers can focus on growing their business. 

Key Features

  • Invoice creation and bill-paying
  • Expense and income tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Intuitive reports and dashboards
  • Tax form preparation
  • Integrated payroll services


  • Learning curve for using advanced features
  • Setup and learning a new system can be a bit difficult

Starting Price: $30/month

15. Cin7

Cin7 is a powerful multi-channel inventory management platform that helps Amazon and e-commerce sellers gain visibility and control over their supply chains. With features that sync inventory levels across sales channels and warehouses, flag reordering thresholds, and provide fulfillment analytics, professional sellers widely use Cin7.

Reviews indicate its scalable solution has helped businesses optimize inventory operations and reduce costs.


As one of the most full-featured inventory management tools, Cin7 covers essential needs like tracking stock levels in multiple locations, reordering products automatically, synchronizing data between platforms, and generating customizable reports. 

Whether just starting out small or operating globally, Cin7 gives sellers the real-time insights and automation needed to keep inventory in sync with demand. 

Key Features

  • Multi-channel inventory visibility
  • Automatic reordering based on rules
  • Real-time inventory updates
  • Fulfillment analytics and reporting
  • Cross-platform data synchronization
  • Mobile inventory management


  • Expensive compared to other inventory management tools
  • Most features can only be accessed through add-ons

Starting Price: $349/month

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Conclusion: Best Amazon FBA Tools (2024)

Choosing an FBA tool for your store on Amazon is a crucial decision, so you need to carefully research the market before buying one. Before you finalize an FBA tool, you need to be aware of your certain business needs, as your success on Amazon thoroughly depends on this decision. The list mentioned above is a mixed list of FBA tools catering to the audience with specific needs. 

These tools can be a game-changer for Amazon sellers who are looking to scale their FBA business. So it is important to choose the right tool according to your specific business needs and budget. I hope this list helped you narrow down your options and find the right FBA tool for your business. But remember to do your own research before purchasing right away. 


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