How To Calculate Sales Using Jungle Scout Sales Estimator?

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Finding profitable products to sell on Amazon can be a challenging process for new sellers. With millions of products listed on Amazon, how do you know which ones will actually sell? This is where Jungle Scout’s Sales Estimator tool comes in handy.

The Jungle Scout Sales Estimator provides vital data to estimate the monthly sales and revenue potential for any product on Amazon. With this sales volume estimation, you can analyze niche viability and uncover lucrative opportunities.

In the following guide, you will know what the Jungle Scout Sales Estimator is and how to use it for Amazon product research. 

Let’s get started.

What Is Jungle Scout Sales Estimator?

Jungle Scout Sales Estimator is a free online tool that gives you estimated monthly sales for products listed on Amazon. It works by taking in the Amazon Best Seller Rank (BSR) for a product and generating expected sales volumes and revenue based on Jungle Scout’s extensive product database.

The Sales Estimator analyzes the historical sales data of over 500 million Amazon products to produce its estimates. So you get real market insights rather than guesswork.

This tool helps Amazon sellers in the product research phase by revealing:

  • The estimated number of units sold per month for any product
  • Potential monthly revenue for a product based on its price
  • Average monthly sales for categories and subcategories
  • Profitability potential across niches

So with Jungle Scout Sales Estimator, you can validate product ideas by understanding the expected demand and earnings.

Key Features Of Jungle Scout Sales Estimator

Here are the key features that make Jungle Scout Sales Estimator an invaluable tool for Amazon product research:

Sales Volume Estimates: The main feature is getting estimated monthly sales for any Amazon product, which helps gauge product demand. The tool calculates sales volumes based on factors like BSR, price, and category. So you get a good indication of how well a product sells.

Potential Earnings Estimation: Along with sales volumes, Jungle Scout Sales Estimator also provides potential revenue and profits for a product. You will get projected earnings at three different price points – low, average, and high. This data reveals the profit margins possible.

Category Sales Analysis: The Sales Estimator allows you to search for categories and subcategories on Amazon. You can then view the average monthly sales for product types in a category. This helps you find categories with high sales potential for launching your own products.

Competitor Research: Find out how well your competitors’ products are selling each month. See their monthly sales volumes and revenue to compare against your own products.

Free Tool: Jungle Scout offers 10 free estimates daily. You can just visit the Jungle Scout website and start using the tool. However, with paid plans, you can extend the limitations.

Check out our comprehensive Jungle Scout Review to find all the features in more detail. 

How To Use Jungle Scout Sales Estimator?

Using the Jungle Scout Sales Estimator is quite straightforward. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the Sales Estimator page on Jungle Scout or click here.

Jungle Scout Sales Estimator - Overview

Step 2: Enter the Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) for the product. If you don’t know the BSR, open the product page on Amazon and note down the number beside ‘Best Seller Rank’.

Enter The Rank

Step 3: Select the Amazon marketplace where the product is listed. Common options are Amazon US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Select The Marketplace

Step 4: Choose the main category and subcategory that the product belongs to on Amazon.

Amazon Product Category

Step 5: Finally, click on ‘Estimate Sales’ to get the estimates of that particular category. 

That’s it! The tool will instantly display monthly sales estimates for that product. You can tweak the BSR or marketplace to see how it impacts sales volumes. Analyze estimates for multiple products to find winning niches.

Click On Estimate Sales

Why Use Jungle Scout Sales Estimator?

Here are the key reasons Amazon sellers use the Jungle Scout Sales Estimator:

  • To Validate Product Ideas. The main benefit is you can validate if a product idea is viable by seeing its expected sales and earnings. Focus on products likely to sell well.
  • Find Profitable Niches. Discover categories and subcategories that have high sales volumes by analyzing average monthly sales. Launch products in profitable niches.
  • Assess Competition. See how well competitor products are selling each month. Compare their sales estimates to your own products to make decisions.
  • Fast Estimates. Get monthly sales estimates instantly. The tool is easy to use and doesn’t require uploading product information.

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Jungle Scout Sales Estimator Pricing

The Jungle Scout Sales Estimator tool is completely free to use. You can access it on their website without needing a paid subscription. However,  you can only get 10 estimates per day or 300 estimates per month. 


These limits reset daily and monthly. To remove these restrictions, you would need to purchase a paid Jungle Scout plan.

Here are the paid Jungle Scout pricing plans that offer higher usage limits:

  • Basic – $49/month – 500 Sales Estimator estimates per month
  • Suite – $69/month – 1,000 Sales Estimator estimates per month
  • Professional – $129/month – 1,500 Sales Estimator estimates per month

We have covered an in-depth Jungle Scout pricing guide that you can check out.  

Jungle Scout Sales Estimator Alternatives

Jungle Scout Sales Estimator is an amazing tool, but it doesn’t offer the advanced features you need to choose the best product. Here are a few alternatives to it that you can use.

1. Helium 10 Amazon Sales Estimator

You can use this sales estimator for free, and in the free version, you can use it to estimate sales for upto five times. To estimate sales on Helium 10 Amazon Sales Estimator, you need to enter minimum and maximum BSR, choose an Amazon marketplace, list a price, and choose a category.

Helium 10 Amazon Sales Estimator

Once you have entered all the data, hit the “Estimate Sales” button to see sales and revenue estimates monthly. You can also use this tool while browsing on Amazon via Helium 10 Chrome Extension. Learn more about Helium 10’s Sales Estimator from here.

2. Sales Spy By ZonGuru

To get sales estimates on Amazon products, you can use the Sales Spy tool of ZonGuru. However, you must sign up for ZonGuru’s 7-day free trial to use this tool.

Sales Spy By ZonGuru

To use this tool, you need to enter the ASIN number of any product, and you will get one year of sales data for that product. You can use this tool to discover the latest trends, which you couldn’t on Jungle Scout Sales Estimator.

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Conclusion: Use Jungle Scout Sales Estimator To Find Profitable Products

Jungle Scout Sales Estimator provides quick and easy sales estimations to assist with Amazon product research. The ability to see expected demand and profitability helps you identify winning product opportunities.

Leverage this free tool to validate niche viability, find high-volume categories, assess competitors, and make data-driven decisions. Use Jungle Scout Sales Estimator to find your next lucrative Amazon product today!

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