What Is Amazon Choice? Why Is It Important For Sellers?

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You’ve likely seen the words “Amazon’s Choice” under certain products when browsing on Amazon. But what exactly does it mean when a product has this designation? 

This article will dive into the details behind Amazon Choice – what it means, how products get selected, its benefits for sellers, and tips to earn the badge.

Understanding the Amazon Choice program can help you if you are a seller who can take advantage of this feature to boost sales. 

Let’s explore what makes a product eligible for the coveted Amazon’s Choice label.

What Is Amazon Choice?

Amazon Choice is a label given to select products available for purchase on Amazon that the company’s algorithm determines to be highly rated, well-priced, and ready to ship immediately.

This badge is only displayed for searches on mobile or in certain categories where Amazon feels confident recommending quality products. 

What Is Amazon Choice - Overview

The Amazon Choice label appears prominently under the product name in search results. It allows customers to quickly identify products Amazon recommends.

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How Does Amazon Choose Products for the Amazon Choice Badge?

Amazon uses a proprietary algorithm to determine which products receive the Amazon Choice designation. 

What Is Amazon Choice - Product

While Amazon does not publicly share details on how products are chosen, these are some of the factors that likely influence Amazon’s algorithm:

  • Product ratings – Products need to have high overall ratings, a large number of total reviews, and a high percentage of positive reviews to be eligible. Amazon likely looks at the average rating as well as the ratio of positive to negative reviews.
  • Price – Amazon Choice products need to be competitively priced relative to other similar products. Being priced too high or too low could hurt a product’s chances of earning the badge.
  • Availability – The product needs to be in stock and available for prompt shipping to customers. Products that are out of stock or have long shipping times are less likely to receive the Amazon Choice designation.
  • Demand – Amazon likely takes into account how well a product is selling and its popularity among customers. Strong sales numbers and positive customer demand improve a product’s consideration.
  • Relevancy – The product needs to be a strong match for the search terms and categories it appears in. Amazon wants the badge to denote products that customers are most likely to find useful.
  • Recent activity – Amazon likely gives some preference to products with recent purchases, reviews, high view counts, and other signs of traction with customers. New activity can give a boost over older products.

So in summary, Amazon Choice products are highly rated, competitively priced, in-stock products that are demonstrating popularity with customers and strong relevancy for certain search terms. 

Meeting all these criteria is key for sellers who want to earn the coveted Amazon Choice badge.

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Amazon Choice vs Amazon Best Seller: What’s the Difference?

Amazon’s ChoiceAmazon Best Seller
What is it?Label given to highly-rated, well-priced products in a given search. Amazon’s recommendation.Badge earned based on actual sales data. More customer purchases.
How it’s determinedThe algorithm considers factors like review ratings, price, and availability. Amazon’s decision.The ranking is based on a number of sales relative to other products in the same category. Customers’ decision.
BenefitsIndicates a quality, affordable purchase. It can drive more conversions.Social proof of high sales volume. Indicates market demand.
ConsiderationsDoesn’t guarantee top sales volume or customer satisfaction. Limited to searches.Doesn’t account for returns or ratings. Targeted manipulation is possible.

The Amazon Best Seller badge is another top designation for products sold on Amazon. But it differs from the Amazon Choice badge in a few key ways:

  • Criteria – Amazon Best Seller is based solely on a product’s sales, while Amazon Choice looks at additional factors like price, ratings, and demand. A best-seller simply needs to have strong sales numbers relative to other products.
  • Algorithm – Amazon Choice products are picked by an algorithm, while best sellers achieve their status simply by having one of the highest sales ranks in their category. No secret algorithm is used for best-seller status.
  • Ranking – Best Seller shows a product’s numeric sales rank, while Amazon Choice does not display a numbered rank. Amazon Choice is not a ranked list like best sellers.
  • Availability – Amazon Choice products must be in stock and available. But a best seller can still maintain the badge even if it goes out of stock for a period of time. The sales numbers accumulated when in stock secure the best seller designation.
  • Prestige – The Amazon Choice badge carries more prestige and gravitas for a product listing. It’s seen as a stronger endorsement from Amazon compared to best-seller status.
 Amazon Best Seller

Amazon Choice denotes products vetted by Amazon’s criteria as recommendable, while Best Seller simply reflects high sales numbers.

Amazon Choice is widely seen as a more prestigious and meaningful designation of the two.

Benefits Of Earning The Amazon Choice Badge

If you are a seller, earning the Amazon Choice badge delivers significant benefits:

  • Higher conversion rates – Products with the Amazon Choice badge convert browsers into buyers at a higher rate. The badge signals a recommendation, boosting consumers’ trust.
  • More prominent placement – Amazon Choice products appear at the top of many search results and category pages. This prime real estate draws more eyes to the listings.
  • Added visibility – The badge attracts attention, so products earn more impressions from shoppers even when not prominently placed.
  • Increased clicks – The prominent placement and added visibility drives more clicks to Amazon Choice product listings. More clicks mean more potential purchases.
  • Higher sales – Most importantly, the boost in visibility, impressions, and clicks translates into tangible sales gains for Amazon Choice products compared to non-badge products.
  • Premium branding – The badge elevates a product’s brand image and prestige. Competitors and consumers see it as a sign of a high-quality product worth purchasing.

Earning an Amazon Choice badge should be a top goal for any seller seeking to boost their sales and prominence on Amazon. 

The impacts on product discoverability and conversion rates are tremendously beneficial.

How To Get the Amazon Choice Badge: 7 Tips

As a coveted symbol of quality, getting the Amazon Choice badge can feel like a mysterious and elusive goal for sellers. Here are 7 tips to improve your chances of earning the designation:

1. Offer Competitive Pricing – Don’t overprice your product compared to rival products. Amazon judges price fairness when choosing Amazon Choice products.

2. Focus On Garnering Reviews – Shoot for a high overall rating from a large volume of reviews. Make getting honest customer reviews a priority.

3. Drive Sales – The more actual sales your product accumulates, the more it signals demand to Amazon’s algorithm. Promote your listings to drive initial sales.

4. Keep inventory In Stock – Avoid going out of stock. Amazon will remove the badge if inventory can’t fulfill orders promptly.

5. Use Relevant Keywords – Optimize your product’s title, description, and backend keywords to match popular and relevant search terms.

6. Enhance Your Listings – Include good quality product photos and thorough product descriptions to improve the customer experience.

7. Promote Your Brand – Build your brand recognition and attract Amazon searchers. Off-Amazon and social media marketing help.

Achieving Amazon Choice status takes work across pricing, inventory, keywords, branding, and more. But the payoff of more exposure and sales is well worth the effort for serious Amazon sellers.

Tips To Stand Out in Amazon’s Crowded Marketplace

With millions of product listings on Amazon, standing out is a challenge all sellers face. Here are 5 tips to make your products shine and catch customers’ attention on Amazon:

  • Optimize your product title and descriptions with relevant keywords and compelling sales copy. This helps you rank and convert browsers.
  • High-quality photos, infographics, and videos help your listings look polished and appealing. This builds trust with customers.
  • Prompt customers to leave honest reviews and respond professionally to feedback. Ample positive reviews boost credibility.
  • Don’t overprice yourself relative to rival products. Shoppers expect Amazon pricing to be competitive.
  • Use Amazon PPC, promotions and coupons to cost-effectively advertise to interested shoppers. Targeting the right audience is key.

Standing out on Amazon is an ongoing process. Continually refine your content, pricing, reviews, and advertising strategy to keep your listings looking attractive compared to competitors. This consistency pays off over time.

Common Misconceptions About Amazon Choice

Despite its benefits, some common misconceptions surround the Amazon Choice badge:

  • It is not an endorsement by Amazon itself. The algorithm simply surfaces eligible products.
  • Having a Choice does not guarantee sales by itself. Products still need great marketing.
  • Amazon does not notify sellers when/if products receive the label. You have to watch for it.
  • There is no direct way to apply for Choice. It is granted algorithmically.
  • Amazon can remove the badge at any time if metrics decline. It is not permanent once earned.

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Final Thoughts: What Is Amazon Choice

Amazon’s Choice is a helpful starting point for identifying products that, according to Amazon, are reputable and offer good value. 

But it is not a foolproof guarantee of ultimate quality or fit. Customers should still research products themselves before purchasing. 

The badge simplifies the initial search process but does not replace human discernment. It provides automated suggestions, not definitive declarations of the top choice.

However, consumers should not solely rely on this badge to make their purchasing decisions. 

Conducting additional research, reading detailed reviews, and comparing products are essential steps to ensure a satisfactory buying experience on Amazon.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment section below.


Does Amazon Choice improve sales?

Yes, Amazon Choice makes products more visible in high-traffic areas, which tends to directly increase sales. But marketing and demand generation are still required.

How often does Amazon update the Choice status?

Amazon’s algorithms continuously monitor performance. Statuses likely update daily based on the latest sales, ratings, and availability fluctuations.

Can you pay for Amazon Choice status?

No, Amazon does not allow services selling Choice status or contacts manipulating the algorithm. The selection is entirely performance-based.


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