15+ Best Websites To Sell Stuff Online In 2024 (Top-Rated)

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Are you searching for a lucrative way to make extra cash? Look no further! Selling products online has emerged as one of the most effective methods to boost your income. 

Whether you’re eager to kickstart your online store or simply want to declutter and sell a few products that have been taking up precious space, finding the perfect platform to sell your stuff is key. 

In this article, we’ll explore a list of lesser-known websites that can serve as your ultimate selling destinations. Bid farewell to the obvious choices like eBay, Etsy, Amazon, or Walmart; instead, let’s dive into a realm of hidden gems catering to diverse seller needs and boasting large, engaged audiences. 

The best part? These platforms are user-friendly, ensuring that you swiftly reach potential buyers. So, without further ado, let’s uncover the treasure trove of online marketplaces where your products can truly shine!

Top 15 Websites To Sell Stuff: Detailed Overview (2024)

Here is a compilation of a few websites that can be your one-stop hub to start your online business to sell stuff. 

1. Chairish: Unleash Your Home’s Potential

Let’s start by adding a touch of elegance to your online selling journey. Chairish is a curated marketplace that specializes in contemporary and vintage home furnishings, decor, and art. It’s the perfect platform for those seeking unique pieces that add personality to any space. 

Best Websites To Sell Stuff - Chairish

With membership plans and commission fees ranging from 20 percent on items below $2,500 to three percent on items exceeding $25,000, Chairish attracts buyers who are willing to invest in extraordinary finds. And to make things even better, their shipping assistance and discounted rates ensure smooth transactions for both buyers and sellers. 

Key Features of Chairish

  • Curated marketplace with unique and high-quality items
  • Shipping assistance and discounted rates for smooth transactions
  • Commission fees ranging from 20% to 30%
  • Membership plans available
  • Buyer protection program


  • Limited to home furnishings, decor, and art
  • High commission fees for lower-priced items

2. Nextdoor: Connect Locally, Sell Locally

Sometimes, the best buyers are right in your neighborhood! Nextdoor is a neighborhood-based networking service that connects residents and provides an excellent platform for buying and selling items within your local community. It’s like having a virtual garage sale at your fingertips. 


With Nextdoor, you can easily connect with neighbors who are looking for great deals. The platform focuses on verified user identity and offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the listing process. Just upload some images, add a description, and you’re ready to go! While the success of your sales depends on the activity level of your community, Nextdoor’s direct communication options and sense of community make it a valuable addition to your selling strategy.

Key Features of Nextdoor

  • Neighborhood-based networking service for local buying and selling
  • Verified user identity and user-friendly interface
  • Potential for direct communication with buyers
  • No listing fees
  • Listings can be easily shared on social media


  • The success of sales depends on the activity level of the community
  • Limited to local transactions

3. Ruby Lane: Discover Vintage Treasures

Ruby Lane is your go-to destination for all things unique and timeless. This curated online marketplace offers a specialized platform for items such as coins, ceramics, dolls, fine art, jewelry, lamps, rugs, and so much more. Ruby Lane has a low 6.7 percent commission fee capped at $250, attracting high-end buyers who appreciate quality, one-of-a-kind pieces. 

Ruby Lane

While their monthly maintenance fee of $54 for 50 products and subsequent per-item fee may seem discouraging to some sellers, Ruby Lane’s focused niche audience and reputation as one of the world’s largest vintage stores make it an enticing option. So, if you’re ready to discover and sell vintage treasures, Ruby Lane is the place to be!

Key Features of Ruby Lane

  • Curated online marketplace for antique and vintage items
  • Low commission fee of 6.7% capped at $250
  • High-end buyers with an appreciation for quality, one-of-a-kind pieces
  • Focused niche audience
  • Reputation as one of the world’s largest vintage stores


  • Monthly maintenance and subsequent per-item fees may discourage some sellers
  • Limited to antique and vintage items

4. Swappa: Tech Lovers Unite!

Swappa is the ultimate marketplace for buying and selling new or used tech products. It’s a consumer-to-consumer platform that specializes in tech gadgets. The best part? Swappa provides pricing data to help you list your device at a competitive price. 


Another standout feature of Swappa is the ability to trade in your device instead of waiting for a buyer. It’s a win-win situation. With a mere three percent commission on every sale, you’ll retain a significant portion of your earnings. Plus, Swappa offers instant payment via PayPal, ensuring a seamless transaction experience. 

Key Features of Swappa

  • The ultimate marketplace for new or used tech products
  • Provides pricing data to help list devices at competitive prices
  • Option to trade in devices instead of waiting for buyers
  • Low commission fee of 3%
  • Instant payment via PayPal


  • Limited to tech gadgets
  • No buyer protection program

5. Instagram Shopping: Showcase Your Products in Style

In the age of social media domination, Instagram takes the crown. With its massive user base of two billion monthly active users, Instagram Shopping provides an excellent opportunity to showcase and sell your products directly on the platform. Tap into Instagram’s immense reach and engage potential buyers through various features, such as the feed, stories, reels, live sessions, Instagram Shop, and even direct messaging. 

Instagram Shopping

The user-friendly interface and integrated checkout process make the buyer’s journey a breeze. And the cherry on top? The low selling fee of only five percent per order, including taxes and payment processing, ensures that you keep a significant portion of your earnings. 

Key Features of Instagram Shopping

  • Showcase and sell products directly on Instagram
  • Integrated checkout process for a seamless buyer experience
  • Low selling fee of 5% per order
  • Massive user base of 2 billion monthly active users
  • Various features, such as feed, stories, reels, and Instagram Shop


  • Limited to products that can be showcased on Instagram
  • No buyer protection program

6. Facebook Marketplace: Connect and Sell

Facebook Marketplace is the online haven within the social media giant’s platform. Whether you’re an individual or a business, this marketplace enables you to effortlessly buy and sell a wide range of goods. The best part? There are no subscription or listing fees. In the United States, customers can conveniently complete purchases on Facebook by utilizing the newly introduced checkout feature. 

Facebook Marketplace

With over one billion monthly FB users, Facebook Marketplace offers an immense audience for your products. Additionally, it charges a meager commission fee of only five percent or 40 cents for orders below eight dollars, encompassing payment processing fees and taxes. Engaging with potential buyers is a breeze, too, as they can reach out to you via the Messenger app for any queries. However, bear in mind that building a unique brand identity can be challenging on Facebook Marketplace, as it primarily features second-hand products sold by individuals.

Key Features of Facebook Marketplace

  • The online marketplace within the Facebook platform
  • No listing or subscription fees
  • Integrated checkout feature for direct purchases
  • Massive user base of over 1 billion monthly users
  • Low commission fee of only 5% or 40 cents for orders below $8


  • Primarily features second-hand goods sold by individuals
  • Building a unique brand identity can be challenging

7. Decluttr: Sell Your Electronics with Ease

Decluttr is here to simplify the selling process for your electronics. As a resale company, Decluttr purchases electronics from individuals, refurbishes them, and sells them on its website and app. It’s the perfect platform to sell a wide range of items, from phones and iPods to tablets and video game consoles. 


Decluttr offers instant quotes upon scanning your items, handles marketing and repairs, and even covers shipping costs. Say goodbye to the hassle of finding buyers and dealing with customer inquiries. Plus, you’ll receive payment promptly, just one day after your goods reach their warehouse. 

Key Features of Decluttr

  • Simplifies the selling process for electronics
  • Instant quotes and free shipping
  • Handles marketing and repairs
  • Covers shipping costs
  • Prompt payment, just one day after goods reach the warehouse


  • Limited to electronics
  • Offers may not reach the pinnacle of generosity

8. Poshmark: Fashion Your Success

Poshmark is the ultimate online fashion marketplace that allows you to sell new, pre-owned, or vintage clothes, shoes, jewelry, handbags, and even electronics. It’s a vibrant platform with a supportive community that will make you feel right at home. 


With Poshmark, shipping is hassle-free. They provide a flat fee for products below five pounds and even send you shipping labels via email. You can plan a USPS pickup right from your doorstep. Talk about convenience! Poshmark garners over 45 million visits monthly, so you’ll never run short of potential customers. Just remember to stand out with unique designs and styles. 

Key Features of Poshmark

  • Ultimate online fashion marketplace
  • Shipping is hassle-free, with a flat fee for items below 5 pounds
  • Schedule USPS pickup from the doorstep
  • Supportive community
  • Low commission fee


  • Limited to fashion items
  • It may require standing out with unique designs and styles

9. OfferUp: Connect and Sell Locally

Looking for a local connection? OfferUp has got you covered. It’s the go-to online marketplace for local buying and selling. Whether you want to facilitate hand-delivered transactions or partner with USPS for nationwide shipping (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and Arkansas), OfferUp has it all. And the best part? Listing goods on OfferUp is free.


They only charge a commission of 12.9 percent on every successful sale. Connecting directly with buyers is a breeze, thanks to the platform’s minimalist design and user-friendly filters. However, keep in mind that OfferUp’s customer service may need some improvement. But with the right promotion and engaging listings, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Key Features of OfferUp

  • Go-to online marketplace for local buying and selling
  • List products for free
  • Direct communication with buyers
  • Low commission fee of 12.9%
  • Option for nationwide shipping


  • Customer service may need improvement
  • The success of sales depends on the activity level of the community

10. Mercari: Sell Internationally with Ease

Let’s add an international touch to your online selling journey. Mercari is your ticket to the global marketplace. Based in Japan, Mercari operates as an online marketplace where you can sell or buy both new & used items. It boasts more than 115 million monthly visitors and has established a strong presence in Japan and the United States. 


With a low, flat 10 percent fee per order and integrated shipping options via UPS and USPS, Mercari streamlines the selling process. It’s a great option for sellers looking to expand their reach beyond borders. Just remember that Mercari’s availability is currently limited to the UK, US, and Japan. 

Key Features of Mercari

  • A global marketplace for buying and selling new and used items
  • Low, flat 10% selling fee
  • Integrated shipping options via UPS and USPS
  • Established a strong presence in Japan and the US
  • A large audience of over 115 million monthly visitors


  • Currently limited to US, UK, and Japan
  • Limited to buying and selling new and used items

11. Depop: Embrace Your Fashion Frenzy

Gen Z fashion enthusiasts, this one’s for you! Depop has captured the hearts of buyers and sellers alike with its trendy and fashion-forward community. With thousands of unique monthly visitors, Depop serves as the ultimate destination for selling new, pre-owned items, jewelry, beauty products, vintage apparel, sports equipment, and more. 


Depop is a platform that embraces individuality and unique styles. It has a minimalist design that provides a seamless listing and navigation experience. And with automated shipping integration, you can ensure efficient delivery for customers in the UK and the US. 

Key Features of Depop

  • Trendy and fashion-forward community
  • Shipping integration for efficient delivery
  • Automated shipping integration
  • Low commission fee
  • A large audience of over 10 million monthly visitors


  • Limited to fashion items
  • Success depends on unique designs and styles

12. Gazelle: Embrace Tech Reselling

For tech-savvy sellers, Gazelle presents a compelling option. Focusing solely on buying and selling old electronics like tablets and phones, Gazelle streamlines the process with instant quotes and free shipping. Though their offers may not reach the pinnacle of generosity, Gazelle offers a bulk sales option, allowing you to sell electronics in bulk. Additionally, their customer service stands out with prompt and responsive assistance. 


While payment processing may take 3 to 5 business days, Gazelle does provide the convenience of free returns if you aren’t satisfied with the revised offer. Keep in mind that Gazelle’s range is limited to iPhones, Google phones, Samsung, iPads, and MacBooks.

Key Features of Gazelle

  • Simplifies the selling process for electronics
  • Instant quotes and free shipping
  • Bulk sales option
  • Prompt and responsive customer service
  • Free returns if not satisfied with the revised offer


  • Range limited to iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, Google phones, iPads, and MacBooks
  • Payment processing may take three to five business days

13. Gumtree: Classifieds Made Simple

If you’re in the UK or Europe, Gumtree should be on your radar. This classified ad and community website offers a platform for listing vehicles, properties, jobs, and services. Unlike most marketplaces, Gumtree doesn’t charge a commission fee. Instead, it provides options to position your listing at the top of search results for a fee. 


Gumtree’s user-friendly interface makes listing an ad a breeze, and communication with potential buyers is seamless using their messaging system. Keep in mind that listing periods vary, ranging from 30 days for most categories to 60 days for services, jobs, or property.

Key Features of Gumtree

  • Classified ad and community websites for vehicles, properties, jobs, and services
  • No commission fee
  • User-friendly interface
  • Communication with potential buyers via messaging system
  • Listing options for a fee to position ad at the top of search results


  • Listing periods vary, ranging from 30 to 60 days
  • Limited availability to UK and Europe

14. Creative Market: Showcasing Digital Goods

Creative Market serves as an ideal marketplace for selling your digital goods, including graphics, fonts, WordPress themes, and photos. With over 5.7 million monthly visitors, Creative Market offers exposure to a wide audience primarily hailing from the US. 

Creative Market

While the commission fee may seem steep at 40 percent, Creative Market allows you to establish a unique brand identity. The absence of listing or renewal fees provides further incentive to explore this platform. With a generous 500MB file size limit, Creative Market accommodates large, high-quality digital products, setting it apart from competitors like Etsy.

Key Features of Creative Market

  • Ideal marketplace for selling digital goods
  • Exposure to a wide audience of over 5.7 million monthly visitors
  • Large file size limit of 500MB
  • No listing or renewal fees
  • Ability to establish a unique brand identity


  • High commission fee of 40%
  • Limited to selling digital goods

15. VarageSale: Sell Within Your Communities

If you’re seeking a virtual garage sale experience, VarageSale is the perfect platform for you. Founded in Canada, VarageSale allows you to sell new or used items within your local community. Boasting 1.5 million average monthly visits, VarageSale connects neighbors looking for great deals.


With a focus on verified user identity and ease of use, VarageSale simplifies the listing process, requiring only images and a description. However, keep in mind that the success of your sales depends on the activity level of your community, and approval for listing may take some time.

Key Features of VarageSale

  • Virtual garage sale experience within the local community
  • Focus on verified user identity and ease of use
  • Free listing
  • Direct communication with buyers
  • A large audience of 1.5 million average monthly visits


  • The success of sales depends on the activity level of the community
  • Approval for listing may take some time

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Conclusion: Best Websites To Sell Stuff (2024)

There you have it! A comprehensive list of the best websites to sell your stuff online. From Facebook Marketplace and Poshmark to Mercari and Depop, each platform offers its own unique advantages and caters to different seller needs. Whether you’re into fashion, tech, vintage items, or digital goods, there’s a perfect marketplace waiting for you. 

Remember to explore multiple platforms and experiment with different selling strategies to maximize your earning potential. So, start decluttering, listing your items, and unlocking the world of online selling!


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