13+ Best Amazon Chrome Extensions For FBA Sellers (2023)

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So this is our handpicked list of Amazon Chrome Extensions for FBA sellers. These Chrome extensions can help you conduct keyword research, product listings, ASIN lookups, and various tasks on the go. Some of these Chrome Extensions are free of cost, and the premium Chrome extensions help you boost your FBA business.

So without wasting any more time, let’s get into the list.

Top 13 Amazon Chrome Extensions: In A Nutshell (2023)

S.No.Amazon Chrome ExtensionBest For
1.Jungle Scout Chrome ExtensionProduct Research
2.Helium 10 Chrome ExtensionKeyword Research, Competitor Analysis
3.Viral Launch Market IntelligenceMarket Trend Analysis
4.AMZScout Pro ExtensionSales and Profit Estimation
5.Keepa – Amazon Price TrackerPrice Tracking
6.DS Amazon Quick ViewPerformance Tracking
7.Amazon KW Index and Rank TrackerRank Tracking
8.AMZ Seller BrowserHistorical Sales Data
9.Scope – SellerLabsHistorical Data, Keyword Research
10.Unicorn SmasherSales and Revenue Estimation
11.Egrow.io Amazon Scout ExtensionNiche Research, ASIN Research
12.The CamelizerPrice Tracking
13.MozBarSEO, Affiliate Link Tracking

Here is our list of Amazon Chrome Extensions:

1. Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

Note: If you want to know more about Jungle Scout then you can check our detailed Jungle Scout Review here.

Jungle Scout is an exceptional Amazon seller tool that can help you scale your business to the next level. Every seller needs to know how profitable their product niche is. This Chrome Extension helps you with that. You can get estimated sales of all the products you’ve listed.

Amazon Chrome Extensions - Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

You can conduct product research with this Chrome extension. You can also get various data metrics such as:

  • Seller details of the products 
  • Average BSR
  • Opportunity score of every product
  • Average price
  • Reviews of the products 

You can get this Chrome extension with the basic plan of Jungle Scout, which costs $49/mo or $29/mo annually. We have exclusive Jungle Scout discount offers that you can also check out.

2. Helium 10 Chrome Extension

Note: Well, we have already explained how Helium 10 extension works in our detailed Helium 10 review here.

Helium 10 helps Amazon sellers in growing their FBA business exponentially, and its Chrome extension is available with the free plan. It is always essential for an Amazon seller to choose the perfect keyword for the products they are listing. Helium 10 extension helps you choose the right keyword for the right product. The Helium 10 extension is also known as X-ray.

 Helium 10 Chrome Extension

You get excellent features with X-ray, and these features are:

  • Thorough Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Tracking & Listing
  • Supplier Integration of Alibaba
  • Conduct Product Research
  • Build & Optimize Your Product Listings

You don’t have to pay to access the Helium 10 X-ray tool. You can also check out our exclusive Helium 10 coupon code to save upto 20% on your purchase.

3. Viral Launch Market Intelligence

Note: If you want more info on Viral Launch and its chrome extension then check our detailed Viral Launch review here.

Viral Launch is known as the second-highest accurate tool after Jungle Scout in data metrics. The Chrome extension of Viral Launch is called Market Intelligence, and it is a must-have for every seller. It can help you in understanding the marketplaces and your competitors. You can get started with this Chrome Extension with the free trial of Viral Launch.

Viral Launch Market Intelligence

Features of Viral Launch Market Intelligence are:

  • Get In-depth Amazon Analytics
  • Get Access To Monthly Sales & Monthly Revenue
  • Historical Trends
  • Conduct Product Research
  • Keyword Search Volume

To get started with Viral Launch Market Intelligence, you need to have a Viral Launch account. You can get the subscription to Viral Launch at a discount with our exclusive Viral Launch Coupon Code.

4. AMZScout Pro Extension

If you want to find your profitable niche to start selling on Amazon, then AMZScout can help you with that. You can find the best products to sell and get profit using the AMZScout pro extension. It is also one of the most popular Chrome extensions for Amazon sellers. You need to purchase the AMZScout pro extension to use it.

 AMZScout Pro Extension

Features of AMZScout Pro extension are:

  • Get the latest trends in products
  • Get estimate revenue & sales
  • All the product & ranking details
  • Analyze Listing Quality
  • Get Your Exported In An Excel Sheet

You need to pay $45.99/mo or $16.49/mo annually or $499 once to get access to the AMZScout Pro extension. You can also get started with their free trial.

5. Keepa- Amazon Price Tracker

Keeping track of your competitors & their products is really important in Amazon FBA, and Keepa helps you with that. You can get a detailed price history chart of every product on Amazon with Keepa. It also alerts you whenever the price of a product drops. You need to turn the alerts of the products you’ve selected to get the alerts.

Keepa- Amazon Price Tracker

Features of Keepa are as follows:

  • Get detailed price history charts of over 2 billion products
  • Track & Compare International Amazon Prices
  • Customize the extension
  • Overview of Recent Price Drops
  • Supports Multiple Locales

You don’t need to pay any price to access this Chrome extension. This is the only price tracker you will need for your Amazon FBA business.

6. DS Amazon Quick View

DS Amazon Quick View extension has two versions. The free version can be used only on Amazon. The paid version works on all the marketplaces. In the free version, you don’t get any tech support, but it helps you with your productivity on Amazon. The features of both versions of this extension are almost similar.

 DS Amazon Quick View

Features of DS Amazon Quick View are:

  • Get Sellers Information
  • Amazon Ranking of All Products
  • Get Details of All Amazon Products
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Get Pricing History Of Products

To get access to DS Amazon Quick View’s paid version, you need to pay $25 once. The free version is easily available in Chrome Web Store.

7. Amazon KW Index And Rank Tracker

Amazon KW Index and Rank Tracker Chrome extension help you track your keywords and check your index. Using this tool, you can put your marketing strategy in motion because all the relevant information is easily available on this extension. You can get the exact rank of your keywords & edit your keywords easily. It is an accurate tool for keyword research as well.

Amazon KW Index And Rank Tracker

Features of Amazon KW Index and Rank Tracker are:

  • Indexation Checker Tool
  • Conduct Keyword Research
  • Get Current Ranking Position Of Every Keyword
  • Get Exact Search Volume Of A Keyword
  • ASIN Lookup

You can use this Chrome extension for free. Add it to Chrome directly from the Chrome Web Store.

8. AMZ Seller Browser

AMZ Seller Browser is one of the best Chrome extensions to help you save a lot of time in product research on the Amazon marketplace. You can see essential listings directly on the screen using the search results. You can get exclusive product updates from Amazon on their Facebook group.

AMZ Seller Browser

Features of AMZ Seller Browser are:

  • Show Price & Rank History From CamelCamelCamel In Quick View
  • Get The Number Of Sellers In The Listing
  • Search For Products Using Keyword
  • Supports Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk
  • Add Amazon BSR In Every Product

To use this Chrome Extension, you don’t need to pay anything. You can add it to Chrome directly from the Chrome Web Store.

9. Scope- SellerLabs

If you want to simplify your product & keyword research, then Scope by SellerLabs Chrome extension can help you. You can find profitable products and keywords that can help you grow your business exponentially. Get access to millions of keywords of profitable products and boost your Amazon SEO.

Scope- SellerLabs

Features of Scope By SellerLabs are:

  • Export Lists Of Keywords
  • Get Historical Data On Product’s Pricing & FBA Fees
  • Get Estimated Sales & Earning Potential
  • Conduct Competitor Research
  • Get Relevant Keywords With A Single Keyword

You need to pay $49/mo or $39/mo annually to get access to Scope By SellerLabs.

10. Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher comes in two different versions. The free version helps you in conducting the product research. You can start dominating your competitors with this tool. Amztracker built this Chrome Extension. You can start pinpointing the perfect products for the niche you’ve selected.

Unicorn Smasher

Features of Unicorn Smasher are:

  • Organized Dashboard To Help You Manage Your AMZ Product Research
  • Get Best Seller Ranks Of Products
  • Integration With AMZ Tracker
  • Estimates Sales & Revenue Data
  • Get Real-Time Reliable Data

The free version does not cost anything but has minimal features. The pro version costs $49 once and gives you lifetime access to this Chrome Extension.

11. Egrow.io Amazon Scout Extension

If you are searching for a Chrome Extension to do Amazon product research on the go, then Egrow.io is the best option for you. You can easily find profitable products to sell with this extension. It gives all the up-to-date information on Amazon products with just one click. You can also find which products you should avoid selling so that you don’t waste your time and money. You can sign up for free on its website to get access to this Chrome Extension.

Egrow.io Amazon Scout Chrome Extension

Features of Egrow.io Amazon Scout Extension are:

  • See the demand for your products
  • Find the niche you’re looking for
  • Use top Amazon keywords to optimize your listings
  • Access to a huge product database
  • Reverse ASIN Research

This Chrome Extension does not cost you anything, so you can use it whenever you want.

12. The Camelizer

This Chrome Extension is the short version of CamelCamelCamel, and its working is similar to Keepa. Once you activate the extension, it will show you the price graph of each product page. If you want to keep an eye on the pricing of a specific product, then this extension will do that for you, and it will send you notifications in your mail whenever there is a change in its pricing. It is the perfect pricing tool for any Amazon seller.

The Camelizer

Features of The Camelizer are:

  • View historical pricing data
  • Get pricing updates on your mail
  • Get features of CamelCamelCamel on your browser
  • Supports Amazon Australia, Europe, the United States, and Canada

This Chrome Extension is free of cost.

13. MozBar

MozBar is a free Google Chrome extension that provides users with link metrics and helps users sellers in various SEO practices. Apart from Google, it works seamlessly with the Amazon marketplace and retrieves data such as keywords, historical ranking, etc., to help sellers with their SEO efforts. Apart from that, the extension also helps you find affiliate websites in which your products are featured.

MozBar Chrome Extension

Features of MozBar:

  • Fuels up your SEO strategies
  • Extract link metrics and other data points
  • Helps sellers increase conversions
  • Find affiliate sites featuring your products
  • Keyword research tool

The MozBar Chrome extension is free to install. It also offers a Pro version that offers advanced features and access to tools. The pricing of MozBar Pro starts at $99 per month.

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Conclusion: Amazon Chrome Extensions (2023)

Amazon Chrome Extensions are becoming critical parts of an FBA business. That’s why it is essential to get the right Chrome Extension. Our recommended Amazon Chrome Extensions are Jungle Scout Chrome Extension, Helium 10 X-ray, and Viral Launch Market Intelligence. All the Chrome Extensions mentioned in this list can help you grow your business exponentially.

I hope with our list of Amazon Chrome Extensions, you can find the best Chrome Extension for your business. Let me know your thoughts on this list in the comment section below.


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